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jonathan toews + tv tropes

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Fanfic Request: You and Gaston happily married with children (all the romantic fluffiness!).

i told myself i needed to write a fic BUT I WAS LIKE “HEADCANONS INSTEAD”

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  • Living in the countryside away from the hustle bustle of village life. Probably a simple far, a place where Gaston can clear his head and be himself without having to worry or put up a facade for others. He loves it really, and he wouldn’t ask for anything else.
    • A place where he can literally put his feet up (You only rub them when you feel like it, he doesn’t actually pressure you to do it). A place where he can enjoy a beer in silence. A place where he can think and be with the things that matter to him.
      • The two of you are always up early enough to watch the sun rise. Imagine sitting beside Gaston, watching the sky change color in front of you. He wraps his arms around you and tugs you closer. A small kiss is placed to your forehead. A few more minutes before your children wake up, he thinks. That’s all he needed. Was a few more minutes alone with you in quiet and peace.
  • Imagine the two of you being lucky enough to have a boy and a girl. 
    • Gaston loves them so freaking much, and actually, they look a lot like him. Dark hair(thick hair), same skin tone and they both happen to have his stubbornness. (Which can cause problems sometimes.) Gaston actually fights you on this sometimes(Playfully) and tells you that they look a lot more like you, “I can see your smile in theirs when they laugh”. Rolling your eyes teasingly, you kiss his lips softly and whisper, “You old romantic.”
      • Imagine him tangling flowers into his daughters hair after she asks him to do it. He knows he’s not good at it but he still tries. She gives him a warm kiss to his cheek when he finishes and she scurries off to show you. “Momma, momma look what papa did!!” 
        You look down at her, smiling brightly, “It’s so pretty.” You brush a stray hair out of her face, “Your papa is so good at that, huh? He puts them in my hair too.”
        She nods happily and looks back at Gaston with an even wider smile. He feels his heart melt.
      • She probably convinces him to let her put flowers in his hair too. Just imagine that. She looks at him sternly, grasps the sides of his face and brings his head down enough so she can reach his hair. You’re standing off to the side, watching him with your son in your lap. Laughing quietly, you urge her to continue. Gaston gives you a playful glare. “I hope those are purple flowers. Purple is a good color for me.” He says to his daughter with a small laugh. Your son joins in eventually and he starts putting flowers in Gaston’s hair, coordinating with his sister as to what color he needed. 
        • Imagine Gaston taking his son hunting. But, while preparing, his daughter comes up and asks if she can come as well. After talking to you, and you agreeing, he takes both of them with him. Imagine his son holding onto the back of Gaston’s jacket and holding his sisters hand while they track. Both of them are super invested.
          • Imagine them coming back and your son is literally about to bounce off the walls because he actually managed to shoot a duck. Your daughter is resting on Gaston’s shoulders as she got tired on the way home.
            You take her carefully, rocking her back to sleep as she stirred with the movement as Gaston places a gentle kiss to your cheek before beaming proudly.
            “He’s going to be a good hunter, just like his father.” He looks at your son, still going on and on about what he had done. You see his father in his personality.
  • Gaston tells them about his time during the War before bedtime. Says it’s their bedtime story. You usually sit and listen.
    • “When I was younger,” He pauses and reflects, “much younger….”
      • Your son gets so excited hearing about it because wow, his father was a hero.
      • Your daughter on the other hand, likes the ending when Gaston explains how he met you and how he fell in love with you after the War and how you bring out the best in him and how much he really does love you and them.
        • “Your mother was so…” He has to think about his word choice, “Beautiful… Gorgeous… She swept me away and hasn’t let me life a day without her beauty ever since.”
  • Monitoring your PDA because your kids do not appreciate it when you kiss each other in front of them.
    • Your son pretends to gag and your daughter yelling at you to “STOP KISSING.”
      • Sufficing on gazes, small kisses to the cheek and Gaston wrapping his arm around your waist to pull you closer until the kids are put to bed.
  • I was about to say ‘don’t get me started on domestic Gaston’ but get me started please.
    • Absolutely a man who tries to cook you breakfast for your birthday but almost burns down the entire house. He just doesn’t cook often enough to know.  He ends up getting help from the kids, and things turn out okay. (He only burned it a little).
      • Probably tries to do the dishes here and there too(Especially when he’s sucking up to you). Always tells you, “That’s a really good workout for your arms. I’m surprised they’re not as big as mine.” You roll your eyes, flexing your arm teasingly. “Aren’t they?”
        • You asking him to help you with cleaning the house and doing the laundry, and for a second he looks at you like “who do you think you’re talking to?” but the glare you give him back gets him to agree and he ends up helping the kids take the laundry outside to dry. 
          • Gaston lifting up your daughter as she pins clothes to the line to dry. Your son tugs on his shirt, begging to be picked up too.
            • When you go out to check on them, the basket of laundry is still sitting there and Gaston is on his back, the two kids on top of him. They’re all laughing. Gaston catches eyes with you, “They’ve got me pinned, (Name). I can’t move!”
  • It’s late at night and the two of you had just put the kids to sleep after what seemed like hours of wrestling them into bed in the first place. You sigh softly, gazing at your love before making your way to the kitchen to clean and put away dishes before bed. Gaston looks at his children a few seconds longer before following you.
    Leaning against the doorway between the kitchen and living space, he smiles slightly, “I know I told you that two children were enough for me, but have you ever thought…?”
    “About having another one?” You asked, finishing his sentence. Tilting your head to the side, you could feel the heat hit your face. “I wouldn’t mind… three more even.”
    He smirks softly, making his way towards you. Kissing the back of your neck and then the shell of your ear, he murmurs to you, “Three? A bit too eager, are you?”

