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Indepth analysis and solution of "Apple Bottom Jeans"

to this day this song remains a very heated topic of conversation  for many experts but I recently had an epiphany

so we know that shawty has at least some apple bottom jeans and em boots wit da fur (wit the fur!) and that the whole club is looking at her

but then further along we find out that shawty also had saggy sweatpants and the reeboks with the straps 

so either shawty is wearing pants over her head and shoes in her hands or she is some kind of quadruped centaur creature with a questionable fashion sense which could definitely explain why the whole club is looking at her to begin with

but then it came to me…  . .  it never says shawty has any hands or is even hUMAN.. and i was enlighten

it all makes sense now..

shawty is .. . 

a dog

as we all know dogs aren’t the best when it comes to the latest fashion trends 

and fmore snippets of the  lyrics also seem to support this theory

so FloRida spent a lot of money getting a purebred champ line dog (named shawty apparently) that he paid a lot of money for 

the club is probably the akc making sure she is legit(which is why they are all looking at her)

this world is full of enigmas but at least there is one less question plaguing our minds

you are welcome world

Be Both

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Pairing: Dean x PlusSize!reader, Sam x Friend!PlusSize!Reader
Word count: 938
Warnings: Talk of insecurity, mentions of sex

Part 1 of Fat and Beautiful

Sam furrowed his brows when he saw you on the couch. “Uh, Y/N?” He asked, moving closer.

“Yeah?” You asked without looking at him. You were in a baggy hoodie, lounge pants that covered your feet, and you had one knee against your chest, your chin resting on it.

“Why aren’t you with Dean?”

Shrugging, you sighed. “Just because, Sam. Drop it.” You told him, shutting off the tv and tossing the remote to the side. Getting up, you shoved your hands in the pockets of your hoodie. He could tell by your voice that something was wrong, and it was because of his brother.

With a groan, he got up and made his way to the room you shared with Dean. Knocking, he didn’t have to wait long for the door to open. There stood Dean in a pair of blue jeans, drying his hair off, not wearing a shirt. “Yeah?” He asked, not a care in the world.

“What’s wrong with Y/N?” Sam asked.

Dean shrugged. “Nothing. Why?”

“Because she’s wearing clothes that are practically eating her alive, refuses to look at me, and just walked off telling me she wasn’t with you ‘just because’ and to ‘drop it’.” He explained.

He thought for a minute and shrugged again. “I don’t know. We were hanging out, she was in one of my shirts, curled up next to me, and I got up to shower.”

Sam nodded. “I’ll try talking to her again later.”

“I could.” Dean told him. After all, you were his girlfriend. Had been for years now. “You know where she is?”

“No, I don’t, Dean.”

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Please? Part 3

This takes place around season 2, after Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side. Now, you are spending more time with him, getting to know him after he shows you he wants something more.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • No warnings yet

I thought this posted weeks ago! I’m posting this part now and I will continue these for at least ten parts ^__^ Maybe more if you want!

Over the course of the next few weeks, Daryl was slowly getting better. However he had taken his anger out on the group and moved his camp up the hill, all alone. He refused to see anybody unless it included going out into the woods and shooting a couple of walkers, which Hershel still banned. He claimed he liked to take care of them himself.

You walk into the kitchen to see Maggie and Lori washing dishes and talking in hushed tones. You slowly make your way over to the fridge and open it, giving them the okay to stop talking immediately and start scrubbing the dishes faster.

“You’re talking about Daryl. I know.” You murmur into the water bottle before taking a long gulp of it. The cool liquid feels good against your throat, which was hurting from all the yelling you were doing outside.

Lori sets her cup down and wipes her hands on the front of her jeans, drying them. “Honey, we’re just worried.”

“He’s going to be fine.” You nod and twist the cap back onto the bottle. “Trust me.”

Maggie and Lori share a look and you knew exactly what that meant. “He’s losing his mind.”

“Daryl is dealing with it the way Daryl would.” You snap a little and look at Lori. “Have you seen Shane lately?”

It was no secret and you didn’t care for Shane. You ask him to leave on a daily basis, but Daryl was different. You want them all to see.

You walk outside and pull your hair back, tying it in a bun atop your head. Everyone is bustling around this morning with plenty to do. You had no set chore this morning, so you decide to trail up to Daryl’s tent and peek inside, to see if he was there.

Halfway up, you thought you saw Carl dart out of from behind Daryl’s bike. You pick up your pace and watch as he disappeared into the woods. You had every intention of following the little devil, that was until someone laid a hand on your shoulder and made you jump out of your skin.

You turn around and found yourself face-to-face with Daryl. He was glaring at you, studying your face as he took in a couple deep breathes.

“I fuckin’ told ya ta stay away.” He snaps.

“Daryl, I—“ You start to speak but he shoves you toward the camp.

“Go!” He shouts and throws his hands in the air.

For a split second, you thought about throwing him a piece of your mind, telling him off for what he’s done to you and the group. He was just as scared as the rest of you were. None of you were sure Sophia was still alive and that was tearing the group apart.

“I care about you. I’m worried what’s happening here. With us, with the group. What happened to the Daryl calling my name that night the arrow went through his side?” You look up at him and see he’s kicking sand into his fire.

“He’s broken just like the rest of the group.” He growls and takes off toward the trees.

His words hit you a little hard as you watch him leave. Broken. He wasn’t wrong. The whole group used to be so close and now they were scattering about and fighting.

You turn on your heel and tread back down to the group. You will try again tomorrow. Sooner or later, Daryl has to come back down to earth with you.

Check to the Heart (Part 1 of ?)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

CTTH Masterlist

You sit in the big leather chair in front of your father’s desk staring at all his numerous awards.   Your dad was one of the top 10 players of his generation,  he was now the current owner of the Avengers, one of the top NHL teams in the country.  You were eventually going to take over the team.  You had been working with the team for two years and had great relationships with the team and staff.

 You just wanted to keep your father’s legacy alive.  You were his only child and though you had played hockey as a kid, it was never your long term goal.  You chose to go to business school.   You loved the sport and knew that your future was the team.  

 Your father had called you in to go over some changes he was making to the team.  You were in the process of putting your feet on his desk, when your dad walks in grumbling, “Get your feet off my desk.”

 “Sure thing Daddy-o, so what’s going on?”  Your dad gives you a wide smile, you didn’t like that smile.  That was the smile he gave you when he caught you sneaking in after your curfew.

 “Well I signed someone today.  He is gonna help turn the team around.  He’s a good guy and one hell of a hockey player.”  Your dad was practically hopping in his chair with excitement.

 Feeding off his energy you are getting just as excited. “Oh my God! Did you get Matt Murdock?!”

 “No! Better…James Barnes!”  Your dad looked so pleased with himself.   All you can do is look at him in shock.  Bucky.  Of all the players in the world your dad had to choose your childhood crush and ex friend.

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JeanMarco Month Genre: Smut

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to write something for JM month, but I’m just so busy and blocked and damn, what a mess. BUT. I do have some old filth lying around my Ao3. So in case you’re still unfamiliar with some of my fics, here’s the run down (from oldest to newest):

The way Marco moves his hips makes his mouth go dry. Jean swallows when Marco shifts a thigh between his, slotting them closer together, and his arms rise above his head as he lets his head tip back, eyes closed, lost in the music. Holy shit, he looks so damn hot like this. Jean lets out a low groan that gets lost in the noise of the club and grinds against Marco, his fingers digging into soft flesh.

“The term break-up doesn’t seem right,” he rasped in reply, opening his eyes but still not looking back at Marco. Beautiful, warm Marco. He wanted nothing more than to bury himself in those arms, let the familiar feel of his skin and the sound of his heartbeat soothe the cruel ache raging inside of him. Instead, he just said: “To me, break-up implies that we no longer want to be together.”

A story about leaving and returning to each other.

For Marco, loving Jean means missing him. But sometimes, loving Jean means taking care of him.

Marco loves watching Jean. And Jean loves being watched.

“Will you be quiet for me?”

(Written for Marco Bodtom Week 2015, Day 1 “Keep It Quiet”)

  • The Volleyball AU without Volleyball Part 1: The Losers (Rated E)

Whenever they lose a match, Jean turns to Marco for comfort. And Marco just can’t say no.

  • The Volleyball AU without Volleyball Part 2: The Losers (Rated E) 

They have their routine when they lose, but what happens when they win?

Enjoy, my thirsty friends!

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punk concert with prompto?

Noct pushed the bathroom door open and his mouth went dry.

Prompto wore black jeans so tight they looked like they’d been painted on, slashed across the thighs into ribbons to show his bare, freckled thighs. A long tartan shirt dangled to his hips, and his trademark, sleeveless black denim jacket sat open over the top. In the mirror, Noct could see the t-shirt with the band’s name slashed in pink across the chest, but what really held his attention were Prompto’s eyes.

Lined in gorgeous eyeliner, Prompto’s huge blue eyes blinked at him, the dyed tips of his hair pink, and his lips sparkled with a metallic lipgloss.

Hours later, he was still flawless. Guitars whined, drums pulsed, lights flashed, and Prompto looked like an angel, arms in the air, grinding into Noctis, lost in the crowd. Noct couldn’t hear the music.

Nothing existed in that moment but Prompto.

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers, I’m now writing 150 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence, and I’ll write you a 150 word drabble in return! (note, I’m moving house right now, so I may not be able to respond as quickly as I’d like. I’m sorry!)

Totally unplanned jeans wetting

Or better said the public surprises of a very full bladder. Or blame the beer. I don’t post much here on tumblr, but this is quite a recent thing that happened, being of the most intense desperations I have ever experienced, especially as it was completely unintentional. Anyways, let me know what you think.

So, I just got back after doing some traveling around Europe and I brought a few gifts for friends. I met one of them two days ago in town to give her the chocolates I brought over. We met in town at around 8 o'clock and went for some pizza. It definitely wasn’t a date but I haven’t had so much fun and also quality conversation in a long while. Everything normal, until we went to this great pub that has a selection of locally-produced beer. People usually buy it in fours, as they come from bright yellow (regular lager colour), to reddish, brown and full black, and my friend felt compelled to buy me one of those in exchange for her chocolates. That was exactly two lovely litres of liquid. Yum!

We stayed there for around 2-3 hours, in which I peed twice. I finished all my beer, which was absolutely great, and we had to leave as the place was closing. I must admit that I have skipped going to the loo before leaving, even though I was already filling up again after my last toilet trip. She joked about the fact that I went twice in the span of half an hour and I decided to not give her any more reasons to make fun of my bladder size, of which I am actually proud.

There were no buses at that time, so I walked her back to her place which was a decent 20 minutes away from town centre. After dropping her off and making a huge effort not asking her if I can use her toilet real quick, I turned back towards town centre. (To go home I had to go through town centre once again and head in the opposite direction.) That was good, as I was already feeling my bladder really bad and I was planning to go use the toilet at McDonald’s in town before carrying on with my journey. I really wasn’t in the mood for a hold and even with my big bladder, two litres of beer is definitely not a joke.

I got to McDonald’s quite quickly, but as you can probably guess from the title, I didn’t get to use the loo there, as the bouncer locked it after someone puked all over it. Great. At 1 o'clock at night everything else is already closed apart of that stupid McDonald’s. Even KFC closed at 12… I soon realised there were no other toilets I could use apart of my own, which was 30+ minutes away.

But I’m a big boy, I got home nearly losing it in my boxers many times before, so this wasn’t really an unusual situation. I decided it might be a good idea to actually take a taxi back home at this point. I was filling up way too quickly and a taxi would’ve been my best bet to make it home in comfortable time. After losing almost 10 precious minutes trying to stop a taxi, I realised that I just need to start heading home on foot. I really couldn’t afford losing more time as my bladder was already aching. It was a huge surprise to me to be that desperate, that quick. I guess it must’ve been the alcohol in the beers I had, along with the fact that I drank a huge amount of liquid in a short time span. I couldn’t sit still and, biting my lip, I decided to start walking as fast as I can.

What happened next is right out any of one of those cheesy Bound2Burst movies, because two police officers stopped me in the street. I was quite anxious to be honest, not knowing how long they’ll keep me there or what they want. I could honestly picture myself slowly soaking my jeans in front of them as I casually answer all their questions. Fortunately enough, they just asked if I saw anybody running in the opposite direction, as there was a pretty messy fight a few minutes before. I finished with them and carried on with my desperate walk.

I was so, so desperate! I was literally bursting. You can’t imagine how embarrassing it can be for a guy to get that desperate… My bladder felt like a rock bopping up and down in my lower abdomen and it was really uncomfortable to walk fast. I eventually had to slow down and walk with my right hand in my pocket, secretly but strongly pinching my cock to help with the desperation. There were many people on the streets, as everybody was heading home at that time, so I couldn’t really do anything more obvious.

The people also made the idea of simply wetting behind a tree or a car impossible. In addition, as some of you might already know, I have a policy for not peeing in the street. I just hold it. For me, it’s either a toilet or a pair of jeans. I was getting closer to home when it started to become more obvious that it might be impossible to get back dry though. It’s a truly unique feeling, and everybody into omorashi knows it well enough, where the voice in your head just tells you “Jean, you will not make it. You know you will wet yourself soon…”.

