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If you want a CLEAN scalp go this route! ☝🏾️

I never, rarely..ever use shampoo so to keep a clean scalp I add water, Braggs ACV, and a tablespoon of honey to help with dandruff and build up.

Besides that.. Braggs Brand ACV is a must have in your kitchen altogether.

• Dandruff control
• Clarifying
• Conditioner
• Hair shine
• Treats Skin
• Body care
• Ph balance
• Detangles
• Soothes dry, itchy scalp
• Reduces frizz
• Adds taste to food

AND on & on..

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I have eczema. My skin looks like "tree bark and star crunch". My skin hurts when I feel it stretch. My skin is red and brown. It gets dry and when it gets dry it itches. When it itches I scratch. And literally the only thing helping me make the progress that I am is natural remedies. Because fuck steroids that stop working and make my flare come back with a vengeance. Fuck modern medicine. Even if it takes months to heal, fuck your prescription.
Lullaby-Part 9 (Conclusion)

Summary: Dean and you deal with the aftermath…Just read it, I don’t want to give anything away. ( PART ONE ) ( PART TWO) (PART THREE) (PART FOUR) (PART FIVE) (PART SIX) (PART SEVEN) (PART EIGHT)

Prompt: inspired by @deanwinchesterxreader

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Language, ANGST, DEATH, pregnancy!complications, Depression, self-hate

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I’m really sorry…ANGST and TRIGGERING  Please know that I am warning you now.Any feedback is appreciated, also if you wouldn’t mind liking and rebloging.I am so thankful for all y’all reading this series.

The inside of your nose feels dry and itchy, the stench of bleach filling your nostrils, everything smells too clean. There was a faint beeping and something was warm against your thigh. Your eyes didn’t want to open, lids heavy. What the hell was happening?

You force your eyes open, blinking frantically against the harsh white light. What was going on? You couldn’t remember anything besides going to bed with Dean. Where the hell?

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Natural Hair and Seborrheic Dermatitis

Is this it?

I’ve posted about this before, but let me just give you a brief recap before updating you guys on what’s new.

How it all began

i went natural may/June 2011, shortly after that i developed what i thought was dandruff, i used head and shoulders hoping it would go away, but nothing happened, it always came back, then i found out about scalp eczema/ seborrheic dermatitis and thought it was what i had, i was resigned to my fate…because many people said it was incurable (T.T), and then i found a youtube video saying that fragrance in hair products can cause contact dermatitis, so i thought “mm, i got this problem right around the time i started putting all this hair products in my hair” i really didn’t care for my hair much before that, so it was highly likely that it was contact dermatitis, i went fragrance free for a year in 2013/2014 and in the beginning it looked like it was indeed the fragrance and possibly not seborrheic dermatitis at all, but that solution didn’t last long and the scalp issues came back with a vengeance.

 i couldn’t do any long term protective styles, i put anything in my hair (synthetic braids or yarn) and my scalp would literally become white in three days), i just wore wigs everywhere, then broke my edges off because of an unfortunate case of braids, dermatitis and scratching (the eczema nicely covers my front hairline), so i gave up and just used my afro to cover it up (thank God for afros).

it was horrible and i was pi**d off! it was definitely seborrheic dermatitis, large hard flakes that wouldn’t come off my scalp totally, and touching my hair resulted in a mini snowfall and for some odd reason after a while my scalp began to develop this random odd smell after two-three days, so i kept washing my hair 2-3 times a week.


Beginning of this year, i went through an epiphany and just thought i’d change areas of my life, this included going to the freaking GP to finally tell them that i have some whack ass illness on my head, (as opposed to trying to fix it myself). as i tried to show her the symptoms by parting my hair ((¬¬), flakes were just falling to the floor! Anyway, the doctor didn’t even finish her recommendations, i was like “yh tried those already”, she was like “olive oil?” ..and i was like “….Not only olive oil”, so she finally subscribed me a shampoo with 2.5% selenium sulphide (ah aha! something i never tried before) and i delayed a bit because after 3.5 years of no solutions didn’t really think i should rush to buy another shampoo like it was going to be my saving grace… then went to get it at the pharmacist.

usually when i use a normal shampoo or shampoo with anti-dandruff ingredients that don’t really work for me, the flakes never actually come off my scalp, i used this Selsun shampoo (not selsun blue, but they have the same active ingredient) and the white flakes that clung to my scalp for dear life was pretty much gone. i didn’t wan’t to start jumping for joy too fast, i  banded my hair and then half a week later took it down to use the selsun shampoo again (twice a week for two weeks, then once a week afterwards) and lo and behold no flakes falling as i parted my hair!

i pray to God it continues working, i’m actually dreaming of having fun with my hair again!