MMMM BOI I HOPE THOSE WERE OKAY. if you liked them, i can make more! Thank you for reading! Reblogs and likes are appreciated! 

Sick Day

This is for @rowanismybae who is super sick and I can’t take care of her from so far away so this is the best I can do. Hope you feel better soon Milly!

Rowaelin - super fluff

Of course. The day of the ball - the huge party for Lysandra’s birthday that Aelin has been planning for months - of course she had to wake up sick. Rowan had told her. He had tried warning her that the stress of the planning and the countless hours of making invitations would lead to her body breaking down. Aelin had just been hoping it would happen after the celebration.

She knew it the moment she woke up, before she had even opened her eyes. Her throat stuck when she tried to swallow, and her chest tightened every time she took a breath. Queen Aelin is sick, but there is no way she is letting her King know. Today is not the day for ‘I told you so’s.

So, Aelin cracks open her tired and most likely bloodshot eyes, squinting against the harsh light coming in from the window. She stifles a groan as she sits up, her limbs feeling heavy. Standing on wobbly legs, Aelin attempts to walk towards the closet. Perhaps if she can get dressed and out of their chambers before Rowan wake up, he won’t find out about her dreadful state. Through sheer willpower and stubbornness, Aelin is sure she can make it through the day.

Sniffling the whole way, Aelin makes it to her closet, picking an outfit that will not cinch her already tight chest, or hinder her stumbling legs. Looking down at herself, Aelin sighs. It’s not the most queenly thing she could be wearing, but it’ll do until she needs to get ready for the party.

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Erica Brown and her family are among the estimated 9,000 people at the downtown George R. Brown Convention Center, where officials said they had been expecting about 5,000. Outside on Tuesday, the scene is chaotic, with police, Red Cross volunteers and National Guard members patting people down, directing traffic and trying to help new arrivals and people dropping off donations.

Inside, families have spread out their soaked belongings to dry. There are long lines for food. A play area for kids is now a place for people to sleep, as space has become more tight in the past 24 hours.

Brown says the kids got fresh clothes at the convention center. Overnight, they slept on cardboard and army blankets on the floor, but on Tuesday morning an air mattress arrived. “They were very nice to us. It’s helpful for now until everything clears over,” she says.