Strangely enough, I felt it like a challenge this time. On another occasion I would’ve simply let it go in my pants. I love the feeling of a soaked pair of jeans and the incredible desperation I was going through would have definitely led to a very, very big and satisfying wet mess. But no, I decided that I am a big boy and that I can hold it until I get home. I took it as a challenge, but had to undo my belt… I really wanted to prove I can hold it for as long as I want and that I am in charge and decide when my bladder empties its content and when it doesn’t.

I was close now. Also, there were less people on the street so I made the most of it by getting a good front grip on my crotch. I was incredibly horny at this point and had to deal with a huge and noticeable bulge in my jeans too. A long, desperate and horny walk.  When the powerful waves of desperation started hitting I had to walk even slower to not lose it. Moreover, I had to stop every 100 feet, cross my legs and regain my composure for a few moments. A cold sweat was a final warning signal to what will soon follow if I don’t get to a toilet in time.

Then I spurted. Yes, I SPURTED! The first time in my life that I actually spurt; I usually just explode all at once. It was such a strange, alien feeling to be able to stop the flow after a few drops hit my boxer-briefs. Although I wasn’t dry anymore, there still was a chance of getting home with a pair of dry jeans. And I was wearing my favourite pair of shoes, which I definitely didn’t want to soak in waves of warm urine.

The last 5 minutes of my walk were full of ever increasing spurts which, sliding my hand inside my jeans, I found have left my underwear dripping wet. There was a noticeable wet patch on my blue jeans already, but I could see my house.

That was the longest walk ever. With 10 feet to my front door, I could already feel the huge relief and hear the pee splash in the porcelain toilet bowl. Soon!

But I lost it. I completely lost it and started peeing full force as I was frantically searching my pockets for the front door key. I just couldn’t stop peeing. I couldn’t. I was gripping my cock so hard through the wet material of my jeans it hurt, but to no avail. Pee was jetting out of my throbbing cock and I couldn’t even slow the stream down. And it was so loud! It was hissing, I could here it as the stream was going through my boxers and was hitting my jeans. It had to be almost two minutes of continuous peeing followed by a lovely hissing sound. I almost finished peeing when I realised I was still standing with my legs double-crossed, still trying to stop the flow.

What mess have a I made?! I was standing in a 2 feet - wide puddle. My shoes were full of pee and all squishy. I also apparently came in my boxers in the process. I eventually got in the house and when I got in the bathroom, I emptied all the pee out of my shoes (once again, just like in a cheesy B2B movie :P) and admired myself in the mirror. I wasn’t even mad that I didn’t make it home in time, dry, or that I have lost my own personal challenge. It didn’t matter. The relief was absolutely incredible and this has to be one of my best wettings ever. And the best relief feelings too!

It was real, big, messy, unplanned. It was perfect! My white ankle socks were completely soaked and almost transparent and my red boxer-briefs were almost entirely wet, it was actually hard for me to find a dry patch on them. The jeans had a lovely wet pattern on both the front and their back.

Something else that I’ve never done before now is that I actually kept my wet boxers on and slept in them. In the morning, they were nice and dry and I decided to pee in them once again in the shower.

This was absolutely incredible!

Guys, this is pretty much it and I do hope you enjoyed it. Two lessons are to be learnt from this experience:

1. You cannot walk faster than your bladder can fill up.

2. You can actually piss yourself on your front door step.

I thought that is just something dramatic that they like to show in videos, that you wet yourself seconds and feet away from relief, but this experience taught me the exact opposite. Pretty weird way to learn a lesson if you ask me…

I See You; 1000 words

They were in the middle of doing homework – or attempting to do homework; Sana was so distracted that she had read the same sentence over a dozen times and Eva had looked at her phone more than her textbooks – when Eva spoke up.

“Y’know, when I fell out with Ingrid and the girls, they spoke shit about me too.” Eva puts down her pen, giving up the pretence that she was working.  Sana already knew, of course, it was almost impossible to avoid the Nissen rumour mill.

“They told everyone what I did, but they also made a bunch of shit up and everyone just believed it because the first thing they heard was true so why would they question if the rest of it was?”

“A little bit of truth makes it hard to see the bullshit.” Sana acknowledged, reaching over and squeezing Eva’s hand briefly.

“Yeah.” Eva agreed.  “People don’t really listen.  They love the drama for a few seconds and then they move on with their lives and forget whatever bullshit people were spouting.  Deep down everyone knows it’s all bullshit and no fact.”

“You think?” Sana raised an eyebrow.

“I do.” Eva nodded.  “Why else would they forget and move on so fast? If you learn something horrible about someone that’s true you don’t just move on like that.  It messes you up for a bit while it sinks in.” She continued, and Sana couldn’t help but be impressed by Eva’s assessment.

“What brought this on?”

“The shit people are saying about you.” Eva replied bluntly but, despite her insides turning ice, Sana kept her face smooth.

“Oh?” She could feel her heart in her throat and she hated it.

She hated the seed of doubt burrowed deep inside her whispering that Eva was going to call it quits on their relationship because it was all too much and not enough compared to her past exploits.

“No one believes the shit they’re saying about you.  About how you almost killed someone back at Urra, or that you’re some crazy bitch who goes off with no reason or warning.  They know it’s all just Sara grasping at straws because it’s come out that she’s a two faced bitch.  At least you’re real, Sana.  You don’t smile and people and then stab them in the back two seconds later.  It’s pretty easy to tell when you’re pissed at someone.”

“It is?” Sana had always thought she was good at keeping that under wraps.

“Oh my god, yes?  You go really quiet and don’t really talk to them and you get this little frowny face.  It’s kinda cute.  Not subtle though.” Eva smiled and Sana found herself laughing, colour rushing to her cheeks.

“Did you think you had the master poker face?” Eva giggled and Sana rolled her eyes, trying not to grin at Eva’s musical laugh.


“You did!  You so did!” Eva laughed again.  “No, you get this little crease right here.” Eva leaned forwards and dropped a light kiss between Sana’s eyebrows before leaning back in her seat. “You don’t frown properly, but it’s pretty obvious to me when you’re mad about something.”

“Maybe it’s just you.” Sana smiled fondly, butterflies fluttering in her stomach and the skin between her eyebrows tingling from Eva’s gentle kiss. “No one else really seems to see me. Not really.” Sana’s smile fell and she looked down at her laptop.

“They see a Muslim. Someone different and weird.  Someone out of place, even though I was born here.  They see my hijab and they write me off straight away.” Sana swallowed.  Her voice hardly more than a whisper, but her words felt so heavy.

