remember those fuckin poison-spitting statues in the gutter in ds2

and then they had them again in black gulch except flanking you on both sides the entire area so you had to like very slowly crawl along, destroying them as you went, making this extremely short level take ages to finish

good level design imo

Deathstroke the Terminator #2!

All the demonstrations of Slade’s sense of humor in DS 1! (^ first one… RIGHT there!)

Writer: Marv Wolfman (original creator of Deathstroke alongside George Perez)

^ more about his stance than making a verbal joke. He’s relaxed in a sort-of-tense situation, where his humor comes from, basically. 

Slade’s sense of humor is often more like a cocky attitude, but ripened with age to not sound like an immature idiot. 

You can’t tell me this man has no sense of humor! XD

i’m still on the first level of DS2 and it’s just constantly doing little things that piss me off, especially after playing DS1

fewer i-frames when rolling (i know it can be upgraded, but thats retarded)

estus takes forever to drink

controls feel really bad

weapons break insanely fast

treasure chests can break

garbage level design

constantly floods you with enemies like this is fucking doom


every starting class except for like 2 of em are borderline unplayable because of how shit they are

worst character creation i have ever seen

the method you used to slide down ladders in DS1 is now the way you fall down ladders

INSANE fall damage

getting stun locked to death is too fucking common 

and thats just the stuff off the top of my head

fuck this game

and fuck dan for not letting me skip it

basedtsukuyomi  asked:

I might have to repurchase DS3 when the DLC drops. So DS4 100% out of the question? I didn't start playing DS until 3, I know I'm a late bloomer but it quickly took over the place for my favorite video game and I'm obsessed. I beat it and not I'm playing Bloodborne. I also bought the remastered DS2 for PS4 but it's so goddamn hard..

DS3 is very comfused with its “sub-lore” about angels, Londor usw.
Might be worth stop with Dark Souls series and develop something else

DS2 is not better game in series (my opinion) and rather boring