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Part 2 of sick Levi from Attack on Titian

Read part 1 here! 

Summery of a part 2: Levi is sick and comes face to face with a Titian. Luckily Eren and Hange are there to save the day. Then Eren is forced to carry him home but Levi has to battle his stomach and fever the entire journey. 


Levi turned around slowly, and towering over him, he saw an enormous Titian.

For the first time in his life he simply froze, petrified at the sight in front of him. He tried to tell his legs to move but they wouldn’t listen. The Titian reached down towards him and before he could even pull out his knife, he was in its grasp. 

The Titian’s touch was hot, and it forced Levi to snap out it. He fished for his knife and slashed two of the Titan’s fingers off. He clambered out of its grip and fell at least ten feet to the ground. 

He tried to push himself up, groaning in pain and saw that his knife had fallen a few feet away from him. He reached for it but the Titian came forward and stepped on it. 

Levi stared up at it in awe, he could feel steam radiating off its flesh. “So this is how I’m going to die?” He thought. “In disgrace." 

Then he heard the Titian let out a cry, and it began thrashing around. It stomped its feet in large strides, threatening to squash Levi if he didn’t move. Then he saw that it had lifted off his knife. Levi scrambled over towards it and shot a string from his pack into a tree, taking off on the air. 

He managed to gracefully fly towards the Titian and slash the back of its neck. It fell with a loud thud. 

Levi moved back to the ground and fell to his knees. He saw two people coming up to him but he couldn’t tell who they were as his vision was so blurry. "Levi!” Eren cried out his name several times but he got no answer. 

Hange stepped in and shook him slightly, trying to get a response. Levi felt like a steaming hot Titian. It also felt like his stomach contents were boiling inside him.

“I’m ganna be sick.” He mumbled to whoever was there. 

“Okay okay.” Eren and Hange both helped lift him up and let him lean against a tree. He vomited up whatever was left I his stomach until he was shaking and could hardly hold himself up. 

“He doesn’t have any water!” Eren observed. “He must be dehydrated.” He pulled out his own water bottle and brought it up to Levi’s lips but Hange stopped him. 

“We’ve got to savor whatever water we’ve got until we know we can make it back to camp before dark.” She explained. “We aren’t going to waste it on someone who’s just going to puke it all back up." 

"But it’s Captain Levi!” Eren was dumbfounded. 

“She’s right.” Levi said in a dry voice. “Save your water. But regrettably, I don’t think I’m mobile." 

Eren and Hange exchanged looks. "I’ll carry him.” Eren resolved, and Hange nodded. 

“We’ve got to get back quickly if we want to return before dark.“ She said. "We’ll travel with our equipment." Eren pointed to their vertical maneuvering sets. 

Hange raised her eyebrows looking back at Levi who was leaning against the tree limply. "You can try. But I don’t think we’ll get very far." 

"What do you mean? We’ve got enough fuel.” Eren didn’t understand. Hange shrugged. 

“Be my guest, you can try." 


Eren soon understood what she meant as he carried Levi on his shoulders and they flew through the trees. After ten minutes, Levi was digging his fingernails into Eren’s skin, begging to be let down. 

They returned to the ground and Levi stumbled around dizzily before collapsing on all fours and getting violently sick.

"It saved us a bit of time.” Hange observed. “But I’m not sure how many times we can put him through that without him kicking us off the squad once he’s coherent again." 

Eren looked up at the sky clenching his teeth. "It’s getting dark. Our only chance is to get him rehydrated. His life’s in danger." 

Hange thought for a moment switching her weight to her other leg. "Alright. I’d be willing to defend you for that." 

They traveled through the air, with Eren carrying the moaning Levi on his back. Levi couldn’t make it more than twenty minutes on the ride before begging them to stop. By the time they had been traveling for nearly two hours, he no longer had anything left to puke up but he was still overwhelmed with nausea from the ride. 

"We can’t stop any more.” Hange said loudly, soaring close to Eren. “We’re about to lose the light." 

Eren nodded, it was incredibly difficult as Levi moaned and cursed at him for not stopping. The ride was intolerable and he wasn’t sure how much more of it he could take. 

“Levi look! We’re almost there! I can see our campfire light.” Eren was relieved. 

By this point Levi was only semi-coherent and griping to Eren for dear life. When they finally arrived and landed on solid ground, Levi bowed to the ground on all fours and refused to let anyone touch him. He did nothing but dry heave for some time, making the other members uneasy, wondering if he was okay. So they decided to force him inside a tent. 

Once they finally managed to tear him away from the ground and confine him to a tent, the first thing they tried to do was rehydrate him. He was delusional and wouldn’t stop babbling in his feverish stupor about how he would leave Eren out on the trail to be eaten by the Titans for making him suffer through the trip. 

They slowly tried to rehydrate him but he couldn’t even keep any water down. His lips were cracked and he had dark circles around his eyes. He looked deathly ill and after staying up into the early morning trying to get his fever down, he finally managed to keep down some water. 

Hange and Eren came out of the tent, grateful for the open air. Some of the squad members were up wondering what Levi’s condition was. 

“Captain Levi’s illness is improving. He should be fully recovered within the next forty eight hours.” Hange told them. Then she went to sit down next to Eren who was warming his hands by the fire. “I’m glad we trusted your instinct Eren.” She said fondly. “If we hadn’t gone back for him, Captain Levi would have been Titian food.”

