My dear Julian,

The brightness has never called to me. Darkness and shadows are by far more known and preferred, easier to slip in and out, easier to hide what I do not want found.

Even in exile I do not find that I miss the light of home, for I am constantly reminded of its harsh reality every moment on this station. Exposed has only ever been the feeling I’ve had with so much light.

Yet you remind me of the radiance of the stars themselves, rivaling the beauty of the wormhole and the warmth of a summer day. You shine as if you are my personal sun, and I, the lone planet trapped in your orbit.

Like a star’s gravity I am helpless but to spin around you, basking in your rays when you smile, enduring the radiation of your company. Even now I feel myself drifting closer, closer, until I will be pulled to my destruction by your hands.

I find myself apathetic to its inevitability, so long as I can experience your brilliance a moment more. You cannot know how it feels to open my eyes and find you there, cannot possibly feel the pull I am bound in. You burn so brightly it’s almost blinding.

But the vastness of space is dark and infinite, and someday your light will go out. I wish to never see that day, so naturally I know that I will. Oh, what an experience it would be to watch you implode. One last burst of light and warmth before you go cold. Cold as I have been for as long as memory. Longer. For all that I wish to teach you, I do not wish to part that lesson.

So please, do not shine too brightly.

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