dry waterfall

Tortuous unrelenting wave of constant emotions. Poetry, loads of written words so vastly all encompassing for which there was no cure. A crush, squashing me beneath it’s weight. So heavy the universe seemed lightened. Forever forever forever, now not a twinge on remembering.

Delight, agony, currents ever changing.  But then, time. Trickling by, a sprinkle, a shower, a stream, an ocean. Sitting aside my own quiet river with nothing to do but look upstream where all the lives I touched still live.

Filed away, neatly tucked inside experience, song, pictures, or words. Now visible through filters of never to be.

Impermanence, children climb ladders, as do my desires. The waterfalls dry up, children leave home, dust lingers in corners.

Wait. Waiting finds leaves falling from trees, light fading to dusk, snow blankets only to melt away.

Grasping, reaching, clinging, remembering, we give our lives precious words and images. Desiring only to keep what is ever fleeting.  To suffer, to desire.

It was love, or so I thought. No. I believed it with every moment of my being.

It was desire.

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Excellent View of Dry Falls in western North Carolina (Appalachians), note the people staying dry on the path behind the falls

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[You know what you must do…]

// Kill mother nature && dry up satan’s waterfall once AND FOR ALL?

[Walk into the ocean. Call the sharks to you. They are your army. You will lay waste to this world. Bring the City of Angels to your mercy and laugh.]


But oh, darlings, you do not understand how wonderfully intimate and calming it is. To be there with one another in the dark, losing yourselves to each other as you let go and give yourself to the person you adore in nakedness and love, knowing they’ll protect you with all of their being; or even simply to be standing alone in a warm shower with nobody else but the two of you there, kissing each other’s wet lips slowly as the water trickles down your skin like a waterfall. To dry one another off after that shower, or to be lying there tired and naked in the darkness as you hold one another close only to press soft kisses on his chest as he kisses your forehead before falling asleep, safe in one another’s arms - it is in these special, intimate moments that you find yourself hopelessly in love, and it is in these moments that you know everything is going to be alright. It takes a great amount of love, trust, and growth in one’s relationship to truly feel the experience and passion in these moments; but oh, darlings, when you can have these moments, cherish them in your heart forever. For there is no greater love than the love between two souls, and those little moments you share with one another that make it all count at the end of the night…
—  A little personal, but a feeling I know to be all too true <3 I know that the romantics and poets out there understand what I’m talking about… those special intimate moments that take your breath away, because you’re so lucky to have him and those moments, and until you experience those moments you will never truly understand how much in love you can be with someone else <3 {1AM thoughts from the heart} via @petersonlylostgirl

In late July I led a hike in the Slate River Canyon above Slate River Falls. This beautiful place includes a number of waterfalls not often seen as most visitors to the area stop at Slate River Falls. Good footwear is a must when hiking here and felt-bottomed boots are particularly effective for gripping the wet rocks. You will get wet hiking here and watch your step as the angle of the slate makes for tricky footing even where it is dry! 

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Dry Falls in North Carolina’s Nantahala National Forest. Look closely and you can see people on a ledge behind the falls - the falls have their name because you can walk behind them and stay relatively dry.


Grillby: Our first date and favorite place to go sometimes it’s on a dry spot in waterfalls, Sans loves to point out the rocks and tell me why they shine like that and other times we look at them and search for our own constellations, so far, Sans found 3 hot dogs and a butt.

sans: no Grillbz, they are called, the “Buttis menor” and the “‘dog trinity”

All things have the capacity for speech – all beings have the ability to communicate something of themselves to other beings. Indeed, what is perception if not the experience of this gregarious, communicative power of things, wherein even ostensibly ‘inert’ objects radiate out of themselves, conveying their shapes, hues, and rhythms to other beings and to us, influencing and informing our breathing bodies though we stand far apart from those things?

Not just animals and plants, then, but tumbling waterfalls and dry riverbeds, gusts of wind, compost piles and cumulus clouds, freshly painted houses (as well as houses abandoned and sometimes haunted), rusting automobiles, feathers, granite cliffs and grains of sand, tax forms, dormant volcanoes, bays and bayous made wretched by pollutants, snowdrifts, shed antlers, diamonds, and daikon radishes, all are expressive, sometimes eloquent and hence participant in the mystery of language. Our own chatter erupts in response to the abundant articulations of the world: human speech is simply our part of a much broader conversation.

It follows that the myriad things are also listening, or attending, to various signs and gestures around them. Indeed, when we are at ease in our animal flesh, we will sometimes feel we are being listened to, or sensed, by the earthly surroundings. And so we take deeper care with our speaking, mindful that our sounds may carry more than a merely human meaning and resonance. This care – this full-bodied alertness – is the ancient, ancestral source of all word magic. It is the practice of attention to the uncanny power that lives in our spoken phrases to touch and sometimes transform the tenor of the world’s unfolding.

― David Abram, Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology

Love Wins

a collab between @lesteresce​ and @lesterpeach

genre: fluff, maybe a hint of angst

warnings: swearing

word count: 1.6k

extra tags: coming out, reality


“Hi guys,” Phil declares, bright as always. Dan glances over at him - he can’t help it, and everyone watching them knows that. Dan watches the familiar movement of Phil’s lips moving, and the sound erupting from them is comforting, soothing to Dan. It’s been there for him at 2am, it’s cool tone resonating through his ears. Always positive, reassuring. A constant reminder that Dan wasn’t as alone as he thought he was.

esme’s a/n;

WELL FUCK MY SOBBING MESS OF A BODY THAT WAS A HELL OF A JOURNEY I FEEL LIKE IVE BEEN WASHED UP ONTO A BEACH AND CHOPPED UP INTO 76329876 PIECES AFTER BEING BOILED /AND/ DEEP FRIED PLEASE HELP MY FLAKING SOUL. but also im very excited for people to read this because it’s my first completed collab with my very cool pal glitch and you should all go follow them because she’s a very talented gem of a human being and yeah enjoy noobs *throws u a eucalyptus scented tissue box*

glitch’s a/n;

SOMEONE FUCKING STICK A SPOON UP MY ASS BC GODDAMN THAT WAS HARROWING,, I LITERALLY SPRAINED MY FUCKING PINKY FINGER WRITING THIS IT’S SO,,,,,, my god,, anyway so this is a thing that es and i literally slapped together in the span of an hour and a half but i think it’s bloody brilliant (bc esme wrote most of it)(i cant wrITE DIALOGUE) this is a thing,, and it’s actually really important and talks abt some issues that dnp have to deal w,, so thats cool n good and important, enjoy *catches eucalyptus scented tissue box and uses it to dry my waterfall of tears*

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Spectacular view of Hi’ilawe Falls, an enormous waterfall (nearly 500 meters high) on the big island of Hawaii. Waterfalls like this have helped carve Waipio Valley, where this waterfall is found.