“Hey.” Eva murmured, her soft fingers curling gently around Sana’s chin and tilting her head up so she had no choice but to meet Eva’s gaze.  “I see you.  You’re so smart and you have such a big heart for the people you love.  You’re so dedicated to your faith, to your god, and you stay faithful even though people give you shit for it.  You actually…really inspire me.” It was Eva’s turn to blush now.

“Thank you.” Sana could barely get the words out, they were just a breath, but Eva heard them any way.

“I see you, Sana.” Eva repeated, skimming her thumb lightly over Sana’s cheek. “I see you and I wish everyone could see you how I do.”

“And how is that?”

“You’re the softest, most loving girl I’ve ever met.” Eva said simply, and Sana was mortified to feel wetness at the corner of her eyes.  “Fuck anyone who says otherwise.  They’re just close minded assholes and they’ll never come close to having as much love and light in their life as you bring to the people you love.” Eva brushed her thumbs under Sana’s eyes carefully, letting the tears roll down her warm skin.

“Don’t smudge my eyeliner!” Sana cried jokingly, desperate not to acknowledge the fact that she had cried at Eva’s kind words.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Eva winked, nudging her nose against Sana’s lightly as she wiped her fingers dry on her jeans.

“Now what the hell am I doing with this equation?” Eva flopped back in her chair and looked down at her notes.

Sana had never loved her more than she did right then.

Some people would have tried to push Sana for more, would have tried to get Sana to talk more about it or encourage her to cry, but Eva knew better than to try such things and Sana was beyond grateful.

“Sana,” Eva whined after a few seconds.  “Come put that big brain of yours to use and help me!” Sana couldn’t resist that joking pout Eva aimed her way and she moved her chair closer to look at Eva’s maths work.

There was so much more to talk about.  But not now.

For now, she would spend an afternoon with a girl who saw her.

And wasn’t that just the most blessed thing?

anonymous asked:

Okay so maybe you already answered this in bits and pieces with your other modern grisha hc's but like... in modern day what style/makeup/hair preferences do you see the grisha-soc girl gang having? Sorry I just find that stuff a lot of fun so I was wondering if you had ideas.

aksjdjkas THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUN omg!!
- alina probably has no time or energy for elaborate hairstyles so her hair is always in a messy but or cascading down her shoulders in lazy waves. the most she does for her hair is brush it + dry shampoo it so it makes it even beachier and ~effortless~. same with make up - she’s either bare faced or wearing very very light bb cream + mascara and that’s her regular Day Look™ - the only exception is a white or golden eyeliner she puts in the corners of her eyes and needless to say it goes rly well with her entire sun summoner vibe. her style is minimalistic + simple but sweet - white tshirt, mom jeans, bright yellow sneakers/loafers, lots of colorful chokers, symbolic jewelry - a pair of antlers hanging around her neck, a handful of bangles from inej, a green emerald glimmering on her finger, a pair of earrings in the shape of a lightning bolt
- genya is a MASTER of make up (naturally). she’s not just experimenting but creating her own formula; always messing around with hues and pigments, and everything she does is cruelty free + totally safe for any and all skin type. she’s very informed when it comes to brands/artists and she’d never support the brand if she doesn’t like the people/company behind it. she might take the concept they have and recreate it/turn it into smth better just to prove she can + they’re Not That Special. it’s a slow process but we all know it’s what she does best and the result is always epic, iconic, legendary, spectacular, never the same. eyeliner on fleek, bright ruby red matte lipstick, heavy contour, dramatic eyes, rivulets of ginger hair everywhere; A Vision™!! her sense of fashion is a+ too but she has a thing for gold/red - short vinyl skirts, checkprint leggings, shimmery see-through tops, aphrodite is shaking in her sandals, truly
- zoya is literally the living, breathing definition of Dressed To Kill™. leather pants, deep blue turtlenecks/halter tops, heels longer than any of alina’s love interests’ 🍆, big silver hoops or dangling earrings that reach her shoulders. cat-eye is a must, she always borrows genya’s matte lipsticks and it’s either nudes or deep, dark colors like plump/dark mauve - nothing in between. she’s either going for soft with a touch of danger or deadly with a secret tender side only a few people are privy to. long ink-black hair that holds storms between its streaks, highlighter brighter than my future, filled in eyebroows, long eyelashes, YES M A M A yEs yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
- tamar’s style is simple but smart - basic monochrome tshirts that wash & dry easily, distressed jeans, combat boots, lots of chains & studs, maybe a pop of color in her leather jacket - a bright heart-shaped pin here, a rainbow badge there. her lips are always glossy or shimmery, her cheeks are streaked with glitter, her favorite eyeshadow palette is called killer babe and it’s mostly pinks/reds. her hair is either held in a low pony or sticking up in spikes, which makes nadia run her hand through her gf’s hair more, instinctively trying to smooth them down. a part of her outfit always matches nadia’s and alina always notices bc [voice drops to a whisper] she notices a lot of things about Girls™
- nadia is a vision in pastels and vibrant make up that somehow always goes with her outfit despite it being a rather clashing combination. she loves her soft hues - dusty rose, pale lilac, washed out blue. her lips are either baby pink or nude, with a lot of blush that makes her look even more ethereal and her hair is always braided - either up or down, always smth elaborate she’s spent hours and hours looking at youtube tutorials just to get it right. sometimes she’ll let tamar draw little symbols on her cheekbone - an uneven heart, the wlw labrys, a tiny rainbow peaking from behind a cloud, and sometimes it’s just a kiss print left on their way out
- nina is a goddess incarnate. even genya’s super impressed and genya’s like?? a legitimate beauty/fashion expert?? idk if you’ve seen barbie ferreira’s ig but like that is It. that’s nina right there, from top to bottom, down to the toes. her style is bold, edgy, challenging, unapologetic, body-positive, SEXY, beautiful. she has no problem going braless and wearing a semi see-through top, or crop tops that show her entire belly + a bit of underboob, matching pastel sets of ribbed skin tight short +  top, swimsuits tucked into jeans, the iconic stripes + denim combo, A LOT of lace, a lot of healthy, glowing skin. and she loves to wear big, heavy jewelry, the ~femme fatale~ kind - big earrings, velvet chokers that cover her 80% of her neck, body necklaces, massive rings. her hair is loose and you wanna get lost in it, like a sailor driven to madness by a siren’s song. her cheeks are bright and red, her lips are the color (and flavor, probably,,, inej might know best) of sweet cherry, there’s a lot of sparkle going on - on her eyelids, on her cheekbones, on her entire body. she uses a lot of body glitter/shimmer and her style is never boring, never like the day before, always has you on your toes
- and last but not least, inej!!!! her style is what you’d call efficient, humble, simplistic but stylish at the same time - she wears a lot of black and dark tones that help her blend into the shadows so she can become the wraith, but she likes to splash a bit of subtle color here and there - pastel yellow or orange nails, soft blush, pumpkin colored lipstick or lipgloss (nina complains lipgloss is sticky but then inej laughs and suddenly sticky is good, sticky can stay - or be smeared away,, if you know what i mean). she loves light perfumes - something natural, like the smell of forest fruit or an ocean breeze, or freshly picked flowers. she prefers boots all year round - short or open booties for summer, long knee-high boots for autumn/winter. she rarely wears jewelry; her knives are enough. however, alina likes to pamper her the most bc she holds her very dear & close to her heart, so she always surprises her with something dainty and small - her favorite pair of earring is probably two tiny curled knives, no bigger than her nail - they’re made from steel so they can’t cause any irritation and they’re forever, they’re unbreakable, like her. her hairstyle is usually a thick braid - either whipping around her shoulders or curled into a bun. she doesn’t wear a lot of make up either but sometimes she’ll put a bit of deep purple/blue/graphite to go with her outfit. she loves scarves!! all kinds of scarves - big, small, long, short, printed, monochrome, even plain ones that just smell like something fresh and satisfying, like freedom. she loves things with hood - dresses, tunics, tshirts, classic hoodies, jackets, parkas. granted, her style isn’t the ~loudest~ of the girl squad but it definitely makes you pause and turn around - and then she’s gone


