22 Days Of Christmas - Part 5

Title: 22 Days Of Christmas - Part 5

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Author: fvckingbuckyandsteve

A/n: Just smut😏, I would appreciate your feedback guys:)

Summary:This 22 Days Of Christmas is a new Drabble series, it’s made out of 22 Drabbles, a new one each day for Either Bucky or Steve

Warnings: Smut[No penetration], Slight bondage, daddy kink, dom!Bucky, oral sex

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Bucky smirked as he stepped forward, dropping his duffle bag on the tiles floor as he allowed his eyes to rake over me. “All this for me sweetheart,” he groaned softly, his hand swatting my ass cheek lightly as he squeezed the soft flesh.

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This week’s Wednesday video shout-out is to DS Bigham and his series on popular linguistics! Specifically, about queer linguistics for this video. We’ve talked about how even in our neurolinguistic processing, we tend to assign stereotypical gender roles. This video looks more at the sociolinguistics side of things, and it’s super interesting!

We’ll be back Friday with a video for Project for Awesome, too! Looking forward to sharing that, too.

Come on guys I thought we were over agegap debate. Also, totally rude to go to a ship tag and reblog things about how Mattie is a teen and Leo’s too old for her why do people ship this!1!!

Let’s say it again but slower. Leo is at most 22*. Mattie is 18/19. She’s not a child. She can like whoever wants. She canonically has feelings for him that from what we’ve seen are pretty much reciprocated. He’s not super old for her or anything.

*Just in case people keep insisting he’s 30 because that’s Colin’s age: Niska told George she’s 9 years old. All four of the Elsters synths were there after Leo was brought back to life at 13. Assuming there was no time gap between Niska’s creation and Max’s, the oldest he can be is 22.

good lord that was heavy news
im crying on the inside

just an update here because i feel like sharing and you guys (my followes) are sort of up to date with it. most of you being around a year ago when i was first diagnosed.

theres a very real possibility i am going to lose my ovaries and uterus in this big operation on monday. if they show any signs of beinv cancerous. which they might. no risks yknow.

i mean it will prolong my life
but the realisation
i may seem cool with it
and i think i am

but thats very big for a 22 year old.

but if i dont get this operation
ill be dead by 27.

good lord i need a stiff drink and a hug