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the dragon reminds him, every night, that someday he will lose obi-wan. he will lose padmé. or they will lose him. 

all things die, anakin skywalker. even stars burn out…

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i waznt born with sex organs (imma weird anomoly yo) so ive never known wut to call myself i jus go with whatever i dress as which is usually whatever i feel at the time and changes thruout the day (sumtimes im totally androgynous with my clothes) is there a word for that?

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Intersex! That’s the biological term for lack/multiple of genitals. 

As for the gender, you could be absolutely whatever you’re comfortable with!!! It sounds to me you could be many things: nonbinary, genderqueer, genderflux, genderfluid, really you got the WORLD in front of you!!!!! 

Look up those words, see how others relate to it, and see what fits!!! Let me know if you find anything!

Hope this helps! Best of luck <3 <3


i was tagged by @vmiiin @bbjimin @hobitxt @gothic-hobi @rollinmv @velvethoseok and @lieparkjimin and u guys r so beautiful dskajdlks thank u so much!!! some of them were bias tags but im too lazy so here we are!!

i don’t wear make up on a daily basis so im sorry if im not painted to the g*ds(u guys r soooo good w makeup how???) anyways…. for me to b posting these selfies it really is something Wild, oh and i never take pictures smiling lol love u guys

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*DEEP SIGH* ok! so, i had planned a Rachabeth fic for today (i’m still probably gonna post it eventually) BUT the universe kicked me in the gut yesterday, so! I sketched a (very quick) Reychel, then lined and (very messily) colored it on my phone!! it’s so totally not my best work but i realllyy wanted to do something for day one of @pjosapphicweeks, so tada!! it’s something. <333 

This is their almost first kiss, it would have been their first if they weren’t both such total n e r ds like, these girls i swear,

ps this is what will happen if you guys let me forget to do my project for the day s o 


So… I kinda forgot to post this. >u>“

Our next character up is WX-78! My friend @johnyume likes to play him a lot and he just looks really adorable. ( especially with a flower crown! ) Rain was always an issue but MAN he can be tough after a few upgrades. And his food tolerance is insane.

I actually have a lot of fun drawing his face. I like trying to make him have emotions when his face seems really limited. I also like to come up with little head canons for this guy. XD