Chapter one | Chapter two | Chapter three

What happens when Yoongi plays truth or dare with the jerk who splashed him on a rainy day?

Characters: Min Yoongi x Jeon JungKook | ft Kim Taehyung

Word count: 3438

Warnings: Smuttish content

A/N: this was originally on my AO3 which doesn’t exist anymore and it had only two chapters, but I’m planning on making it a mini series hopefully

Originally posted by tearsavi

It was raining. Again. The 10th, no 13th time that week.

Great! Just great! Fantastic!” Yoongi mumbled to himself.

He was trying to walk through the thick rain without an umbrella but he realized very soon that this idea didn’t have any chances of success.

And you may wonder: “Why didn’t he have this very useful object with him that day? That’s what a sane person would do, right?” Well, my darling, first of all, our dear Yoongi is not that normal, not insane per say, but peculiar for many people that have encountered him.

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Bed Rock (Part Three)

Word Count: 3. 942

Prompt: Hi!!!!!!! I am kind of new to this whole requesting thing, but I was wondering if you’d be up to writing one where the reader is dating Dean and finds out he has cheated on her multiple times and at first tries to stay with him and doesn’t say anything, but later she sees him with the other girl and goes out, gets drunk then sleeps with another guy and Dean finds out? I’m so so sorry that it’s so so long and I get it if you don’t want to write it! Thank you!

Warnings/Notes: Part three! HEY! So don’t kill me okay? I tried to keep it “clean” but I also felt like I could get a little “’dirty” because they had been drinking. And this ending. HARD TO WRITE GUYS.

Part 1 (Cheater Cheater) / Part 2 (Hello Stranger)

The cab ride was awkward. Sam sat on his side of the car and you on yours as you ordered the driver around. The air was thick as you both tried desperately to keep your hands off one another. But eventually you found your hands touching in the middle of the seat. Sam interlocking his fingers with yours. The heat was back, the warmth of his skin against you.

The ride was too long, and you couldn’t help but glance over at Sam. He was getting more nervous as the ride went on. Which confused him. He’d picked up women before. Why were you making his palms so sweaty?

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anonymous asked:

Lol can you write HCs for Ponyboy peeing himself in a bookstore after drinking too much Pepsi please??

You know I have like seven requests I’m currently trying to finish filling out but fuck it, here you go.

