*aggressively draws jeanmarco boys in my clothes while listening to Disney music* 

I have other things I should be doing but no, I draw snk related things instead. I don’t see a problem with this though… 

imagine-jeanmarco brought up forest spirit Jeanmarco, so i drew Marco first cause I loved that au and I apparently haven’t drawn in so long i can’t draw couples without raging.

I have this idea that Marco’s freckles and horns would start shining when he got happy. The brighter the shine, the happier he is. Plus he attracts butterflies because- well i mean look at him.

Jean to come later! (and eventually i will post the jeanmarco sketches i’ve done for this au)


Remembering FJD (the illustrator of Nujabes’ album covers) liking a piece of “Solfège” by Unica Zürn on my deleted facebook account hurts. SO I decided to upload more from that project… #missing my conversations with Takumi-san (HydeOut’s current director) T_T it was so inspiring. #although we are friends again #my conversations used to be historical i hate me


I was tagged in the 20 Beautiful Women challenge bye dark-ecriture (a while ago lmao)

all of these came from today, i was at my friends bat mitzvah and yeah 

i tag: littlebokuto dobengal little-dragneel and elieg1ory (im not sure if you guys have done it yet or not but even so you dont have to do it!!)