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Are you sad because you can’t get a customized DS with your favourite colours? Well shed no more tears, I made a DS inspired theme! And I say inspired because I used reference pictures from about three different models and also kinda did my own thing too. Hope you like it!
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  • Show me what kind of creative things you’ve done with it!
the suffer server

Day one. This is fine.

I stole the Codex Umbra and Willow suggested to burn it. Who am I to say no?

Wait, Woodie, what?

I gave the book back. Also Willow had a point.

I was followed by 4-5 shadow monsters, it started to rain, everyone was starving and the hounds came. Once again Wendy saved all of us.

…and this is how useful I was.

@itstheblob as Willow, @indigogrim as Woodie, @maxwellsdoor as Maxwell with @umbrae-vocavi as Wendy.