  • So Pony, Johnny, Soda, and Steve are all hanging out downtown one day. They stop somewhere to get some lunch, and Ponyboy, being the fucking junkie that he is, drinks like two and a half Pepsis while they’re there and then doesn’t think to pee before they leave because he’s a goddamn idiot.
  • Afterwards they head out to this little used paperback shop that Ponyboy aboslutely adores. By the time they get there, he kind of has to pee, but it’s not really a big deal or anything.
  • They’re in there for a little while. Pony’s in heaven with a whole stack of books in his arms, and he still has to pee but he’s pretty sure that there isn’t a bathroom in there or anything so he figures he can just hold it until they get home. Steve and Soda are both talking with the cute girl who’s working behind the counter and Johnny is happily digging through a box of comic books.
  • Eventually Johnny picks out a couple of good ones and he gets up to see how Pony’s doing. He finds him half-bent over in the Horror section with one hand braced against a shelf of Stephen King books and the other clutching his stack really tightly to his chest. He’s got his legs crossed and he’s shifting around really awkwardly and his face is all scrunched up.
  • “Uhh, Pony? You okay?”
  • Ponyboy’s eyes fly open. “Yeah I’m good.”
  • “You sure?”
  • “…I have to pee.”
  • “So go pee!”
  • “I can’t.”
  • “Why not?”
  • “They don’t have a bathroom here.”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “I’ve been here, like, 40 times, Johnny. I think I would know–ohhh, shit.”
  • Johnny’s just standing there awkwardly with no idea what to do. Pony’s insisting that he’ll be fine, he just needs a minute, etc. etc.
  • And Ponyboy’s thinking to himself: it’s not actually going to happen. Like. Come on. There is no way in hell that he’s actually going to pee himself in a public place. right?
  • And then then next thing he knows there’s heat rushing down his legs and oh fuck.
  • He and Johnny just stare at each other for a second and then Pony goes into hysterics.
  • “Oh my god, oh my god. Fuck, fuck fuck fuck–” in this high-pitched whisper.
  • Johnny’s trying to calm him down and it is not. Working.
  • Pony hopes that maybe people won’t be able to tell because the spot on the front doesn’t look too bad; maybe nobody will notice.
  • “How bad does it look?”
  • “Uhhhmmmm.” Johnny just kind of…looks back and Pony’s jeans are soaked through until like halfway to his knees. “Yeah, we’re gonna have a problem here.”
  • Pony starts freaking out again because where they’re standing is right by the door and anyone can walk in and see him but at the same time, moving anywhere else would mean that Steve and Soda and the girl behind the counter and the one other customer in the shop could see him.
  • “Johnny what the hell am I going to do?!”
  • “Um. Okay. Just. You just–stay there, and I’ll go get Soda.”
  • Johnny leaves him by the Stephen King books and makes his way over to the checkout counter. He tugs on the sleeve of Soda’s flannel to get his attention.
  • “Hey, Johnny. You guys ready?”
  • “No, uh. Pony kind of needs your help.”
  • “With what?”
  • “He’s got kind of a…problem.”
  • Soda tells Steve to wait right there and Steve watches curiously after them as Johnny leads Soda back to the Horror section.
  • “What’s the problem?” Soda asks quietly.
  • “He wet his pants.”
  • “He what?”
  • “He–”
  • Sodapop takes one look at his mortified little brother standing with an armful of books clutched to his chest and a huge wet spot on the back of his jeans. 
  • “Oh. Oh. Okay.”
  • At this point Ponyboy looks like he’s going to burst into tears so Soda hurries over and pulls the books out of his arms, setting them down on the floor.
  • “Okay. It’s okay. Here’s what we’re gonna do.”
  • He shrugs out of his flannel and starts to tie it around Pony’s waist, low enough to try to cover the spot on the back up.
  • Of course right at this moment Steve comes over to see what’s going on and everybody just freezes and Steve’s just like, “The fuck.”
  • He’s a Smart Boy™ though so it only takes him a few seconds to catch on and then he just fucking loses it.
  • Like seriously guys Steve Randle is doubled over clutching his side with actual, literal tears running down his face he is laughing to hard. Loudly. And Ponyboy just whisper-screams at him “SHUT THE FUCK UP.”
  • He tries to pull himself together for like two seconds. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”
  • And then he starts right back up again.
  • “It’s not funny!”
  • “Aww hell, yes it is!!”
  • It’s the best day of Steve’s life tbh.
  • Soda gets the flannel situated so that it’s mostly totally covering up the wet spot and then he steers Ponyboy up to the checkout counter. The girl, by some miraculous stroke a luck, has no idea what’s going on.
  • “S’cuse me. There wouldn’t happen to be a bathroom somewhere in here by any chance, would there?”
  • “Oh, yeah, follow me.”
  • So, as it turns out, there is a bathroom in the bookstore after all! She just has to take them through a door behind the counter with a sign on it that says “Staff Only,” and through a massive storage space filled with more books than are probably even in the whole store, through another door, down a hallway, around a corner, and then down another hallway!
  • It’s just not a good day to be Ponyboy Curtis okay.
  • He finishes peeing and attempts to dry off his jeans with a paper towel but it’s just not going to happen.
  • He’s so ready to die by the time he gets back from the bathroom.
  • Johnny, bless his heart, is holding onto Pony’s books for him.
  • Soda pays for them and Johnny’s comics and they get the fuck out of there.
  • They’re walking through the parking lot. Steve’s still laughing his ass off and cracking so many jokes.
  • “This…is the worst day…of my life.”
  • Soda slings and arm around his shoulder and ruffles his hair.
  • “It’s okay, kid. Happens to everyone.” He glares at the back of Steve’s head. “For EXAMPle, I remember this one party Steve and I were at once and he–”
  • Steve stops laughing. “Hey wait a minute. That kid is not getting in my car.”
  • There’s a five-minute argument that ends with Soda convincing Steve that his shirt will be more than enough protection for the fifteen minute drive home and Steve telling Ponyboy that if he gets piss all over his backseat then Steve’s sure as fuck not going to be the one cleaning up.
  • When they get home Ponyboy asks everybody, “You guys aren’t going to say anything, right?” and Johnny and Sodapop are both like “Yeah of course not.”
  • They all turn to look at Steve.
  • “…Fine.”
  • Pony tries to sneak straight to his bedroom once they get inside but Darry catches him though.
  • “Ponyboy, where you going off to in such a rush?”
  • “Uhhm. My room.”
  • Darry knows something’s up.
  • And then without missing a beat, Steve comes up with, “Darrel, you are not going to be-lieve what happened at the book store.”
  • Darry turns around to face him. “What?”
  • “Well this old lady there who kept knockin’ everything around with her cane, she ended up sending a whole shelf over! It was a disaster–books everywhere, somebody coulda been killed if they was standing in the way. And the broad workin’ the register was in hysterics, so me and Soda–”
  • Soda jumps in with, “She needed somebody strong enough to lift it back up, right? So Steve says to her–”
  • Ponyboy is in absolute disbelief. He sneaks away to his room to get changed, manages to get his jeans and Soda’s flannel shirt into the wash before Darry will be able to notice, and nobody besides the four of them ever find out about what happened to Ponyboy that day at the book store.
  • (That doesn’t mean that Steve doesn’t try to blackmail Pony with it because, come on. He’d be an idiot to pass on that oportunity.)
Another World Entirely pt9

Warning: violence, swearing, character death.

I don’t own any thing. I wrote out a scene from the show for story line accuracy I don’t claim any ownership of the story, characters or anything else.



I waited under the tree half expecting Peter to come find me but her never did.

The breeze on this part of the island chilled my wet body so I conjured up some dry clothes. Black jeans, a dark red hoodie over a black tank, and some hiking boots.

I pulled my wet hair up into a messy bun when a noise in the trees behind had me tensed and ready to fight anything that came at me.

I felt really stupid when I found only a deer. A doe in fact.

I transported myself to a higher branch of the Thinking Tree where I sat quietly looking out over the island all afternoon trough evening into night.

I thought about my first day here and how I met Peter.

I’d ranted at him about how I knew he would meet his end and I only now remembered that I hadn’t thought up a plan. I needed something that would save Peter and ultimately not damage the timeline too much.

I have an idea, but will it work? I need time to figure this out.

The sun had been gone for a few hours and I’d started to get hungry so I jumped back to camp, ignoring the looks from the boys as I looked around for Peter.

I went to Felix by the fire when I didn’t find him.

  “Hey,” I said cautiously as I stood beside him.

  “Hey!” he said with an enthusiastic smile. “We were all worried about you when you vanished like that. But Pan said we should give you space,”

  “Speaking of…” I looked around again in case I’d missed him before. “Where is Peter?”

  “He said he was going to be early,” he shrugged.

  “Okay thanks,” I said with a slight smile before disappearing from the camp and reappearing on the balcony to Peter’s tree house.

I knocked quietly before opening the door a little and poking my face through.

  “Peter?” I said softly into the darkness.

A small groan was all I got in response.

I stepped inside and shut the door, waving my hand and lighting the candles by the bed.

The small light showed me Peter, asleep in his bed. But he didn’t look comfortable.

His usually smooth face was screwed up in a tense frown, his forehead dotted with tiny sweat beads. He gripped his bed sheets tightly and had quick sharp breaths.

  “Peter!” I gasped, and hurried to his side.

I put my hand gently over his and felt his grip on his sheets lessen.

  “Hey,” I breathed. “Peter?”
His eyes snapped open and he jumped back.

