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“There’s a scene in Cloud City where Han Solo character is kind of pacing up and down and Princess Leia comes in and he reacts to the way she looks ‘cause she’s dressed differently than she has in the entire rest of the film. We looked at the dailies and we weren’t happy with anything. Um, the attitude of the actors was too obvious. And we could have let that go but it just didn’t feel right. So we shot it in a slightly more subtle fashion, which is the way it’s in the film now.” Gary Kurtz, Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy

wanted to doodle my faves, they’re superstars!!!

(its transparent, free to use, credit MUCH appreciated ʕ •̀ω•́ʔ✧)



anonymous asked:

hi mischa! i know you probably get a million asks about hacking and i'm sorry if this is a silly question but if i haven't updated my 3ds to 11.4, am i still able to use soundhax? or more rather am i still able to inject my save into the online save editor? and lastly, is doodlebomb compatible with an old 3ds? i currently cant hack for reasons other than the firmware update but i'm just curious nonetheless. ♡

no worries, b! DS’s with versions 11.3 and below can still use soundhax to access homebrew and launch JK’s save manager to import/export save files.

old 3DS’s/ 2DS’s on 11.4 have no upgrade options for hacking currently. I’ll make a post when they do.

new 3DS’s can get doodlebomb as their new entrypoint to homebrew. soundhax likely won’t be available for future firmware versions, so you should go ahead and get doodlebomb. JKSM currently doesn’t work with 11.4 at all, so even though doodlebomb will get you into homebrew, you still won’t be able to import/export save files.

I’ll post updates here and on my twitter (mischamuffin) as upgrades become available, and I’ll make a new step-by-step video for 11.4 as soon as there’s a method for both old and new 3DS’s! ( o˘◡˘o )