dry pick up lines

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Oh how about IwaOi ,BokuAka and TeruShou for the dare to flirt hc? But instead Iwaizumi, Akaashi and Daishou was dared to. 😁

UshiTen and KyouHaba ones found here


- Hajime didn’t know Tooru personally, but he knew of him. He was handsome and single, but rejected everyone who asked him out. Which is why Hajime was dared to approach this guy by his friends.

- Hajime wasn’t taking it that seriously. His voice was dry, almost bored as he tried some flirting, a pick-up-line his friend suggested.

- But, to his surprise, Tooru didn’t wave him off. He looked Hajime over with this smug look that made Hajime want to punch his teeth in at first, but then he was smiling so genuinely and Hajime felt his irritation melt away.

- Tooru was blushing, shy, but he was still smiling. And when Hajime said another cheesy line, he laughed & playfully swatted at Hajime’s arm.

- Hajime returned to his friends with Tooru’s number and a date planned that night. He couldn’t stop smiling, or thinking about Tooru’s smile.


- Keiji was at the park with his friends when he was dared to try this cheesy line on the good looking guy shooting hoops by himself.

- He wasn’t exactly sure why he agreed, but he just felt drawn to the man. He was nervous as he stood next to the man, stumbling on the pick-up-line.

- Koutarou blinked owlishly at him for a second, before breaking out into a grin and laughing. He nudged Keiji with a wink, playing along with the flirting by replying with his own pick-up-line.

- Keiji’s nerves relaxed and he found himself smiling back at the man, feeling a strange sense of home while being around this guy he just met.

- The dare was all forgotten when Kou asked Keiji if he wanted to go get something to eat. The pair left together, side by side. Kou was doing most of the talking but Keiji found that he loved listening to his voice.


- Suguru didn’t really want to do the bet, he thought it was childish, but he also wanted to prove to his friends that he could woo anyone.

- He had a sly smile on his face when he approached Yuuji, calling out to him when he approached. He fed a good line to him, a charming look in his eyes that always made people melt.

- He half-expected Yuuji to get all shy, and was surprised when Yuuji smirked devilishly and flirted back, matching Suguru’s sultry gaze.

- Suguru found himself getting shy, and then chose to explain the dare. Yuuji laughed at that, asking if it was part of the dare to win his number. Suguru said it wasn’t, Yuuji still gave him his, “just in case, gotta make sure you win”

- Suguru won the bet. And he also won a date.

Things that remind me of the signs
  • Aries: bold makeup, moshpits, running from security, sex in a car, talking about heartbreak, movie theaters
  • Taurus: fistfights, drunk sex, gold jewelry, Adidas, public speaking, festivals, holding hands when it's cold
  • Gemini: library books, high school crushes, cheesy movies, gossip, blizzards, numb fingers, playing with hair
  • Cancer: black tattoos, 3 a.m. talks about existence, running til your lungs hurt, false promises, freckles
  • Leo: pumpkin spice coffee, warm hugs, cosplay, beautiful make up, crying in bathrooms, scarves, thigh highs
  • Virgo: doodles, drunken kisses, old TV shows, flirty texts, forgotten tea, cheesy puns
  • Libra: I don't know a single fuckin Libra this is an outrage
  • Scorpio: holding hands, spicy food, talking for hours, being protected, scary movies, incense, thrift shops
  • Sagittarius: smoking weed, flirty conversation, cigarette smoke, cheap perfume, running make up, sarcastic humor
  • Capricorn: throwing knives, bloodied fists, binge eating, hearts beating fast, dry humor, angry emails
  • Aquarius: pick up lines, blended coffees, road trips with loud music, cuddles, insecurity, beanies
  • Pisces: slow texts back, redbull, thin hoodies, bruises, emotional fights, spooning til you fall asleep

I love writing mitaka wearing his antlers because 1) the aesthetic is bam slamming iconic and 2) it’s representative of his culture but I also can’t help but laugh every time I write someone grab him by an antler and yank him about because that headpiece is firmly attached around mitaka’s head meaning that with one good yank mitaka is coming with you whether he likes it or not haha

also if mitaka walks into netting he’ll get the antlers tangled in it and have to either cut himself out or take the L and call someone to help him

big shoutout to mitaka’s antlers: great aesthetic, though poor execution lmao