#dsarms FAL with cerakoting and stippling work done by @sg_firearms and @weaponworx . Giving South African Game Wardens the tools, training, and equipment they need to take the fight to the poachers wiping out the African Rhino population. Saw a lot of tacticool shit and I’ll take more pics of it tomorrow, but today this took the prize. When talking to one of the guys at #dsarms though, I could tell this was personal for him. #igmilitia #savingprivaterhino #fal

This is one expensive ass gun I have some hands on experience with outside of a shooting range since my cousin owns one. That means I can play with it just about whenever I want! DSArms RPD carbine. 7.62x39, 100 round semi-automatic belt fed. This thing is a BITCH to shoulder at almost 15 pounds (probably about 18 fully loaded). It is a fucking blast to shoot!!


Realized I hadn’t taken any pictures of my Israeli FAL with her new dust cover on for you all! Anyhoo, here it is: DSA’s numbered Picatinny dust cover, and I already took her to the range to test it out, and went off without a hitch (and maybe even better than the standard cover… altho it may have been due in part to the recoil buffer I added). Optics will be on after payday, along with TAPCO’s SAW-style grip for the FAL.