dryad designs


Ramblings on designing Dryad

In my spare time (when I’m not working on The Thief of Tales) I continue designing characters for my other project; Trespasser. So here are some designs and musings from me, a rookie at mechanical/robot design. This is where I am right now for the character of Dryad.

Dryad is part human and part machine and I wanted the basic shape to show this by being humanoid but with some strange proportions. No normal person could fit in this suit of armor so how human can she still be?

About  designs 1 to 5, I wanted to be able to draw her in many actions poses with as little cheating as possible so I designed the articulation as best as I could. I also tried to put armor on the weak points so that she would look very solid. (No.3 looks a bit too much like a transformer when I look at it now.)

No.6 is more stylized than the others with no articulations showing. I was wondering if it would look too much like a person in a suit instead of a robot body.

I did the color versions mostly because it’s fun to do, but I don’t have any concept behind them. However I think I must stay away from C because of a certain popular video game character.

So there it is! I won’t really work on Trespasser for a long time but it’s a nice break from the fantasy forest. If you have any comment or remarks, don’t hesitate to share, I love reading them

I’m still Working on Trespasser and Dryad’s design. I haven’t decided on how robotic she’s supposed to look so I’m filling up sketchbooks and using that to work on my inking. I’m pretty happy with how Lem ended up looking though.

In other news, as I said earlier I’m still working on the story for Trespasser, more precisely I’m working on writing the whole thing down. It’s getting pretty big and I don’t think I want to make something this big for my first comic. So I made a short story, something completely unrelated to this and even thumbnailed it (so it’s farther along than all my other personal projects). Expect more news on that in the near future :)