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That official (?) sleeping!Erwin pic, where was it from? Is it official, for real??

Awesome! Another excuse to reblog adorable sleeping Erwin <3

Yes it’s real.  And yes it’s official.  It’s not fan art.  And you are not dreaming.  

As to where it’s from I’m going to defer to @alwaysbesassy who suggested it’s from 

“the visual book which was a pre-order bonus with the new nintendo ds game.”

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Maxwell variants

Maxwell breaks into your computer - Haxxwell

Maxwell owns a bulletin board - Tackswell

Maxwell wears body spray - Axewell

Maxwell becomes a state senator - Taxwell

Maxwell frames his law certificate on the wall- Plaqueswell

Maxwell becomes president - Saxwell

Maxwell: played by Benedict Cumberbatch in film adaption - Actswell

Maxwell: played by a duck - Quackswell

Maxwell doesn’t have email - Faxwell

Maxwell caught a turkey - Trackswell

Maxwell only has berries - Snackswell

Maxwell in 50 shades of grey- Smackswell