dry pick up lines

Things that remind me of the signs
  • Aries: bold makeup, moshpits, running from security, sex in a car, talking about heartbreak, movie theaters
  • Taurus: fistfights, drunk sex, gold jewelry, Adidas, public speaking, festivals, holding hands when it's cold
  • Gemini: library books, high school crushes, cheesy movies, gossip, blizzards, numb fingers, playing with hair
  • Cancer: black tattoos, 3 a.m. talks about existence, running til your lungs hurt, false promises, freckles
  • Leo: pumpkin spice coffee, warm hugs, cosplay, beautiful make up, crying in bathrooms, scarves, thigh highs
  • Virgo: doodles, drunken kisses, old TV shows, flirty texts, forgotten tea, cheesy puns
  • Libra: I don't know a single fuckin Libra this is an outrage
  • Scorpio: holding hands, spicy food, talking for hours, being protected, scary movies, incense, thrift shops
  • Sagittarius: smoking weed, flirty conversation, cigarette smoke, cheap perfume, running make up, sarcastic humor
  • Capricorn: throwing knives, bloodied fists, binge eating, hearts beating fast, dry humor, angry emails
  • Aquarius: pick up lines, blended coffees, road trips with loud music, cuddles, insecurity, beanies
  • Pisces: slow texts back, redbull, thin hoodies, bruises, emotional fights, spooning til you fall asleep

anonymous asked:

How would the allies react to their s/o air drying after a shower

2p America: might start kissing your neck and trying to get you in the mood

2p China: pull some cheesy and dirty pick up line like, “why try to dry when you can get wet?”

2p England: a flustered mess because you sit there naked until you’re dry and gosh he’s such a blushing mess it’s unbelievable

2p France: might try to start having sex with you but only if you want to, otherwise it’s not much of a bother to him

2p Russia: he usually leaves showers to privacy unless they are together so he wouldn’t really mind

2p Canada: one word, yes. He doesn’t care, he thinks it’s great and just, yes

B.A.P Scenarios: From Tumblr To Real Life (Yongguk)

Hello! This is a special fic for one of our followers who very kindly informed us of someone stealing one of my one-shots ;-; I really appreciated her info so this is a special scenario requested by her: lostfallendreams. Enjoy :)

-Admin Luxx


You arrived first. You wanted to think that you were ready while in reality, you were not. You sat there, on that coffee shop you usually frequented with your sweaty hands fiddling with a napkin, checking your cellphone every now and then. You were nervous, thinking that maybe you were overdressed for the occasion in your flowery summer dress but you wanted to look pretty…

This was the first time you two would officially meet.

Well, you had met… online.

It’s not like he was creeping on those weird dating sites or anything, no. You simply met him one day in Tumblr. You had followed him since before because you liked his self-composed songs and raps that he would often upload and the fun things that he would reblog. One day though, he uploaded a picture of this particular coffee shop, a coffee shop you knew well with the caption “I always walk past this place, I have to give it a try someday”.

You were surprised that you lived in the same area. You sent him an ask, asking him if he lived around there. He replied publically “yeah, pretty close, you know it?” and you replied affirmatively, saying good things about it. He sent you an ask then, telling you about other cool places he had visited in your hometown and you replied.

It was a casual friendship, a few asks here and there and casual reblogging of one another, with tags that only the other would understand and such things.

He introduced himself as Yongguk “just a guy who likes music” as his description said. You communicated a lot through asks and you felt like you were clogging people’s dashes by publishing them so things became more personal by private asks, but soon you two wanted to say more and switched to fanmails.

You didn’t know what was happening to you, if you were imagining that he was flirting with you with his bad pickup lines or if he had actually reblogged your selfie with a “#pretty girl” tag but you were becoming attracted to him. The deep, husky voice you heard in the raps he uploaded was starting to give you chills down your spine, the good kind. He was expressive in the way he wrote, he had so many deep thoughts. You felt like there was a universe inside of him but it was him who asked you first.

“Would you like to go out with me? To see that coffee shop?” he simply asked in an ask.

You didn’t think you would react like this but you actually squealed and jumped in joy and then coolly replied “Yeah sure, when?” as if you weren’t dying on the inside. That was the good thing about the internet: you had time to think what you wanted to say and could seem more calmed and collected than you actually were.

So there you were, after working out the details about your date. You asked him how would you know if it was him, since he had never uploaded any photos of himself but he said that he’d recognize you through your selfie last month, about your new haircut. Apparently, he wanted his appearance to be a surprise. You didn’t know if this meant that he was a 40 year old creeper and that made you a bit wary about going, but alas, you did, knowing that it would be in a public place: the coffee shop from the picture.

And there you were. With your napkin on the table by the window, checking your cell phone to see if he sent any message to cancel the date or anything even though he wasn’t even late, you had simply arrived earlier.

Five minutes later, when you were checking your tumblr to pass the time, someone tapped you on the shoulder and a male voice asked your name. When you lifted your head to see him, you were speechless.

It couldn’t be him, it couldn’t. He had to be, looking like a rapper in his white loose tank top and black pants but a guy that handsome couldn’t spend his time on the internet all day with like you did.

“Your hair has grown”

“I…I-Yeah. My hair grows fast” you said as you touched it self-consciously. “You… you’re Yongguk, right?” you asked, just to make sure, but you definitely knew the deep voice he had.

“Yeah” he said with a smile, as he sat across you. “What do you think?”

“About what?”

“About me” he said and looked down at the table for a bit.

You saw his strong eyes, the straight black hair and somewhat thick lips, his built arms caught you attention but you didn’t want to linger on them so you looked at his face again, drowning in the black of his eyes. He was very, very handsome but under all he seemed just like you: nervous, self conscious. He wasn’t the suave guy that he appeared to be on the internet but reality was much more appealing to you.

You smiled. “Well, now I know you’re not a 40 year old creeper” he laughed out loud and you noticed how big his smile was, his gums could be seen and his eyes became small crescents.

“Same to you.” he said and looked around. “This coffee shop really is nice”

“I’ve been telling you that for months”

“Yeah, I just thought that if I didn’t come here I’d have an excuse to ask you to come with me to see it” it was your turn to laugh.

“Very clever” you granted him with a smile and he smiled awkwardly as well. He seemed pleased to be able to make you smile.

“You are…” he started but never finished “no, never mind”

“I’m what?” you asked and looked at yourself in sudden fear that maybe you didn’t look fine or were actually overdressed as you originally thought or maybe there was something on your clothes or—

“Prettier. Than in your photographs I mean, you are prettier in real life” he said, not able to look at you at first but finishing his sentence with a real, honest look at you. You didn’t know how to answer, never in your life had anybody said something like that to you upon such a short time of meeting.

“Thanks” you said and he smiled slightly again, like he knew how he looked like, saying such love struck things on a first meeting; but he was like an old friend. He talked with a voice you knew, with words you had read, just in a body you had never seen. A very good one.

No. Don’t think about it. Don’t think about the body. Stop. Don’t stare at the arms.

“Are you…?” Yongguk asked, barely containing a huge smile. He had definitely caught you staring for sure.

“No! No, I’m not” but your denials were futile as he burst out laughing, as you feared he would. You wanted the earth to swallow you until he said “I think you and I are going to be getting along just fine”

“Why is that?”

“’Cause I can’t stop looking at you either”

A booming laugh was heard from both of you in the small coffee shop.

“Hahahahaha, worst pick up line ever” you said, drying your tears of laughter.

“I know, right? I’m a genius for these”

A waiter soon came to you and asked you to kindly leave the establishment, as you were disrupting other customers with your ruckus.

You couldn’t stop laughing even as you left the building.

“Wow, those guys can’t take some fun” Yongguk said.

“Yeah, good coffee but not such a great service” you agreed with a shrug.

“Let’s get outta here,” he said, taking your hand “I’ll take you to that skate park I talked to you about, no pissy waiters” You squeezed his hand.

“Where were you all my life?” you asked only half joking, truly not believing the absolute chemistry you were feeling. He simply smiled.

“In Tumblr”