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There was a recent fun Halloween Costume Design Challenge for Dead Or Alive 5. Alot of people were submitting in work, so I figured I’d give it a shot myself. There were actually alot of other ideas I had, but in the end I went with this DRYAD DESIGN. Also, I’m a moron because this clearly says “DRUID” which is totally not my intention…….ahhh……wow……..okay……well……already sent in now. *Cringe*


New character studies- Kala, the guardian of the forest. From my thesis Eldheitur-The Firebringer.

Kala is a millenial forest Dryad that lives in the forest. Her destiny and life job is to protect the forest, nature and animals. 

She is gifted with elemental magic and also know how to fight with her special spear that can channel her magic to deal powerful attacks or to cast protect spells. 

She doesn’t trust humans and has lived most of her life alone with the forest people and animals. 

Been working on the dryad design for my Modern Fantasy AU!

The dryads design has been a bit harder to wrap my head around, but I decided to have different clans with very different designs. This girl is a succulent dryad and I’m looking forward to draw more flower hair! <3 


„Oh Styx… what have you done?”

I gave my earlier World Tree dryad design a small upgrade. :> In my eyes she would either be a giant like her tree or - after the goblin creation - as small as Styx, since her life would now be directly linked to the goblins. [In a way, the goblins are like seedlings to her.]

For now, have her in the form that she probably had right after the heart of the tree was crushed. And a tiny startled Styx. ;>

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