‘You Only Get One Life In This World’: Voices From Houston’s Convention Center

Photos: Ryan Kellman/NPR

i have seen trees, have
heard them at night being
dragged into the sky.
i know that they are very
real. i know they know.

love, i am not
a tree, you would
never mistake me
for one, my arid movements

for its flowing coolness. but
sometimes in the dark silken
air of this room

i feel that we are
a liquid jumble of trees
falling interminably away from
the land, its dry infinitude.

Denis Johnson, from “The Dry Dry Land. Here,” The Man Among the Seals (The Stone Wall Press, 1969)


There’s plenty to be said about each type of fountain pen nib you can easily find for sale, this post is just a nibble of what’s to come! 

Standard nibs are the most common, with the most straightforward design. The nib tapers down to a point, which has a small bead of tipping material welded on the underside that contacts the paper. The bead itself serves the dual purposes of providing longevity to the nib (it’s an alloy much more resistant to wear than steel) and also providing a uniform line no matter which way the nib is traveling. The end result is a pen with a reliable line width, the thickness of which is indicated by a grade of extra-fine, fine, medium and broad. This grading system is more of a courtesy than a science - widths are relative but not exact! You’ll find that Japanese pens have a finer grind than most western institutions, for example, so their fine might be more similar to a western extra-fine. If you’re interested in getting into fountain pens but don’t want to gamble on something exotic, this is generally the best nib to start!

When choosing a size, bear in mind that the finer a nib is, the more scratchy it tends to be on paper, while broader nibs tend to be smoother due to the larger surface area!

Nearly every fountain pen manufacturer out there produces pens with these nibs. Some like Pilot also offer the occasional extra-extra-fine and double broad, though you might have to dig deep to get your hands on one.

Stub nibs are like a standard nib that’s had its tip snipped off, leaving a broad, flat edge. Your downstrokes are as thick as that edge, while strokes to the sides remain quite fine. It’s a popular choice for calligraphy due to the character of these lines in cursive, but I’ve also found it spectacular for sketching! Conscious use of thick and thin strokes allow for much more depth than a standard nib, but just drawing without paying mind to it yields some gorgeously unpredictable and organic results.

You’ll almost always see stub nibs labeled by their widths in millimeters - from 0.8mm all the way up to 1.9mm. Most manufacturers offer 0.8mm or 1.1mm stubs on their flagship pens, but you may have to look to the likes of Lamy for stumpier ones, or Pilot for their absurd but amazing Parallel series, which are highly atypical but extremely fun and cap out at a whopping 6mm.

Brush pens are pretty self-explanatory! It’s a fountain pen with a bristly tip that tapers to a point, rather than a metal nib. When filled, the brush’s tip is constantly saturated with ink via the feed, so you can just keep trucking with your strokes instead of having to dip it over and over like a chump. Take it as you will, but brush pens do not typically feed particularly quickly. If you sketch with fast, long strokes like me, you’ll be left with some really dry, sad lines. On the plus side, however, you can get some great dry brush effects, giving you a range of textures and midtones that you won’t be able to get in any other kinda fountain pen. Given its soft and flexible tip, it has the broadest range of line variation and the most control over it on the fly.

There’s not a whole lot of nuance to brush pens, the market’s kinda cornered by two or three companies and there are really only two kinds of bristle material available: synthetic and weasel. Synthetic brushes are petroleum-based (plastic) and are eager to snap back into their original position, while natural hair is softer and more relaxed. The big players in brush pens are currently Kuretake and Platinum, though Pentel has a very popular entry-level in its Pocket Brush pen. 

Fude nibs are a personal favorite of mine - they’re kinda like stubs but perpendicular. It’s got a big ol’ ski-jump of a tip that can make some very broad cross strokes when pressed flat to the paper, and the downstrokes are thin. These pens are a bit harder to come by in the west, as they’re designed for more eastern calligraphy, but they still make for spectacular sketches! It takes a bit of getting used to, but you can get way more variation, with more control, than a stub with one of these. It also happens to look more brush-like with its organic transitions and sometimes-uneven ink distribution. If you want more acute control over your line width than a stub but can’t stand the speed of brush pens, a fude nib is a great middle ground!

