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SVT Reacting to You Being In Love W/ Another Member

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reaction when they are in love with you but you are with another member? love your blog! :D

S.Coups: He’d be mature about it, and he wouldn’t really show you how he feels because he respects your feelings for the other member. However, expect a bit of distancing because he’d feel hurt when you’re around, when you sit near him he’d stiffen up or move altogether. His ego wouldn’t be hurt, yet he’d be extremely sad that your feelings aren’t returned. Upon hearing that you like someone else, he’d confess to you since he wouldn’t be able to keep his feelings a secret. “If you have feelings for him, then what can I do? I just hope they treat you the way you deserve.”

Jeonghan: He’d feel like he’s not enough, he’d wonder what the other member has that he doesn’t have. Jeonghan would still try to be understanding, yet he can’t help being cold around you. He wouldn’t talk to you or the other member as much, he’d definitely let his feelings get the best of him at first but that’s just because he likes you so much. At the end of the day, he accepts the fact that your heart belongs to someone else and he’d keep his feelings to himself. “I could’ve been so good for them.”

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Joshua: When he first hears that you’re in love with someone else, and that someone else turns out to be a member in the group, it’ll be like he got punched in the stomach. It would hurt and surprise him a lot since he’s been giving so much effort in showing you how he feels. Joshua would still keep in touch with you, if anything it’d hurt him even more if he couldn’t hear your voice. In front of you, he’d ask you how you are, and would make small talk. Yet, behind closed doors, he’d be over thinking and hardcore simping. He’d definitely confide in some of the older members, and Vernon.  “I should’ve confessed to them sooner.”

Jun: Jun would feel some sort of betrayal. Not in the way that he feels like you owe him something, but in the way that he had expected you to like him back too. He’d be nosy and ask the other members about your relationship with the member that you have feelings for. Jun would be quite observant of you when you’re around the other member, but that would just hurt him even more when he sees you smiling around them. In the end, he’d try to get over you. “I just wish things were different between me and them.”

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Hoshi: He’d be a sad little puppy. Although, Hoshi didn’t expect much from you he still held a bit of hope that maybe you’d return his feelings. Once he hears that you are in love with another member he’d accept it right away. Hoshi would wish you and the member happiness. Don’t let his happy appearance fool you because Hoshi would be devastated and crushed. He’d either confide in one person, or keep his thoughts to himself altogether. Honestly, he’d turn his sadness into an indirect choreography about you. “I guess he can make them laugh too.”

Wonwoo: Wonwoo would always give you subtle hints about how he feels, yet the second he’s about to make the big reveal he’d back out. So when he hears about how you and the other member are involved, he’d feel so defeated. He’d just look at you from afar. Wonwoo would still long to be your friend, and you’d wonder why he’s acting so weird so every time you try to reach out to him he’d reject you. Wonwoo would certainly need time to himself to get over you and the situation. “I just wish I could be the one to make them happy.”

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Woozi: Woozi would try to hide his feelings the best he can. He’d distance himself from both you and the member you’re infatuated with. He wouldn’t see the point in trying to win your heart anymore, he’d be down on himself for not being bold in the first place. He’s not the type to cage himself in a room or anything, he’d go on in his normal routine yet more solemnly. Honestly, he’d write a song or two about the situation but that would only help him clear his head. Afterwards, Woozi would slowly seek to become your friend again like old times. He wouldn’t seek consolidation in the other members because he feels like he has a pretty good grip on the situation. “I don’t want to force them to have feelings for me because if it was meant to be then they would’ve, but they didn’t and that’s okay too.”

D.K: Oh boy. He’s gonna be heartbroken. He’s gonna go through all of the stages of grief to be honest. D.K would TRY to keep a leveled head. But… he’d do petty yet harmless things to the member you have feelings for. He’d give the both of you attitude although he doesn’t mean to you. D.K would really need support from the other members in order to calm down and accept your feelings. It’d be really hard for him to contain his feelings towards you even if he knows the other member likes you too. “I just hope he’s able to make them smile.”

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Mingyu: PUPPY EYES ALL AROUND. He’s just gonna look so lost, like “Why doesn’t she love me?”. He’s also going to be like Jeonghan in the sense where he’ll wonder why he’s not enough. He’d be stressed out thinking of the situation, and thinking of you. Mingyu would have a big burden on his chest because he wonders of what he could’ve done differently to make you fall for him. He just wishes he could be the one to hug you and to hold your hand.  Although he knows your feelings, he wouldn’t be able to hide his. So one day, he’d just explode and confess to you. “Why him and not me?”

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The8: The8 seems the most rational out of the 13 members besides Woozi. He seems to follow reasoning, and he’ll understand your feelings. Depending on who the member is, he’ll either be more or less salty. He’d definitely judge the member that you’ve fallen for in the sense where he’ll conclude if you two are compatible for each other. He’d take his stress out by breakdancing, and practicing martial arts. At first, The8 would find it hard to seek advice or to vent to anyone else but as a week or two passes he’ll finally tell a member how he feels. But he wouldn’t try to go for you knowing your heart belongs to someone else. “I just need some time to get over them.”

Seungkwan: Seungkwan’s world would be shattered once he finds out. Seungkwan wouldn’t feel betrayed or shocked, he’d just be disappointed that you had to fall for someone else. This would ruin his self-esteem for a little while. He’d definitely shed some tears, he’d definitely act differently. The other members would console him, and everyone in the group would know the situation. The member that you’ve fallen in love with would feel bad for Seungkwan. But Seungkwan wouldn’t want to keep you and the member apart. So he’d wish you two the best from the bottom of his heart. “I guess I should be okay with them being happy, even if it’s not with me.”

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Vernon: Vernon would act very nonchalant. Around the members, he’d be normal and all smiles. The moment he sees you, his heart would break. He wouldn’t let the fact that you have feelings for someone else bother him throughout the day, it’s not always gonna be in the back of his mind. But when he does think about it, it’ll mess the boy up. Vernon wouldn’t feel like his time was wasted liking you, but he did hope and imagine a future for the both of you. “It doesn’t hurt if I don’t think about you.”

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Dino: Dino could really go either way, he’d either be really sad or he’d learn how to cope. But either way, he’d definitely be affected by the news of you liking another member. He’d cry to his hyungs about it, or he’d just be silent and dance his heart out, or both tbh. He wouldn’t be mad at you for not returning feelings, yet he wouldn’t understand why you would feel the way you do when he’s tried so hard to make you like him too. Undeniably, Dino would confess to you even though he knows your heart. “I just want to let you know that I really liked you, but if you like my hyung I hope you two can make each other happy, and I hope he’ll treat you well.”

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