It’s summer and the sun is threatening to make animals out of us all.

It is something so inherently human to chronicle the time passing so I’ll tell you this;

the first of the seventh month and the sun hammers down on us all, sharpening the colour on our flesh, burning the weakest,
making me dry mouth, sweat bead, crazy.

An old lover told me once she wanted to lick the sweat of my skin and I was disgusted,
there is no romance in this, there is only heat and moisture.

I’m running away, drop by drop into the ground, into the groves of my sofa.

I think you know by now I have mountains inside me, fresh river water and even though I curl in on my self when it gets cold I know how to wear furs like an animal,


this summer makes animals out of all.

Growling, snapping in the shadows.

Animals like city foxes and rats, crawling over each other in their fancy suits,

I don’t have the survival skin of these urban animals,

I howl with the frustration of a forest cat stuck in thick fur, dear gods,
and goddesses.

Have mercy,
have mercy I can’t bite the sun in two but I will try,

I understand why people worship the moon, let me sleep, I will build altars. 

Just let me sleep. 

In soft, chilled breeze,

on an open plain, 
under the cool sky.
—  July. - Cecilie K.

anonymous asked:

My neurologist gave me a new medicine to take so i googled it bc I have a habit of googling everything 😁 I read that it causes you to lose a lot of hair, start to feel "stupid" or "out of it", become dehydrated or have a dry mouth. I kind of freaked myself out by looking on Google, my dr said the only thing she heard it causes from her patients is weight loss..I took it for the first time at 11pm and I have such a dry mouth, I'm tired and can't sleep and it's hard to breathe.. Any tips?😔😔

I definitely think you should tell your doctor. We all reacts differently to medications and maybe you should try something else :)xx


Here’s an important video I made of all the dry mouth noises Marco Rubio made during his State of the Union response last night.

TSK: Shouldn't you have STARTED with that piece of information?
  • Cranquis:So this blurry vision and dry mouth just came on all of a sudden this morning?
  • 50-something patient:Yes.
  • Cranquis:Have you been exposed to any chemicals lately? Pesticides, cleaning agents?
  • Patient:No.
  • Cranquis:Has anything changed in your prescription medications lately?
  • Patient:No.
  • Cranquis:How about any new over-the-counter medications? Herbal remedies?
  • Patient:Well... no.
  • Cranquis:Sounded like you were thinking of something important there.
  • Patient:Well... I accidentally took my daughter's anti-depressant pill last night, instead of my regular pain pill. But that's not over-the-counter. And that couldn't cause me to feel this way for ~THIS~ long, could it?

So this is pretty amazing.

Combating Dry Mouth in Your Dental Library @ Web Dentist

Learn the best 5 tips to avoid dry mouth. Read about common reasons of dry mouth and what causes lack of saliva.

Random things that make top surgery recovery easier
  • A few months before you get surgery, exercise a lot, especially in your core. If you do lots of crunches and/or situps, once you’ve lost a lot of mobility and strength it will be so much easier to sit up and stand up if your abdominal muscles are stronger. 
  • Bendy straws! It makes drinking beverages so much easier. 
  • Make sure stuff is in arms’ reach since you won’t be able to reach very far. 
  • Stay ahead of your pain. Don’t wait until you hurt so much you can hardly move. 
  • Medicines you are given often give you a dry mouth, so 1. keep lots of water handy 2. get some minty gum because that dry mouth will make it taste like something died in there. Also brush your teeth (duh.) 
  • Get some stool softener pills. Any sort of narcotic pain killers (like Norco, Vicodin, etc.) will constipate the heck out of you, and milk of magnesia is gross af, just take pills to get the same effects. 
  • Always wash your hands, it’ll reduce the risk of infection. 
  • When positioning yourself, make sure your chest is in as little pain as possible, but also make sure you’re not going to make every other part of your body sore as a result. In trying to stop any pressure on my chest whatsoever, I twisted my back around and woke up with a really sore back. 
  • If you do end up with muscle pains, heating pads are great. If your chest hurts, use cold to treat pain and decrease swelling but only for short periods and with lots of bandages on your chest. 
  • Get some nice facial wipes because you won’t be able to shower for a week or longer. Also, the night before you get surgery (or whenever the last time you shower before then,) don’t condition your hair. It’s not as healthy, sure, but it’ll keep it from getting too greasy as you won’t be able to wash it for a while. 
  • Cough drops or some sort of hard candy, also tea with honey is highly recommended, as you’ll probably have a sore throat from the breathing tube they give you under anesthesia. 
  • If you want to take a non-narcotic pain killer, take tylenol, not an NSAID like advil, because NSAID pills can make bleeding worse. Also, don’t take multivitamins for the week before, as Vitamin E can worsen bleeding. 
  • Even if you’ve got drains like I did, the first night you sleep, you should put down a towel to sleep on in case you leak from other places under the bandages or surgical vest. This is normal so long as you’re not leaking dark red blood, but then again why stain your sheets when you can avoid it? 
  • Wear easy-to-move-in and easy-to-remove clothes: no jeans, no t-shirts, stick to button-downs and sweatpants or pajama pants. 

Feel free to add more tips! 


One last thing, shave your armpits because tape WILL get caught in the hair and that’s quite unpleasant.

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Marco Rubio’s Dry Mouth Supercut

And all the ladies say I’m pretty dry for a likely Republican presidential candidate.

Destiel + “Don’t fucking touch me” 
1,134 words
(big thanks to Meg for sticking with me through this, you’re amazing)

It’s been a week since the darkness swallowed the Earth whole; it’s been a week since Dean was scrubbed clean. The darkness hasn’t abated, and the world resides in a never-ending night. The brothers braced themselves, waiting for night’s terrible creatures to rule, and yet there has been nothing. Nothing but silence. No demons, no witches, no ghosts.

No angels. Radio silence.

Books bear no secrets; the words contort and jump about the pages. They spend hour after hour trawling for some remedy, some absolution, but it appears that they have been abandoned.

Dean prays. He whispers words of despair to the only man he could ever worship, and he is bereft of a response. He grows worse; red rings around his eyes and his mouth as dry as sand paper. His angel isn’t listening.

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Possibly my favorite video of the week.

magiric-magi asked:

Does adderall commonly cause really bad dehydration? I'm thirsty almost to the point that I can't drink water and process it fast enough to keep up with the rate my body is using it it feels like?

I think you may actually talking about dry mouth rather than full-body dehydration. Dry mouth is a common side effect of stimulants. I wrote a post on my personal blog about how I deal with dry mouth, so you can check that out. Also check our dry mouth tag.