Had a fun time at the Steven Universe SDCC Panel

Minus my dry mouth from the heat and stress

The cast and crew sung mostly love songs

Maybe one day I’ll have someone to fuse with

Then I’ll have someone to share my cartoons with 😣🍆💦

Winchester brothers-The Journey of a Winchester

Title: The Journey of a Winchester

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1265

Summary: We all wonder what it’s like to be the Winchester’s little sister, what it would be like to live as the youngest Winchester, how she would be treated, how protective they’d be… well this is snipets into the life of the Winchester’s little sister, whether it’s dramatic moments on the blink of death and torture or whether it’s a long, night drive in the Impala. 

3:00 AM

It was late yet you couldn’t sleep. You were tired, your lids were dropping slowly but sleep would not embrace you. You had just been off a long hunt, your face was scowered in dirty scratches, your mouth dry and chapped. You had even managed to get yourself a whopping good slash in your side.

You held your bloodied stomach, one that was not serious enough for a hospital but enough for stitches and caused you a lot of pain. You wanted to turn to your brothers, who were packing up the hunting supplies, and tell them that you were injured.

The Winchester inside you would not allow that. Especially being a female Winchester, you had to prove you could survive in a man’s world. Even if you were only a teen. You had to prove not only to your brothers but also to yourself.

Plus, you were stubborn as hell.

The car dipped as the older hunters carefully shut Baby’s doors. Dean swiped the key as he grinned at the familiar purr. You shuffled, trying to find a position that was comfortable but your stomach simply jolted with a sharp, shooting pain.

You grimaced, growling lowly as you held tighter onto your torn stomach and bit down on your lip. You just couldn’t wait to get to Bobby’s and stitch yourself up. Your hairline began to bead with sweat, your face flushing pale at the blood your hand cupped, you were losing way to much of it.

You were too tired to care.

‘’You okay back there?’’Dean called out when he glanced in the mirror. He frowned, brows creasing as he quietly nudged Sam. Sam glanced up from his phone and looked at his older brother who motioned him to look towards you.

Sam frowned too when he saw your face. Thankfully, it was dark, they couldn’t see the stain your t-shirt held in your side. But they could tell you were sweating and shuffling a lot.

‘’Yep. Peachy’’You called back, trying to sound as cheerful as possible. They shrugged it off with a pulled muscle and hit the road.


You watched as the world quickly flew by, the wind biting at your skin as you held the window open just a crack. A whimper fell from your mouth when Dean drove over a bump. The car racked with a jolt as you clenched your eyes shut.

‘’Okay, that’s it. I’m pulling over’’Dean grunted as he pulled into the side of the road.

‘’Wh-what! Why?’’You yelped, your fingers clenching tighter on the spot in fear you had been caught.

‘’You are definitely not okay’’Dean chuckled bitterly as he got out. Sam too got out but you stubbornly refused to move. Your door had been swung open and you greeted your giant brother with folded arms and a stubborn glare.

‘’Come on. Out’’Dean motioned. You grunted, getting up and tightening your jacket as you folded your arms and hid the hand that held the blood under the other one. ‘’Walk around’’Dean ordered.

You knew the drill. This was something either of you would do if the other one was hurt but was refusing to tell. It was put here because Winchester’s did that a lot.

Sam and Dean leaned against the car as they watched patiently. You bit down on your lip, watching your black converses on the ground to try and divert your attention away from the nausea that was swimming around in your stomach.

Sam and Dean watched you carefully, their eyes roamed over your bent figure as you puffed out your cheeks, hollowing them back in as the excruciating feeling of pain overwhelmed you again.

It was too dark out to see the large, crimson stain your shirt held, but Sam and Dean both knew you better than they knew themselves, they knew you were hiding something.

However, you managed to pull off the drill and with a weary look, Dean grunted and allowed you to get back in the car.

Sam checked on you a lot, constantly asking if you were okay and glancing at you in the mirror.

“You okay?’‘Sam asked as Dean got out the car for some gas and snacks. Your lids fell heavy as you kept your hand on your bloodied stomach but the pressure was dropping off as you began to fade in and out of consciousness. ”(Y/n)?“Sam muttered. He shuffled around in his seat, his brows creasing in concern.

’’M'just tired, Sammy’'You whimpered. Sam’s eyes narrowed as he shook his head.