If you’d like to get your hands on a reliable fude-nibbed pen, Sailor’s De Mannen series is easy to get a hold of, and I know Hero has a few on the market as well. My favorite company for fude pens, however, would be Duke! Their 209 can be gotten for around ten bucks and is a spectacularly solid pen for the price, oftentimes you can even get it bundled with BOTH a fude and standard nib. There’s also the Duke 551, labeled sometimes as the Compound Art Fountain Pen, and it’s head and shoulders above anything else on the market. Seriously, go take a look at that thing, it’s ridiculous.

Last but not least, flex nibs are pretty similar to a standard nib, but with the added ability to splay their tines and spring back to where they were before. This extra spring and flexibility means two things: a bit more bounce in day-to-day writing and some pretty respectable line variation. Unlike stubs and fude nibs, which rely on stroke direction for line variation, a flex pen gets thicker lines from added pressure while writing or drawing. The amount of pressure it takes is pretty considerable, though, so you can easily and comfortably use it as a daily writer.

Pens with flexible nibs were fairly common back in the day, so it’s a common sight in vintage fountain pens, but production of them has fallen out of favor in recent decades. Right now Noodler’s is the only reasonable peddler of new, affordable flex pens with their Ahab, Creaper, Konrad and Neponset series, so give them a look if you’re up for something that carries itself like a standard but offers some pretty juicy lines under pressure. Many fountain pens with gold nibs also have a notable degree of springiness/flex to them, most famously the Pilot Falcon, though they weren’t necessarily designed to be mashed into the paper like Noodler’s fare. Gold nibs, however, are a good subject for another post, so stay tuned.


Don’t let this post fool you - there are many more types of nibs out there, these are just some of the most accessible, both in terms of learning curve and finding in an online store. If you’d like to know more about any of these, or if you feel like I excluded a notable variety, send me a message!

The basilisk (Naja regula) and the cockatrice (Regulus gallus) do have overlapping distributions, but they are not the same creature.
The basilisk is the tiniest of spitting cobras, maxing out at only around 12-14 inches. However, it is also among the most venomous, and packs both a deadly bite and the ability to spit blinding venom several feet away with deadly accuracy. But before you get too disappointed, there may be some truth to the reports of insta-death odors and environment wrecking toxins as well, though not in the way you might think. These diminutive serpents dwell in volcanic regions surrounding the Red Sea and along the Great Rift Valley, where hidden gas vents may have made it appear that local flora and fauna have dropped dead for no reason.
The cockatrice, meanwhile, is a much showier beast. A flightless member of the wyvernidae family, it is swift footed and aggressive. Both sexes possess the red head and wattle, but the male’s crest is much more pronounced and swells with blood during mating rituals and threat displays. All dragons can spit up the contents of their stomach to some degree; the genus Regulus has honed this defense mechanism to a precise spurt of chemicals that can cause a painful burning sensation and blindness, much like the spitting cobra. This is generally a last resort; they prefer to simply bite and kick.
The female lays 3-5 eggs in a shallow depression lined with dry grass and leaves. It is up to the male to incubate the eggs and protect the chicks from predators, especially mongooses, which seem undeterred by the cockatrice’s aggressive nature. Cockatrices are found in Northern Africa, as well as parts of Southern Europe.

have some isak and even being cute while waiting in line because the starbucks line was long today:

isak’s had a really bad day at school - his bio test was a lot harder than he expected, and when he’d compared answers with sana after, they seem to have gotten different answers for everything? so all he wants to do is get kebab with his boyfriend and he’ll even let even hold his hand because he’s been growing braver in public recently. and honestly, he kind of needs affection right now. even had gotten there earlier, so he’d already bought his food before the line got long. so as isak’s waiting in this ridiculous line, even’s just casually standing next to him eating his kebab. isak’s trying his best not to glare at him in jealousy, but even catches on anyway. at first, isak refuses to take even’s food because he knows even’s been going through some shit lately, and seeing even eating more makes isak happy, makes him feel like everything’s fine again. but after a while, isak’s stomach starts grumbling, and even ends up feeding him spoonfuls of kebab. isak may blush a little at the pda but honestly even looks so proud that they’re able to do this now. by the time isak gets to the front of the line, he’s not even hungry anymore.

