btw just a reminder that I can’t streaming the episodes live for at least this week (I really tried today but nope) because I am moving house and streaming is impossible without high speed internet.

I did get a gist of it on weibo though, so… weirded.. out…

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F2F | Unpacking | Gracetana

[Typically, Santana was the last person to offer help to anyone, especially a new Domme on campus. But after spending a good portion of the morning skiing in the company of the other guests that attended the Fabray claiming ceremony, she was feeling comfortable with stepping outside of her typical comfort zone. This could be good for her.

Santana made her way towards Grace’s dorm room, DS09. On the short walk, she passed familiar rooms: Brittany in DS01, Chloe and Sam in DS03, and her Noelle in DS05. She licked her lips and made her way further down the hall, finding the proper room. She clenched a loose fist and gently knocked against the door, taking half a step back and folding her hands.]