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it’s so eternally fucked that the Founders had binary genders like. what. the. fuck. they’re a collectivist goo group consciousness that shares absolutely no other social structures with any other species. the heck

and the Jem’Hadar canonically don’t have genders but were always gendered male by everyone anyway! but that always happens

you could do some interesting things with the Vorta, as a mammalian species that might have had a gender binary for the same reasons we do, but was uplifted by a genderless more technologically advanced society who then remade them into willing slaves and took out everything they deemed ‘unnecessary’ (or possibly just fucked up while messing around with their genetic code and justified it later)

first impressions:

sisko - the station’s stern stepfather who just wants the kids to like him

kira - my wife

jadzia dax  - best of both worlds

bashir - my other wife

odo - alien sam vimes

quark - i would say ‘every ferengi stereotype ever’ but hes actually willing to have serious conversations with women so

jake - trek’s first major character who is both a child AND not completely awful


Space Ship Party 🚀🚀🚀

Some recent commissions I painted.

Deep Space Nine and a space battle between the Enterprise D. Busy busy me! Daylight? What’s daylight?😅

I tagged the Milano from Guardians of the galaxy in on this one, so it had some company. Each of these are available as prints: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CrisisenvyArt