dryad designs


Plum blossoms dryad mask - It took me a few months to devise a way to make realistic-looking faux stained glass light enough to be worn comfortably. The final technique involves vellum paper, ink, relief paint and varnish… and now I want to put stained glass everywhere.

The effect is lovely but hard to photograph (largely because I don’t know what I’m doing). I was inspired by Tiffany lamps and the mask appropriately doubles as a candelabra since LED tea lights can be inserted at the back. Very practical. You’d literally be sitting pretty during a power outage. 


Risk Assessment Score 1: Nonaggressive, low risk to humans. Avoidance recommended but not strictly necessary.

Mysterious and reclusive, these ghosts spawn from forest fires of any size. Despite their imposing stature, they are nonaggressive towards humans and other wildlife unless badly provoked, and even then, they prefer to chase irritants away from their territory rather than kill them. Reports detail active engagement in the process of regrowth, and the spiritually-inclined consider them caretakers of forests recovering from fires. The “burning” elements of their bodies have been observed to be a cold flame that some speculate may have beneficial properties in the new growth process, but these claims are heavily disputed and evidence is hard to gather due to the Burning Heart’s fearful nature. While they strongly avoid humans, they are noted to act comfortably around wildlife and other Wildfire Class ghost species.

(description edited and expanded by @medikalemergency)

Captain Saoirse, a seafaring dryad NPC in the D&D game I run. The Misfires are currently sailing with her on the Cypress Queen!

I debated for a really long time whether or not to include this character in the current campaign. As a DM I think it’s very easy to fall in love with your NPCs and I really really don’t want to risk “stealing the show” away from the main characters - THE PCs! I was absolutely in danger of that with Saorise… Overall this has made me super careful with how l plan and play her. So far so good I think. 

I’ll have to do a follow up blog when the party discovers what she’s after. (It’s gonna be very good.)



There was a recent fun Halloween Costume Design Challenge for Dead Or Alive 5. Alot of people were submitting in work, so I figured I’d give it a shot myself. There were actually alot of other ideas I had, but in the end I went with this DRYAD DESIGN. Also, I’m a moron because this clearly says “DRUID” which is totally not my intention…….ahhh……wow……..okay……well……already sent in now. *Cringe*