i had to explain to my boyfriend what shipping and OTP were and he said “oh how janeway and chakotay should have got together" and i said "uhhh not really….people get really into shipping characters that were not directly involved in romantic tension”. to illustrate, i used the example of odo and quark - to which he came up with a very romantic scenario in which odo transforms into a bar of latinum and rubs quark’s lobes. hes pretty good at this shipping thing

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odo & b'elanna's "just bc u have certain assumptions about me doesn't mean i don't have a rich inner fantasy life" romance novel reading club

I’m now picturing her coming back and having to stay at DS9 briefly and the two of them meeting and getting their data sticks mixed up but it turns out they’re reading different books in the same romance series and then they send each other critiquing emails back and forth as they read the books while really being excited someone else gets it.

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So I was watching Star Trek DS9, and I noticed Weyoun, an alien genetically modified to not have a sense of taste, still loves to try different foods because he enjoys the feel and texture. What if that's what Amethyst is doing, and why she'll eat just about anything? Maybe her 'defective' nature keeps her from properly forming something as detailed as taste buds. Or maybe Gems just don't have a sense of taste. They don't need to eat of course, so why would they be able to taste things?

It could be! I know I personally don’t have a super strong sense of taste (or smell), but still love food because of the different textures. And it would really explain why she’s cool with eating engine oil, I can’t imagine that tastes good, but it prolly feels interesting.

Although, the senses of taste and smell are closely connected, and when one is missing, the other tends to mess up. So if anything, I’d say she just removes her taste buds on purpose when she eats.

Or, third option, gems aren’t revolted by badly tasting food like humans are because there’s no instinctual aversion to stuff that could be bad for them. A human could die from eating engine oil, I think, but gems can’t, so there’s no reason for them to dislike it. or something.

aliens are complicated dude