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I think you once said you use tea tree oil on breakouts? Does it work well and what does it do (make them go away faster, dryes them out or whatever)?

It’s good It has healing properties and I don’t know how it works but for me it makes them go away faster. It can sting a bit at first but that’s how u kno it’s really sinking into that sucker


So like…all the items and jump scares are random for every play through…so I got them ahead of @dryeguy …so all he hears is me all WTF and hes just ‘hmm?’

until later when it got him XD but this was the mental image in my head.


art/Myself© @bluebiesartblog
Drye© @dryeguy  (himself duh)
BATIM© The Meatly



Comic by @atomi-cat


Asgore - me

Manny - @supershadicx250

Jack - @dryeguy

Thanks so much to Shadic and Drye for collabing with me :D was awesome

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I'm trying to remember if this was you or not, but didn't you buy the drybar buttercup hair dryer? Did you love it? and what round brush would you recommend to use with it?

Hey! Yes- I got the drybar buttercup hair dryer for Christmas about a year and a half ago. I wrote a review on it last January:

As an update, I still absolutely LOVE it. I literally can’t imagine like without it (as dramatic as that sounds, I know). I use it every single time I blow dry my hair, and it has made the world of difference in my hair routine. Even when I fly home or travel, I always, always bring it. That’s how much I love it. It is 1000% worth the money, and I still love mine (after having it for almost a year and a half). I would highly recommend it! One of my college besties has it too, and she loves hers! It’s honestly the best!!! 

I use the round brush that came with mine. I believe it is this exact one. I love the drybar round brushs! They are great quality!