How this can help you

So you may have this problem and may be barely managing having tried all and everything people have recommended, different anti-dandruff shampoos etc, well i’m here to say that :

1. Stop self-diagnosis and self-prescriptions, go to the doctor!

2. You may think you’re using different shampoos, but the active ingredients in all those different brands may have been exactly the same!

before i went to the doctor, i tried

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Head and Shoulders (probably zinc pyrithione)

3. Neutrogena T-gel (coal tar)

4. Fragrance free

5. Raw active manuka honey (T.T) that cost me £10 for a tiny jar! and sea salt

6. massaging my scalp with a concoction of oils and tea tree oil and peppermint oil

7. Nizoral (Ketaconazole)

Anyways, all that was not MY solution,  Zinc Pyrithione, Coal Tar and Ketaconazole were not My solution, Selenium Sulphide was, so next time you attempt to try a new shampoo, make sure you’re not looking at brand name but at the active ingredient.

i just had to make this post because seborrheic dermatitis is frustrating as hell, causes self-consciousness, probably low-self esteem, embarrassment (people thinking you got dirty hair because you don’t wash, when you wash you hair like once everyday….30 times more than they do in a freaking month) and i was hoping this could be a solution or 95% help to somebody.

i will also be eating well, and taking omega 3 and evening prim rose oil supplements, eating fish and veggies etc, i haven’t really started all that yet, So really, its just the 2.5% selenium sulphide that’s curbed this. in fact i couldn’t be bothered with the third shampoo session and left my hair for a week, i felt a very slight slight i mean sliiiight beginnings of an itch on a small part of my head,but even then there were no flakes on my head, it kind of felt like whatever was causing this issue was trying to raise its ugly head again because i skipped the dose, and even then as i parted my hair (a few hours before writing this post), no flakes fell from my scalp!

(T.T), thank you Jesus! 

sunshinejae  asked:

whenever i wear contacts, even if i put moistening eye drops in, my eyes feel dry, not itchy or anything, just very prominently dry and i can kinda feel the lens, is that a bad thing? is there anything else i can do apart from (more) eye drops?

Disclaimer: I’m getting quite a few of these questions that are related to individual conditions that you guys might have. I genuinely wish to help you as a person, however, since I’m a responsible person and I’m only an optometry student, I can only tell you some possibilities about what an optometrist can offer to help you, and what the profession of optometry can do. For example, just like how a medical student can tell you it’s good to exercise 30 minutes a day, I can tell you it’s good to rest your eyes every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, but very little beyond that. Since many people don’t think optometrists can do anything but work out your prescription, I only set out to answer questions so as to raise public awareness of how awesome optometrists are (if I do say so myself :D). Like a medical student, I cannot diagnose you with any condition since I am not seeing you in a legitimate consultation as a qualified health professional. In fact, even if I was a qualified optometrist, I can’t do that because I can’t see your eyes! I am in no way going to give you medical advice based on the very small amount of information I receive through an anonymous ask! Everything I’m writing is presented for information purposes only and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or choice of treatment. The information is in no way intended to replace professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner. I exclude liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from the use of or any action taken in reliance on any information written. Obviously, asking an optometry student is better than asking Dr Google, but(!!) like with any advice from a medical student, if you are concerned about your eyes or eye health in any way, please seek a qualified optometrist’s professional opinion :)

Are you a first time wearer? You might be feeling the lens edges, which is normal at first. After you wear them for a few weeks, the edge awareness should disappear. If it’s been longer than that, book an aftercare appointment with your optometrist so they can check the lens condition and the lens fitting with a slit lamp microscope. 

Believe it or not, but dry eye is actually a really complicated topic in optometry. There’s always research in the area trying to help people alleviate their symptoms. There’s a whole chapter devoted to just dry eye in my Kanski textbook of diseases (which is like two inches thick). It’s a little bit like the common cold in that there’s no one way to completely solve the problem. We unfortunately can’t just take a tablet or get a vaccine to stop the cold, so dry eyes is a little bit like that if I had to give an analogy. 

There are multiple causes of dry eye, so keep in mind that you should see an optometrist and tell them you have dry eye so they can work out what type of dry eye you have. I can’t see your eyes across the internet, so I have no way of knowing exactly which type of dry eye you have, (I can only estimate by symptoms, so not for sure anyway). 

Our tears are made of three layers, there’s a mucus layer on the bottom, a big chunk of it is the aqueous or “watery” layer, and it’s topped with the lipid or “oily” layer to keep the aqueous layer from evaporating. There are plenty of other tear components but I won’t go into them. 

The most common cause of dry eye is called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), where because there’s not enough lipids being produced by the oil glands in your eyelids, or not the right type of lipids being produced, etc. 

One solution for mild-moderate MGD is to do warm compresses in order to get the oil glands working properly by melting the improper lipids. To do this you get either microwave a wheat bag or wet a face towel with very warm water, until the temperature is quite warm, (but not so warm that it burns you!) The wheat bag is better because it can keep the temperature constant for longer. The recommended temperature is 45 degrees Celsius. Hold it against your eyelids for 5 minutes. Then heat it up a little bit again and hold against the eye for another 2 minutes. In between, you can gently (GENTLY!) run your finger along the whole top eyelid in a downwards motion (this is the direction the oil glands point). Repeat day and night. After a while, you should notice your dry eye symptoms reducing in severity. Again, I’ll stress that you should get an optometrist to check what type of dry eye you have before you do this. 

