Love is love:
No matter the couple’s gender, orientation or identity

Huff Post Weddings reports:

That’s the statement Brittny Drye, the editor-in-chief of website and digital magazine Love Inc., is hoping to make with the publication’s latest cover. Androgynous model Dylan Stephens graces the cover in a caped Inbal Dror wedding gown, looking positively beautiful.

The issue also features a photo shoot with Stephens donning both bridal and groom wear – everything from an all-white pantsuit to a classic black tux to a sparkly ball gown.

“It was important to us that we remove gender from the equation and put the focus back on the individual,” Drye told The Huffington Post. “And to celebrate that that individual found the person they want to spend the rest of their life with.”

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dryeguy  asked:

Alright, so since we're bringing up old OCs, this might be an interesting question for you. From what I remember, I believe you enjoy the sonic series; however, did you ever make a Sonic OC? If not, then what is one of your longest running OCs that you've created?

(just read the text in bold at the end, i went a little crazy)

jesus i haven’t drawn my sonic oc in over 10 years, thanks so much drye

But anyway, if it wasn’t for my old as heck sonic oc (btw…. her name was Hyper Sonic?… original I kNOW), my re-vamped for the umpteenth time Hyper Chronic oc would have never existed.  I drew her a bunch in different poses and she’s the main character in this REALLY STUPID sonic fanfiction I posted online; which includes several cross overs and “WACKY AND RANDOM ADVENTURES!!!11!!11!!!1″.

She then transformed into the lightening haired chick…. also named Hyper Sonic, where I created dozens of comic books and fan fiction…  At that point I was smart enough to keep that to myself. (Then there was this period where she branched off into these other characters with super powers and one of them had… uh…. a cat hat with a jewel thing?…. which crashed into earth… in a meteor?… while she and her family was camping… and meets these weird as heck… alien… flower/mushroom/tiger/??? princesses from other planets? ok i’m getting off track here).

WHO THEN BECAME…. Hyper Sonic again, but with a way less insane and a more fleshed out story.  I can’t remember why I changed from “Sonic” to “Chronic”… it could be because I heard the word in a song once, or I saw the word in a dictionary (when I was a kid, I REALLY like to read the dictionary for some reason). 

TL;DR: TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, yes I DID have a stupid Sonic OC and Hyper Chronic is the longest running OC I have.

… I could have just said that and been done with it but oh well