The signs as best Rihanna tweets

Aries: “Fuck I look like ho? I look like yes and ya look like no”

Taurus: “CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? NO, Fuck you! Y'all are sad for penalizing me for this.”

Gemini: “Alcohol is the devil and I need Chinese food”

Cancer: “Burning candles inside of the studio, rappin n prayin…”

Leo: “Yikes… @Rihanna ran out of fucks to give”

Virgo: “Ya see what happens when they cancel Intervention?”

Libra: “When there’s no changing the fact that I’m me, and they’re well…they’re them. ”

Scorpio: “FUCK U SATAN!!! Fuck right off!!!!!”

Sagittarius: “Your pussy way too dry to be riding my dick like this”

Capricorn: “I hate broke bitches”

Aquarius: “Its fuckin Twitter, not the alter! calm down”

Pisces: “A drug and a dream…”

The signs as quotes from Real Houswives
  • Aries: "Your pussy is too dry to be riding me this hard"
  • Taurus: "The only thing, that is fake or artificial about me, is this GOD-DAMNED LEG!"
  • Gemini: "You're just an insignificant ass hair"
  • Cancer: "What is this... cunnilingus?"
  • Leo: "Bitch I'm FABULOUS, I'm gone with the wind fabulous"
  • Virgo: "I'm not gonna stab you in the back, I'm gonna stab you in the chest"
  • Libra: "GO TO SLEEP! GO TO SLEEP!"
  • Scorpio: "I am VERY rich, bitch"
  • Sagittarius: "Is your ass jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth?"
  • Capricorn: "I actually get offended even looking at you"
  • Aquarius: "I'd probably need a drink if I was going to take me on too"
  • Pisces: "You should really pick on someone your own size, not someone bigger or smarter"
Thigh riding *visual*

“hey can you do a visual of thigh riding i know you did dry humping but honestly its just not the same and thigh riding is my weakness” 

Nothing wrong with having thigh riding as your weakness ;)

P.s: kinda disappointed with this one as there wasnt many gifs out there of this and the ones I have found I’m not sure if they count as thigh riding or dry humping. Both are hot either way :P Also it was hard to make a “story”
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Sometimes there are things we as Southerners say that I just like.

We had a problem with a patient chart and in question what to do, so when I asked my supervisor “What do you want me to do?” she made a hand gesture and drawled “Just let it ride.”

And I just like certain sayings and things we do sometimes.

And how the saying can mean something similar yet vastly different, like “Just let it ride” versus “Hang it up to dry.”

Let it ride= calm, laid back, not gonna stress about what is a minor problem, “It’ll be alright”

Hang it/that up to dry = shows aggravation and throwing your hands up, get it away from m, basically a “Aw fuck no”.

The problem is, that Dean used to supress his feelings and force himself to see Cas as nothing but friend for so long, that when things finally change and they actually get together, it’s like somebody has turned a switch. Dean gets aroused whenever he lays his eyes on Cas, no matter what they’re doing or where they are.

They’re eating burgers and Cas licks his fingers - Dean’s blood rushes south.

Cas stretches his back with a moan and Dean’s mouth gets dry.

His shirt rides up his hips and Dean’s hands are on him in an instance, imposisible to be stopped.

It’s annoying and exhausting and it makes Dean feel like a teenager unable to control himself.

But one day they’re doing research. Cas is talking while Dean scribbles mindlessly on a piece of paper. Then something Cas says catches his attention. He taps the pencil against his lower lip, lost in thoughts. Sucking the tip of the pencil between his lips, he realizes Cas has stopped talking. He looks up to see Castiel staring at him with hungry eyes.

A bright grin spreads on his face, because in that moment he realizes he’s not the only one helpless against the attraction.

He grabs Cas’ wrist and drags him to their bedroom. He doesn’t care if it’s just a honeymoon phrase, if they grow tired of each other eventually or if they’re gonna be like this forever. Right now he’s ready to make the most out of it.

anonymous asked:

Ah I really don't want to ask this but I am going to cause I'm a dirty child. Could you possibly do a thigh riding or dry humping HC with Newt. For some reason I have a strange thigh riding kink after reading a certain Dean Winchester fanfic...

Haha well, I’ve done a thigh riding one.


But, if you want something a bit different just let me know, and I’ll write one!

This attraction is detached from the Disney’s Fastpass system, meaning, one can obtain two Fastpasses (including Grizzly River Run) within a single two-hour period of time.

Grizzly River Run makes use of the bear-shaped mountain that is the signature landmark of Disney’s California Adventure.

A river raft ride that is designed to get you wet, it is themed to the great river rapids in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The ride was designed with the ability to control how wet riders get depending on weather, but be warned that even a warm day can feel cool if darkness falls while you’re still wet.

To avoid getting shoes/socks drenched, guests should place their feet on the center assembly above where water might rush into the raft.

Free lockers are provided to keep valuables dry.

Guests riding alone or in groups that do not mind being split up can save a lot of wait time by requesting a Single Rider pass from the Cast Member at the entrance.

Tombe la Neige

Dry powder clumps ride the breeze
from branch to branch, from curb to gutter
like cotton blossoms in Alabama
I once remarked looked like snow.

The cotton looked like snow; the snow
looks like cotton and the cars
wear blankets, but
the road is clear.

This is today, in places
where there is not yet thought
of warm.

© 2016 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller