dry knit

breathless but alive

survival isn’t powdered sugar. it tastes of copper, ashes, lake mud. survival tastes like the fistfight of every time you got told you weren’t worth enough to make it. survival tastes like the fistfight of every time you pulled yourself out of bed anyway. // a boy in the dawn, his dry lips knitting hymns: let this day make me wolfish & clean. baptize me in the blood of all my anxieties. i want to return from the journey breathless but alive. // how many days have we stood still, holding the weight of planet-sized sorrows in our lungs? no longer. this is the noon where we take the hospital bracelets off our hearts & teach ourselves how to run again.

“Unbridled”- A Be My Princess Fanfiction featuring Prince Edward Levaincois

Warning!  Smexy times ahead with Ed!

Rated “M” for Mature

It was a lovely day for a ride.

The wind that whipped through your hair as you galloped through the trees atop your palomino mare Mariposa was sweet and invigorating, but did little to cool down the temperature of your overheated body.  True, the mid-day summer sun that beamed overhead was cause enough to make you sweat, not to mention the layers of formal riding clothes you had to don as befitting the future princess of Charles Kingdom.  Indeed, the exertion involved in staying atop your energetic equine alone could rival any cardio workout, and you wished you could blame that, as well as a thousand other causes for your sweltering skin, ragged breath, and flushed cheeks that inflamed your agitated form. Instead, the true cause of the heat that threatened to consume you was the innocently oblivious male riding alongside of you.

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My sister gave me some gorgeous hand dyed BFL yarn that she bought in Alaska on her honeymoon. I almost immediately bought the pattern Metallurgy, wound the yarn and cast on.

The pattern was easy to memorize so it kept me company at family gatherings and on the long ride home. I finished it at our New Year’s Eve party with just a few yards of yarn to spare.

I blocked it today, yay for blocking wires. Tomorrow after work it might be dry.