  “It’s only me,” I looked at him worriedly.

  “Y/N,” he sighed and put his face in his hands.

  “I needed to talk to you and Felix said you’d gone to bed early,” I sat down on the edge of his bed. “Is everything okay?”

  “Yeah,” he mumbled and lay back with a thud. “I’m just tired. I haven’t been sleeping very well,”

I kicked over my shoes and tossed my hoodie to the floor.

  “Squish up,” I said.

  “What?” he raised his eyebrow in confusion.

  “Move over,” I translated as I dropped my jeans to the floor all the while Peter was watching me with wide eyes.

He shuffled to the side and I lay down beside him.

   “Are you okay?” he asked quietly. 

   “Yeah,” I hummed in response. “Nicholas never touched me so-”

   “No I mean in your head,” he cut me off. “Someone tried to kill you, and then you killed them. That’s not the most relaxing day,”

   “I’m fine,” i put my hand on his face gently. “I hadn’t actually thought about it until now,”

   “What have you been thinking about all this time then?” he asked. “you were gone for quite a while,”

   “My promise,” I whispered.

   “What promise?” he looked at me confused.

   “The day I met you I promised to do what ever I could to save you and Neverland from dying,” I told him. “I’ve been developing a plan to save you  and the island but there’s one vital piece of information I need before I can even think of my plan as a possible solution,” 

  “What’s your plan?” he opened his eyes hopefully.

  “I can’t tell you,” I smiled sadly. “If you know what’s going to happen then you might accidentally change the course of events and then my plan will be impossible,”

  “Okay,” he sighed disappointedly. “Then what’s this piece of information you need?”

  “The heart of the truest believer,” I started. “It’s power is infinite, yes?”

  “Yeah…?” he raised an eyebrow waiting for me to continue.

  “And if you split infinity, you just get 2 separate infinities?” I stopped playing with his hair and held my hand against his cheek.

  “I guess,” his voice was confused.

  “So you wouldn’t necessarily need the entire heart?” I said.

  “No I s’pose not,” he mumbled thoughtfully.

  “Okay cool,” I rolled over and wrapped his arm around my waist. “Goodnight,”

  “Wait that’s it?” he lifted his head up to look over my shoulder at my face.

  “I can’t tell you anymore,” I said with a tired sigh. “You’ll know eventually. But I haven’t seen any signs of searching for the boy since I got here so it might be years before you know,”

  “That’s shit,” he grumbled as he lay back down.

  “Goodnight Peter,” I laughed.

  “Gnight Y/N,” he pulled me against him and kissed my shoulder.

                                            TIME JUMP 25 YEARS

Peter, the lost boys and I were all huddled around the unlit fire pit, waiting for Greg and Tamara to return with Henry.

   “They’re here,” Peter tensed as he looked at me excitedly.

I looked from him to Felix and the scouts. “Go get him,”

They ran off in the direction of the cove I knew they’d be arriving at.

   “Do you really have to go?” Peter held tightly to my hand.

   “The can’t know I’m here,” I held his face reassuringly. “I’ll be fine for a few days,”

   “Yeah but I’ve seen you everyday since you got here,” he leant into my hand. “I’ll miss you,”

   “I have to go,” I said quietly. “You remember everything I told you?”

He nodded with a sad smile.

   “Now I know we need his heart before the hourglass runs out but don’t hurry too much,” I said. “Gain his trust, use the boys and the girl, then bring him to the island,”

   “I remember,” he laughed and pulled me into a hug.

   “You look funny dressed like that,” I tugged on his scarf and ruffled his hair.

He laughed and pulled me in for a kiss.

   “I’ll see you in a few days,” I turned and started jogging in the direction Felix took the scouts. 

I want to make sure everything goes okay.

I caught up with the soon enough and went ahead to get a good view of things. I stayed hidden up in the trees as I watched what was going on below.

Greg, Tamara and Henry were by a large boulder as the made a signal fire.

They were in a small argument when Felix and the others made their way into the clearing.

I leaned down in anticipation as the boys surrounded our guests.

   “Who are you?” Greg asked nervously.

   “We’re the home office,” Felix replied with a smug smile. “Welcome to Neverland,”

Greg and Tamara exchanged worried looks.

   “The home office…” Tamara said slowly. “Is a bunch of teenagers?”

   “They’re not teenagers,” Henry spoke up. “They’re the lost boys,”

This is so surreal seeing this in person. 

They spoke for a little longer before Tamara asked the plan to get home.

Felix chuckled darkly. “You’re not getting home,”

   “Then you’re not gettin’ the boy,” Greg seemed to have a spark of confidence.

   “Of course we are,” Felix smiled.

Here we go. I smiled too as the Shadow swooped down and ripped Greg’s shadow from him.

Greg screamed in pain and fell lifeless to the ground.

Tamara told Henry to run but Felix sent others after him and shot down Tamara as she fled.

This is when I left. I jumped down the tree, branch by branch and sprinted as fast as I could to the beach closest to Skull rock.

I arrived at the beach short of breath, panting as I climbed into the small rowboat I’d readied earlier.

I sat by my sack of clothes and crate of food and began rowing away from the beach.

A storm started up to the west as I neared Skull rock which told me the mermaid had messed up the Heroes journey.

   “I need to hurry,” I said, breathless, to no one in particular.

I made it to Skull Rock feeling like I left my lungs back on the mainland.

I stared up at the huge skull looming over me as I gathered my things. I took a deep breath and made my way inside.


Tord’s Desperate Road Trip.

       Tord’s right knee bounced impatiently as he stared out of the window of the back seat of Paul’s car. After a heart-to-heart conversation with Tom over the phone, the Norwegian had agreed to return to his friends and attempt to start over with them as Paul and Patrick had agreed to drive him to his old friends’ new apartment-complex. The poor Norwegian desperately needed to pee, however but was too full of pride to admit this to either Paul or Patrick as he stared out, at the passing-scenery to take his mind off of his painfully-full bladder. Tord was snapped out of his trance when his cellphone had buzzed within the pocket of his hoodie as he retrieved it to see that he had received a text-message from Tom.

       “Hey, where are you?” Tom’s text read.

       “In the car…” Tord texted back.

       “That’s good…How are you doing?” Tom questioned as he knew that Tord was still feeling a great deal of guilt over what had happened between him and the others.

       “Good…” Tord replied as he cringed from desperation and shifted uncomfortably.

       “That’s a lie, isn’t it?” Tom questioned.

       “No…” Tord replied with a blush as he bit his bottom-lip.

       “What’s wrong?” Tom asked.

       “I have to pee so badly…” Tord reluctantly replied as his blush grew even deeper and he began to sweat. He really did not want to share that information with Tom but it was all he could think about at the moment.

