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There’s this misconception about women and hair ..theres either extreme pride or extreme embarrassment . I feel Hair should always be an extension of you your power and your personality not a cover up or cause for embarrassment ! I’ve been bald And I’ve been weaved up permed up gelled up dyed up natural long and
Flowy and whatever the hell I felt like depending on the moment but I can’t say my hairs always been healthy . I’ve had some serious love hate relationships with my hair and the cure to this was to educate myself . my current hair state is probably the most fun I’ve ever had! My hair is longer and healthier in it’s natural state than it’s ever been and part of this due to these KEY things I’ve learned  :
1. do not be afraid to TRIM your ends it retains length and maintains hair health and hair strength ! Granted All of us are afraid of scissor happy stylists but watching your hair be eaten up by split ends is faaaarr worse dude . Split ends do NOT stop at the end they travel alllll the way up as far as you allow them . If your uncomfy with other ppl touching you or your hair like I am learn to do it yourself ! There’s tons of tutorials on the interweb .
2. Stop shampooing !: most things that contain sulfates dry and strip your hair to high hell (this means stuff that creates bubbles and suds) try to Co-wash only and rinse your conditioner out with cool water it keeps in more moisture that way…apple cider vinegar is a great clarifying ade for those worrying about cleansing
3. This is pretty simple . DRINK WATER . Your body is a plant ..your hair is your blossom ..don’t let it dry out water yourself from the inside out .
hair vitamins like biotin personally break me out really badly but a good women’s multi vitamin will also do the job . Folic acid (found in greens like spinach ) is another huge hair and skin friend so try and make sure your multi vitamins contain some .
4. Stop perming!: guys perms contain the same chemicals they use on dead people ..your a LIVING THING stop hurting yourself ! Perming my hair in middle school and high school was suuuper foolish  ! It weakens your hair and can lead to permanent baldness! (Yes I said PERMANENT ) My hair grew like wild fire once I stopped all the processing it’s almost unfair that we were ever introduced to perms in the first place in search of longer hair when all we had to do was stop abusing it !
5. Highly important : when caring for your hair PROTECTIVE styling is key ! This includes WEAVE!!!! Ladies don’t be ashamed to clip it in braid it up or whatever! Between shows and photo shoots and meetings and studio and plain old LIFE there’s no way I could maintain my hair health! Between all that heat styling and exposure to harsh conditions id be bald by now ! Lol (I don’t necessarily have time to air dry or do twist outs anymore ) so when duty calls the occasional clip ins or extensions have literally saved my hair life ! ESPECIALLY for a photo or video shoot . I can soak em dye them and fry em and yank em and NOTHING will ever happen to my actual scalp and hair ! The joy of just being able to go home take em out and deep condition my healthy hair per usual is one I have to share with you ! The key to hair growth I find is manipulating and touching it as little as possible . Again your like a flower if you play w the peddles to much they die and wilt . Stop fussing with it . I’ve been thinking of possibly doing faux dread locs this summer to Add some drama (we’ll see ) I guess at some point I’ll start a little hair forum or somethin but I just wanted to start with this ! ladies don’t ever be ashamed or afraid to get creative ! That’s what your life is for! Experiment ! Keep that hair healthy And get fly if you wanna :) but above all PROTECT THAT SCALP WITH PRIDE !-


DIY Flax seed Gel and it's Benefits for Hair

-Leaves hair soft, shiny, and moisturized
-Promotes hair growth
-You can reuse the flax seeds
-Cost effective (more for your money)
-Nourishing for the hair rich in omega 3
-Gives great curl definition
-Gives hold with no crunch/non flaking/not drying to the hair/doesn’t cause breakage/or shedding
-Fast drying
-Great for wash n go’s/sleek styles/twists and twist outs and sets the twists once dry for a lovely twist out
-Mixes well with oils/conditioners/ many products
-All natural..organic.
-A lot of reviews compare it to Kinky Curly’s Knot Today, but say Flax seed Gel  is actually better
-Great for all hair types

How to make it:
Strainer or stocking sock
Wood spoon
Bowl or air tight container ( you can use an old product container and place stocking sock over the top part to strain it)
2 cups of water
¼ or ½ cup of flax seed (linseed) depending on how thick you want it
1 tblsp pf aloe vera gel (optional)
3 drops of essential oil (optional)
You can also add other oils (optional)

Pour 2 cups of water and ½ cup of flax seed into a pot, on low/medium bring it to a boil stirring flax seed often with preferably a wood spoon. Turn off heat when a white frothy gel like liquid forms (it will have a raw egg white consistency). Continue stirring while it simmers. Place strainer or stocking sock on top of your bowl or container and pour mixture in. Let it cool down, add aloe gel and essential oil. Proceed to use gel while hair is cleansed and damp.

Place the rest of the gel in an air tight container. The shelf life is 12-14 in the refrigerator. Place used flax seeds in a container and place in fridge to use them again.

Found on UrbanBushBabes.com


This is my wash n go hair completely dry with some coconut oil. Not all black girls have thick hair. I have really FULL hair but my individual strands are SUPER FINE, not thick!!! My spirals are defined on the ends and frizzy at the roots. It’s a little frizzier than usual bc of heat damage. But I more-so struggle with dryness of the scalp. So my hair isn’t growing out of my head as healthily as it could be. The last time I got my hair done at UrbanBella they typed my hair at 4a-3c. All I know is that I love my hair texture for dry twist outs!!!! It’s chunky and huge and fluffy and soft and it literally looks like a crown.