Keep in mind that all eye drops are going to only provide temporary relief if you have dry eyes. If your dry eye is mild, then the normal eye drops (something like Systane, or Genteal, or Refresh Tears) 4-8x a day will be sufficient. Try and buy the unit dose ones because they don’t preservatives that could irritate your eyes. 

If your dry eye is moderately bad, then the optometrist will often suggest a gel or ointment type lubricant, which is more viscous/”thick” than the regular eye drops. These will blur your vision a little though, so it’s usually used at night time when you don’t have to do any reading or study. There are also lipid drops and sprays coming out on the market, so they are useful particularly for MGD sufferers. 

Another thing you can do is behaviour modification. Sometimes people blink partially, so get a friend to watch you one day (without you knowing) and see if you blink partially. If that’s the case, you should try and actively blink completely. You can also try blinking more often, as we blink 66% less when staring at a computer screen. Tear production also decreases. 

Hope this helps :)

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Ask box time! Send me all your questions about eyes, optometry and old wives’ tales about vision! :D

Into the Woods


Next time your ancestors need somebody’s teeth busted in? They can grow some limbs back and do it their own damn selves. It’s cold as a seamonster’s tit out here, and the greenie’s blood is drying into an itchy mess on your shirt.

You’re looking for a stream to wash up in, when the white trees catch your eye. They’re hard to miss. Trees mean water, so you veer on in. Sure, the sun-bleached look is weird and probably ominous, but you’ll be damned if you’re going to use the last of your canteen to rinse off. Maybe some trees are just white out here. You’d think yourself into an early grave if you worried too much about all of nature’s quirks.

The further in you go, though, the less you’re thinking this is natural. Because it is nothing but white trunks and needles in here, for trees. There are weird things, to, dangling from the branches. Definitely troll-made. And there’s… is that a ceramic grub?

You almost trip over it. Once your realize what it is, you have to stop and laugh. Some of the wary tension in your spine relaxes. The little knick-knack is so out of place, it has got to be a punchline. Somebody’s obviously gone way above and beyond to try make this place as creepy as possible.

You wink cheerfully at the blind glazed little eyes. “Bet I wouldn’t want to meet your lusus, eh?”

i feel like a walking illness lol AS FAR AS I KNOW it’s not like i caught anything but i’ve had a dry itchy throat all day, i had to leave work early from shortness of breath and dizziness, i’m headachey and COLD

Peppermint Milk Bath

I’ve listed the amounts for two baths, but you can adjust it to suit your needs. Make a bunch and give it out as presents for Christmas or keep it all for yourself if you’ve been really good this year!

  • 1 cup of powdered milk (The higher the fat content, the better! You could also use powdered coconut milk if that’s more your speed.)
  • ½ cup cornstarch
  • ½ cup baking soda
  • 5-10 drops of (a good quality) peppermint essential oil OR a handful of peppermint leaves 

Milk baths are great for your skin. The cornstarch aids in relieving dry and itchy skin. The baking soda will make your skin extra soft! Peppermint is great for healing and purification and brings that welcome holiday scent into your bath time. 

Mix the dry ingredients well and pour into a mason jar. Add 5-10 drops of peppermint essential oil or the peppermint leaves. Place lid on mason jar securely and shake to combine. As you shake the jar, visualize your intentions for a relaxing holiday soak surrounding and being absorbed by the milk bath. 

Let your mixture sit for at least twenty-four hours to combine. Use one cup in your warm bath and enjoy! Remember to wash away from your center to remove negativity. 

anonymous asked:

Wait do you really think Molly is being held hostage please tell me more! ^-^! You know I eat theories and all I have eaten today is half a pack of dry/ not cooked itchy ban and I had a bit of ketchup in a spoon times r tuff please send love

it just makes sense to me that marys forcing her hand in that scene since we know shes gonna be menaced this season and i always thought it would be  mary menacing her. like this episode was about mary pretending to die to finally put herself in a position to bring her big long game plans to action finally and destroy sherlock. shes def trying to use john/trying to create a wedge between john and sherlock to do that and molly is like clearly in a lot of distress in that scene and saying things she doesnt want to and definitely doesnt have to be saying in the pointed way shes saying them 

hope u eat better things soon!

some things abt dealing w/SLE

+post-nasal drip all of the time. all of the time my throat is always so itchy and dry and i am never free of the torment

+actually so are my eyes. my eyes are dry all the time too

+never. ending. hives. they are never gone. ever. i am either healing from old ones, or there are Suddenly! new ones all over my back

+something is always going to lowkey hurt

+how about that disorientation and dizziness though

+was that a fever coming on or just a hot-flash, the ongoing saga

+my toes are purple and i can’t feel them where are my extra socks

+why can i not breathe properly right now, the sequel 

+if i lie down, my body will feel better but my head will start trying to kill me


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