Charles was like “what’s really disappointing is that we’re never gonna get a Harry Mudd movie”

which of course is a running gag with us, but then we started talking about how TOS brought him back for another episode when they hardly ever do shit like that, and then another time in the animated series

the actor was dead by the time TNG rolled around and it’s just as well, it would’ve ended up being one of those embarrassing first-season “comedy” episodes like The Naked Now, and no one on the ship would’ve had the slightest idea how to deal with him except maybe Riker and Guinan

but DS9, though… now there’s some potential

let’s say that his robots gave him a robot body when he started to age, so he’s still around, and he made his escape

he, of course, shows up at the station to trade some kind of ill-gotten and highly unpredictable merchandise, and Quark trusts his promises of huge profits because Quark is not actually good at this

Odo immediately distrusts him because he’s talking to Quark and digs up that part of the scheme, but not the part where the merchandise is a) stolen and b) defective in such a way as to produce non-lethal but unfortunate effects

Sisko finds out there’s a standing order to arrest Mudd at once if he enters Federation space, but this isn’t Federation space. Odo keeps nagging him to arrest him anyway except, as Kira loudly points out, that would be tantamount to asserting that the station is Federation space and the Bajorans would not like that

Dax enjoys hanging out with him because he tells the most outlandish stories she’s ever heard, and she knows the truth behind some of them, which discomfits him a great deal

Worf and Garak are conflicted because they’re trying to get along and not make waves but both the Cardassians and the Klingons have a standing kill order out, for reasons

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[Just because we on this site are socially progressive doesn’t mean that all society is now - let alone 15-20 years ago when these shows got made. So don’t get upset if the actions of characters on a show made in the 1990s isn’t as advanced and forward-thinking as most of us are on this site. Go find a modern TV show and complain to the writers still writing it. A lot has changed socially in just the last few years, and getting upset that they were not where we are now makes no sense.]

Because women want to be warriors, agents, with capacity to decide and act. 

Currently, I am at a Investigation Group about games in the University, and I work for a videogame company like Game Designer. I live alone (well, with Kokoro, my pet), I practice medieval fencing, and I love my life. My ex-boyfriend told me that I never could work in videogames, that I could not learn, that I never could be a good professional in this field. Well, he now is my ex-boyfriend (there must be a reason). I worked very hard and I achieved my goals. Because women can do it!


For anyone following my little blog - I’m off to the north woods for vacation so I won’t be posting anything for almost two weeks - but I’ll be back; I haven’t run out of material quite yet!  I look forward not only to the outdoor stuff and the writing time but all the time to read, both books and fanfic - last year, I discovered and took the weird and wonderful (and long!) “Talljet Quartet” and its followup “Dysecdysis” with me, by Karmen Ghia, and even dreamed about the damn thing, it was so beautifully odd.  It’s not quite the way I think of Garak but I still couldn’t get it out of my head, and I guess I’ll forever associate it now with the lake.  So it’s coming along again for a re-read - I’m curious to see what I think a year later.

I also have a major stack of other fanfic printouts (my absolutely favorite stuff gets printed out) - I’m going through it and seeing what I still want to keep in that format.  Such vacation chores, hmm? :-) 

I leave you with two happy little photos from West Virginia - notice how I’m leaning INTO Andy but AWAY from Sid?  It’s very subtle but it’s there.  I adore both those guys, but feel so intimidated when confronted with the reality of Sid that this is inevitably the result!  The same feeling is there with Andy but I fight it by trying to get especially close. ;-)  

Keiko, Jadzia, and Kira go into the Gamma Quadrant on a special botanical survey mission and bring back an unknown sample of a plant. The sample reacts with energies in the wormhole and grows rampant, eventually turning the Promenade into a jungle ecosystem. Quark decides to convert his bar into a Rainforest Cafe, much to the delight of his many Ferengi employees and customers.