they decide to go shopping on a day with huge sales. isak tells even he needs a new snapback because jonas wants his back (really what kind of friend is he - isak is pretty sure that this goes against some provision in the bro code) but it’s really because even had complimented his green jacket the other day, and isak’s looking for a sweater in that exact shade. even keeps shoving clothes at isak like hey! this scarf would look so cute on you. and look at these jeans your butt deserves these jeans. even vigorously nods yes to whatever isak tries on because there’s no way his boy could look bad in anything right?? in retrospect this was actually a horrible idea because they end up in a line that nearly trails out of the store, arms overflowing with clothes. isak’s so impatient that he starts tapping his foot and humming without even realizing, and it’s only when even starts laughing that he realizes that he’s been humming 5 fine frokner?? even is so excited that isak’s singing their song, but isak just keeps protesting. “of course i wasn’t humming that!! i was humming this song by a rapper that you don’t know about. goddammit even you’ve lost your touch aren’t you supposed to be cool and hip? that’s it we’re breaking up.”

justin bieber comes to oslo, and of course noora makes everyone come with her. and let’s face it - even’s pretty excited. he’s not the biggest bieber fan, but he loves music, and concerts always make him feel alive in the best kind of way. meanwhile, isak would rather watch paint dry. the line is a mess, but the guy in front of them turns out to be just a little bit taller than isak and a little shorter than even. so while all their friends are having a heated debate about whether justin bieber really has changed, isak and even hang in the back. even decides to give isak constant updates about their spot in line, like “hey babe i know you can’t see this because you’re so short but we’re about 30 people away.” isak of course complains because he’s tall goddammit. he can see perfectly fine. but even just goes, “are you sure baby?? is the weather different down there?? do you feel like people don’t respect you because of your height??”

isak thinks even is the most ridiculous human being, honestly.



  • Jhope

Hobi forgets your anniversary

Bf! Jhope

Daily texts with boyfriend jhope

Hobi stopping you from shamming yourself

  • Yoongi

Yoongi cheats on you

You and yoongi accidentally confess

Bf! Yoongi

Daily texts with best friend yoongi

Song inspired text

Mic drop

  • Jungkook

Jungkook eats your food

Meme war with jungkook

Couple pictures with jungkook

Accidental love meme (jungkook)

Converse high

  • Taehyung

Roasting tae |part 2|

Tae assuming something

Roommate tae

  • Jin

Best friend jin

  • Jimin

Yoonmin otp

Happy birthday jimin

  • Namjoon

None at the moment! Request some

All of them


You failing your classes (group chat)

The guys have a plan (group chat)

Talking about your son

They’re drunk (hyung line)

Dollar dollar (group chat)


You getting into a fight

You being rich

Having small breasts

Surprising them by learning their choreography

You’re not ready for relationship

French fry problem (hyung line)

Your dry jokes (maknae line)

Their sibling learning go go

You knowing how to drift


To date someone taller then them

To date a 00 liner

To date someone who doesn’t speak Korean

Date someone with tattoos

Date someone 10 years older

Date a tomboy

Go out with someone who has hip dips


Pastel blue jimin

CEO yoongi

Love yourself

Rainbow bangtan

Punk hyung line


Drug lord! Yoongi |part 2| part 3| part 4| part5| part 6| part 7


  • Jungshook

Dreamt of you

You dumped him for your dog

  • Taehyung

Daily snaps from best friend tae

  • Jhope

Daily snaps from best friend hope


  • Jimin

Jimin wishing you happy birthday

Telling jk that you’re cute