I’m Caught On Your Coat Again
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by annewithane

Length: 13k

Rating: 10/10

“Would you like some milk or crème? Or you could wait until they are cooled, unless you enjoy burning your taste buds off.” He breathes a short laugh.

Harry’s cheeks cave in with a pink flush. “I suppose I was just excited to taste something you named so sweet and something you recommended so highly.” Louis can’t tell if he’s still teasing. “I get why you like this.” He holds up the Yorkshire cup. “It’s quite bitter.”

Louis squawks. “Excuse me?”

“I like it.” Harry defends with a further blush. He likes it and it reminds him of Louis.

Louis owns a café next to Harry’s bakery. Harry bakes Louis cake and Louis names tea after Harry and eventually they fall in love.

Ao3, One-Shot, Must-Read

makeout hair

requested by @kissmexd

10k au in which he and the reader are stuck together in the drawer at the morgue

You should have expected this. There aren’t enough drawers. That much is obvious. And yet, when Warren says the words, you nearly choke.
“Y/N, you’re taking one with 10k.” She says, opening the hatch.
“What?” You both speak at once, your cheeks turning scarlet. You avoid 10k’s eyes, crossing your arms against your chest.
“I don’t-we won’t fit.” You say, voice small. She smiles sympathetically.
“We don’t have a choice. Unless you want to brave it out here.”
Your mouth falls open, and she pats the metal.
“Sorry, kid. In you go.” Doc says. Warren uses her hands as a step, and you hoist yourself in, pressing against the cool metal. You try to take up as little space as possible, making room for 10k.
Still, when he clambers in, it’s tight. Really tight. His warm breath hits your lips, and his knees knock against yours. The door shuts, and it goes dark; so dark that you can barely see the outline of 10k’s face in front of you.
For a long time, neither of you speak. You strain your ears, listening to the rhythmic sounds of the thumps on the wooden door.

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“What Do You Miss?”

Alright guys, as promised, here’s another 10k imagine! The title isn’t great and is likely to change, but this one is based off of several different writing prompts that I’ve had saved for awhile. I’m messing around with different writing styles so let me know how you like this one! There might be a part 2, we’ll see.

Words: 1150+

Summary: Sleep deprivation leads to [Y/N] giving some honest answers about the apocalypse and cuddling 10k in the back of the truck.

      Sleeping in the truck bed was always tricky. Casualties could vary, depending on the terrain. Smooth Tarmac and you’d wake with nothing more than stiff joints from lying on the solid metal. Anything less than a well over road and you were going wake with a headache and spend a few days finding bruises from being tossed around like a rag doll.

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I wish we had more teenagers in Z Nation. Like at least one more main character who’s around 10k’s age because I think it’s definitely becoming a problem that people are starting to ship him with people like Addy and Murphy. Idk if ya’ll know this but 10k is barely 20 and everyone in the group is either in their 30′s or they’re older.