       “Okay? T.M.I! Why don’t you just ask Paul or Patrick to stop somewhere or pull over?” Tom questioned as he began to blush as well. He could not pinpoint why but the thought of his Norwegian-rival needing to pee excited him for some reason.

       “I’m not going to tell them that! Besides, we are stuck in traffic and your apartment is not that far away…” Tord blushed even harder as he shakily typed the reply, his desperation causing him to accidentally make several typos as he did so. Tom blushed even harder as he began to remember that Tord had always had a bad habit of ignoring his bladder until he was bursting, even as a child. Tom’s face was now a deep shade of red as he remembered the accidents that Tord would use to have as a child because of this as a result as he secretly wondered if he could get him to repeat one of those accidents.

       “Sucks to be you, huh? Just try not to think about waterfalls, rushing-rivers or babbling-brooks.” Tom sent his next reply with a mischievous smirk. Tord winced as he let out a small, pained whimper at the text and crossed one leg over the other.

       “Come on, Tom! Do not tease me; I am literally dying, over here!” Tord replied as he now shoved one of his free hands between his legs to sooth the torrent of urine just screaming to be released.

       “Sorry! Sorry! Habit!” Tom replied with a small snicker. The two brunettes then began to engage in another conversation about movies for the next couple of hours.

       “AGH! I really have to pee!” Tord suddenly texted to Tom as his urge had now increased to an unbearable rate.

       “What in the World?! I peed before we left the gas station!” Tord complained again before Tom even had a chance to reply to his first text. The Norwegian was now completely unable to sit still as he was now squirming in his seat while pinching his member shut with his free hand to keep any urine from flowing out of him.

       “Did you get a drink from the gas station?” Tom questioned as his blush began to return to his countenance.

       “Oh, right! I got that slushy! I suppose it wasn’t very smart of me to drink it all at once…” Tord sighed once he had realized the source of his unbearable desperation as he texted his embarrassing confession to Tom.

       “How far off are you?” Tom questioned.

       “I’m pulling onto the street now. FINALLY! The traffic let up…” Tord replied.

       “We’ll meet you out front…” Tom ended the conversation before exiting his apartment to inform Matt and Edd of Tord’s arrival. Matt, Tom and Edd all waited outside as Paul and Patrick pulled up to drop off Tord. Tom immediately took notice to how shakily Tord had gotten out of the car and how stiffly he had approached them even though neither Matt or Edd seemed to notice. Tom also took notice to the fact that Tord seemed to not be able to stand still as Edd explained that he would be staying with Tom for a while.

       He also took notice to how shaky Tord’s voice was whenever he would reply to either Matt or Edd’s questions. Tom felt his face once again beginning to heat up at how desperate his Norwegian companion looked as Edd began to lead the others toward his apartment so they could all catch up. The four friends had spent some time talking and Tom had forgotten all about Tord’s urge, long enough for the Norwegian to sneak off in search of Edd’s bathroom. Shortly after Tord had snuck off, Tom felt a small pressure on his own bladder as well.

       “I’ll be right back; I have to go to the bathroom…” Tom excused himself to the bathroom with a small blush before parting ways with his friends. As Tom made his way toward Edd’s bathroom, he took notice to the sound of Tord’s urine splashing into the toilet, blushing at his sighs of relief. Tom then noticed that Tord had accidentally left the door cracked open as his hand had fully opened the door before his brain had a chance to stop him. A deep blush spread across the bridge of the eyeless-Brit’s nose at the sight of his Norwegian-rival’s exposed-member urinating into the toilet.

       “OH, GOSH! NO! NO! NO!” Tord gasped once he had turned his head to see that Tom had walked in on him.

       The Norwegian quickly shoved himself back inside of his pants to hide himself from Tom though he was unable to stop peeing as a large, wet spot began to grow on the front of his unzipped-jeans. Tom’s blush grew at the sight of the thick, golden stream that had burst through the crotch of his rival’s jeans as it splattered onto the floor, creating a golden puddle beneath the Norwegian.

       “Holy lobster-headed banana! I am so sorry…” Tom apologized as Tord’s eyes began to tear up from humiliation.

       “D-Do not look at me…” Tord whimpered before beginning to cry softly from embarrassment.

       “Aw no Tord, don’t cry…It was just an accident…” Tom pulled Tord into a gentle, comforting hug despite the urine.

       “But I am the leader of the Red Army; I should not be wetting myself like a child! What are Matt and Edd going to say when they find out?!” Tord sobbed into Tom’s shoulder.

       “T-They’re not going to find out…” Tom reassured as he began to have a rather-perverse idea.

       “H-How would they not find out?! My pants are soaked!” Tord cried as he pulled away from the hug.

       “W-We’re wearing the same type of jeans so…We can just trade pants and I can take the blame…” Tom offered with a blush as he desperately prayed that his plan would work.

       “Y-You would do that for me? W-Why?” Tord questioned, appearing touched by Tom’s gesture. The Norwegian’s eyes then widened slightly when Tom leaned in to plant a gentle kiss onto his lips.

       “Because I love you, that’s why and I have for a very long time…” Tom replied once he had pulled away as Tord began to blush even harder than he had previously been blushing. Meanwhile, Edd was beginning to grow increasingly bored as Matt had done nothing but talk about himself all evening. Edd’s boredom was short-lived, however when he had taken notice to Tom’s appearance. Tom was now wearing Tord’s soaked-jeans as he appeared rather flustered by the warm, wet feeling of his new lover’s urine on his genitals.

       “Ha! What happened to you?!” Matt laughed as Edd stifled a few snickers.

       “I-I’m sorry, Edd; I had a bit of an accident…” Tom choked out as his flustered appearance helped support the believability of his claim. Tord soon exited the bathroom in Tom’s dry jeans, still appearing rather embarrassed by his ordeal but also guilty that his former-rival had gone out of his way to humiliate himself for him.

       “You peed your pants?! That’s so weird!” Matt giggled, earning a nudge from Edd.

       “It’s alright, Tom; you’re still our friend and we won’t tell anyone. Now, don’t worry too much about the mess; I’ll take care of it. You can borrow a pair of my pants for the night.” Edd offered, being the kindest of the four friends.

       “T-Thanks, Edd…” Tom shakily grinned. He was a bit disappointed that he would be deprived of the special feeling of Tord’s urine-soaked jeans but he knew they would not stay warm and wet forever. He was thankful for Edd’s generosity, however and he would never forget the feeling of Tord’s urine-soaked jeans pressed against his crotch, nor would he forget how desperate Tord looked when he had first arrived at Edd’s house. Perhaps Tord would let him experience it again, someday.