Dating Daniel Seavey Would Include...
  • Like every type of hug, hugging ALL of the time
  • Little arguments about which snacks to buy while at the store
  • Him teaching you to play little tunes on the guitar
  • “Baaaabbyyyy” being whined at you 24/7 from his perfect lips
  • Wearing matching hoodies and hats
  • Going hiking like all of the time
  • Busting your butt to surprise him while he’s on tour
  • Surprise kisses
  • Late night dinner and movie dates

boyf riends playing ds: pixel edition



I lost my 3DS at the beach in Oceanside California. I wanted to take it with me to the beach hoping to get some street passes and I guess I misplaced it somewhere. I lost it June 27th 2017. 

It was in a little pink bag exactly like the one in the photo. It’s a purple 3DS with a Saturn symbol I drew on it with a white gel pen. I had a purple sheep key chain connected to it exactly like the one in the photo (the one in the photo is ripped but I got the same key chain again.) I have the Purple Star theme (like in the photo). The miis name is Vivi (i dont remember but the name might be steph). The last game I played on it was Animal Crossing. 

Please please, contact me if you find it. I haven’t been good, I lost everything. I know it was really stupid but I just really want it back. I’ve been so depressed and anxious. 

Please contact me here on my tumblr or 


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