’'No you’re not’'He sighed, getting out the car. A gush of wind hit you as Sam came in and sat next to you. His awkwardly long body scooted next to yours as his fingers grasped your cheeks and pulled your dropping head up.

’'Jesus, (Y/n). You’re sweating like crazy… you’re burning up’'Sam winced as he felt the thick moisture coating his fingertips. He pressed the back of his hand to your clammy forehead and winced when he felt the unnatural heat it emitted.

His eyes roamed your face but your head dropped onto his broad shoulder, your hand falling from your side and landing on his jeans. Sam got out of the car as he made his way into the shop and towards Dean.

’'Hey, man. What are you doing?’'Dean frowned in confusion. ’'Where’s (Y/n)?”

“She’s in the car. Look man, she’s burning up badly, I think she’s coming down with something. We should probably pick her up some medicine’'Sam pointed out as he started browsing the shelves.

Dean patiently listened to him before nodding. ’'You wanna get some bandages too?’'He asked. Sam frowned, looking at his brother in confusion.

’'What?’'Sam mumbled. ’'Why?”

“You’re got hurt’'Dean said slowly as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Sam frowned again as he scoffed quietly.

’'No I didn’t…’'He argued, his brows furrowing deeply. Dean glared sharply at his brother, hating the 'you’re an idiot-look’ Sam was giving him.

’'Then why are you bleeding!’'Dean barked as he pointed at Sam’s jeans. Sam’s face held more confusion as Dean’s held a cocky 'I win’ smirk.

’'It’s not mine!’'Sam defended. They both stared in confusion before Sam’s face dropped.

’'What now?’'Dean groaned.

’'It’s not my blood…’'Sam repeated in a whisper, speaking more to himself than Dean.

’'Yeah I know. You said’'Dean grumbled as he began to grab more bars of chocolate for you when you got to Bobby’s. Bobby never tended to have chocolate and so you tended to throw a lot of fits when you were deprived of your holy grail.

’'It’s (Y/n)’s…’'Sam whispered. The two brothers dropped everything and ran to the Impala. Dean swung open the car door only for you to come crashing out, unconscious.

Both of your brothers pulled you out of the car, carefully lifting you into a grassy area and away from the road.

’'I can’t see anything, can you?’'Dean questioned as he squinted his eyes to look. Sam grabbed his phone and turned on the flash, his fingers pulled at your clothes, trying to find the bleeding. His fingers grasped your coat and pulled it aside as they were instantly met with a worryingly large amount of blood.

They both looked at each other, eyes wide and full of panic. Dean smacked his fist off the ground as he glared up at the sky.

’'Dammit, (Y/n)! Why didn’t you just tell us!’'Dean growled as he cursed under his breath. ’'Sammy, she’s lost a lot of blood”

“I know, Dean. I know’'Sam fretted. Dean looked towards Sam for help.

’'What do we do?”

“I don’t know…”


Here’s an important video I made of all the dry mouth noises Marco Rubio made during his State of the Union response last night.


So this is pretty amazing.

Combating Dry Mouth in Your Dental Library @ Web Dentist

Learn the best 5 tips to avoid dry mouth. Read about common reasons of dry mouth and what causes lack of saliva.

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INFJ giving a presentation
  • Me:*is giving a presentation*
  • Me:*thinks she's fine*
  • Me:*starts talking*
  • Me:*realises that nothing's fine*
  • Me:(internally) Why is my voice shaky?
  • Me:(internally) Why is my mouth so dry?
  • Me:(internally) Why are my hands sweaty?
  • Me:(internally) Why do I keep brushing my hair behind my ear? Am I nervous? Stop that.
  • Me:(internally) Why do I have trouble breathing? Is this a panic attack? What does a panic attack feel like? I'm not panicking, but I can't breathe. What's happening? Am I dying?
  • Me:(internally) Keep talking, you idiot. You don't need to breathe. Who cares if you suffocate, you have to finish this presentation with dignity. They must never know that you're nervous. Keep talking.
  • Me:(internally) Why do I keep forgetting the words? The words are on my paper in my hands. I just have to read them out. How stupid am I?
  • Me:(internally) Why do my sentences sound like they don't make any sense? Why does no one say anything? I'm talking gibberish. Are they deaf?
  • Me:*finally finishes the presentation*
  • Teacher:Wow, you were so calm! Even when you stumbled over words and lost track, you remained so calm and confident like you always are. That's a really great character trait you have there.
  • Me:(internally) What is going on?