Soaring Prices. (Closed RP)


( Spout was down at the Garbage Dump. Checking the net below the Waterfall that cut straight through, checking if there was any good items to be found. It included several tapes, a stray electronic gizmo, an unbroken jar of… gumballs? oh my. This would be worth a fortune! As he put everything he could on the elevator to bring it up. He noticed a buzzing in the air, while slight… He’d be noticing similar sounds every so often. As if someone was watching him. 

Spout got up first, getting to the dry area of golden flowers to check on the rest of the items he found, throwing some into the waterfall behind him, to disappear leading to the rest of his tunnel networks. The buzzing got louder this time. Spout decided to just ask if anyone was there, wondering if anyone would reply… )

* Hello? Anyone out there…? Would, you like to purchase anything?

These are the roses from valentine’s day. I think they’re so beautiful, how they all look different, how they tilt to different directions. This happened for a silly accident; I forgot to wait until their blossom before I peel off the leaves (so they fit in this tiny pot I found).

Somehow this makes me think a lot, about life, about people. Most of us here are in the stage of life, hoping for the day we’re fully blossom; to be beautiful, to be like everyone else.

But we forgot how beautiful we already are, in the right people’s eyes. Even if we’re deprived of some things in life that lead us to blossom, like freedom to do what we always want to do, like happiness and love that we deserve, we still blossom as much as we can. And the best thing is that we’re all beautiful in different ways.

P.S I’m probably being too sentimental here, or maybe I’m just being mad how my boyfrd’s big brother got his girlfrd a huge bunch of premium roses (those are sold at such a high price cuz they look exactly the same, even the length!), and she just put them right next to my beautiful little flowers, covering all the light, stealing all the air aaargh.