dry ice bubble


A dry ice bubble… cool.  Wrong season I guess, but still very cool.

On the Set: Everything you need to know about Once Upon a Time’s 100th episode

Magic truly comes alive for Once Upon a Time’s 100th episode. Smoke machines blanket an entire icy warehouse, forcing cast and crew alike to done gas masks. Dry-ice bubbles rise from the depths of an 80-foot-long pool, over which a wooden barge skims the dark surface, guided only by dim lanterns. It’s eerily quiet. That is, until someone starts synergistically singing “It’s a Small World.”

High School AU Part 2

Ok I really want to add more to this story than one part will allow so what do you think, should I make it a multiple part story?

Summary: Second Part to the High school AU

Characters: Eventual Dean x Reader

A/N: That’s right two fics in one day!!! Let me know what you think!!!!!

Part 1

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“I believe that means we’re partners” The voice caused you to jump slightly as you spun around fast to see the man himself Dean Winchester standing mere inches behind you.

“There’s an open seat next to me” He nodded towards the back of the class before walking there himself, leaving you standing up at the teacher’s desk to try and process what had just happened.

Slowly you regained your wits and walked back to your own desk, gathering your things and walking towards Dean’s desk. He sat in the one in the back left hand corner, a perfect ring of empty desks surrounding his own.

You slid into the desk next to his and set your stuff down quietly, not making eye contact with Dean.

Dean, on the other hand, wasn’t having any of this “scoot your desk closer sweetheart I don’t bite”

You had to keep from rolling your eyes at being called sweetheart and as a result didn’t move. Dean, consequently, grabbed your desk and manually pulled you next to him, a smug smile on his face once your desk touched his.

“So Dean any ideas on what to do this project on?” You asked, pulling out your pencil and notebook to try and keep yourself distracted.

“No I think I’ll leave this up to you, you are the brains of this operation” He answered simply.

“I’m not doing this project by myself” You shook your head, almost half expecting this answer from him.

“Ok but I won’t be of much help” He shrugged “but I am more than willing to go back to your place and work on it” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

You let out a small sigh and looked briefly at the clock before shoving your things back into your bag. “We can meet at the library after school”

“and that’s where again?”

You raised an eyebrow at him “you are not that new. How can you not know where the library is?”

“Do I look like the kind of guy who goes to the library?” He asked gesturing to himself with an almost smug smile.

You allowed your eyes to glance over his figure briefly, pausing on his backpack for a second before snapping back up to meet his gaze. “You know you don’t have to pretend to be dumb around me right?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” His smile had faltered slightly but still hung confidently on his face.

“right” You muttered, standing up and pushing your desk back to its original position and throwing your bag over your shoulder “just as a word of advice then, make sure to keep your copy of Slaughter House Five hidden from plain view” You nodded towards his backpack where an old copy laid on top of piles of papers just within “it might give people the wrong idea” And with that you walked back towards Charlie, Misha, and Gabriel.


You sat at one of the tables in the library, the same table you had been sitting at ever since school ended, about 20 minutes ago.

You were about to give up, just go home and chew Dean out tomorrow for ditching you, when the library doors opened and your least favorite bad boy walked through them, a smug smile on his face as he took his time strolling across the library towards you.

“You’re late”

“Sorry sweetheart I had plans”

You rolled your eyes “and you couldn’t have told me?”

“well I didn’t have a way to get in touch with you” He shrugged, plopping himself down in the chair across from yours “Though if you give me your number…” He let the end of the sentence hang in the air, sending a wink your way.

“I think you know my answer to that” You mumbled getting out your notebook again. “So any ideas?”

He grinned again and shook his head, leaning back and resting his feet on a chair.

“Ok” You sighed “I came up with a few while waiting for you. Umm dry ice bubbles, oobleck, or elephant toothpaste”

“Was I supposed to understand any of that?” He chuckled.

“Dry ice bubbles are bubbles made with dry ice, oobleck is like slime, and elephant toothpaste is basically this foam that rapidly increases in volume”

“Yeah any of those sound good” Dean simply shrugged causing you to sigh again.

“Are you actually going to help or just pretend to do so?”

“I told you sweetheart I won’t be of much help, I’ll just screw it up”

“The least you could do is try” You spat back, clearly expressing your lack of tolerance for his attitude “I’m not going to do everything myself. I’m sick of you pretending you don’t care about anything, that you’re an idiot, that everyone just bends to your will because that is not happening this time. So for once in your life be serious and help me with this”

Throughout your rant Dean had sat up straighter, any hint of a smug smile wiped off of his face as he clearly wasn’t expecting an outburst like this from you. “Y/N I-“ He began but was cut off by the library doors opening again and Alice, Dean’s newest girlfriend, walking through them.

“There you are babe” She exclaimed happily, giggling as she strolled over and planted herself right on his lap.

“Hey” Dean greeted her half-heartedly with a quick kiss.

You rolled your eyes and got up, stuffing your things into your backpack thereby calling their attention back to you. “Oh hey Y/N” Alice greeted you. “I saw your last softball game, you’re a really great player.”

“Thanks Alice” You responded with a smile.

“Hey babe listen we’re working on a project-“ Dean began though you cut him off.

“No it’s ok, not like we’d get much work done anyway” You offered him a tightlipped smile before throwing your bag over your shoulder.

“Y/N” Dean almost seemed to be pleading with you.

“No that’s ok, I’ve got to go get ready for practice anyway” You turned your gaze back to Alice, still sitting on his lap “It was nice seeing you” And with that you walked away.

“Good luck at your next game” Alice called back to you as you exited through the doors.


You did your best to ignore Dean the next day, which honestly wasn’t that hard considering that you didn’t have any other classes with him, so this simply entailed avoiding eye contact in the hallways. However, this was not by any means easy as he constantly seemed to be in your field of vision, often watching you as you walked by. As if he wanted to say something but knew you wouldn’t let him.

So needless to say you were dreading physics class. You walked quietly and sat at your desk, praying that the teacher wouldn’t make you work in groups during class.

Luck, however, wasn’t on your side as the teacher walked in just as the bell rang and simply said “get to work on your projects” and planted herself at her desk.

You groaned and stood up, slinging your bag and walking back towards Dean’s desk to find that the one next to it had already been pulled flush to his.

You glared at him and he sent you back a shit-eating grin as you slid into the desk.

As soon as you were situated Dean leaned over and reached into his bag, pulling out a two liter bottle with the top cut off and a funnel with a piece of rubber tubing shoved through the skinny end and a paper cup duct taped to the other end of the tubing.

You raised an eyebrow at him “what’s this?”

“It makes dry ice bubbles” He answered somewhat shyly. “Dry ice and hot water go in the two-liter and you put the funnel on top of it, dip the paper cup in bubble solution and the carbon dioxide travels through the tubing thus making the cup act like a bubble wand”

You sat for a moment in stunned silence “this-this is amazing”

Dean simply shrugged. “So does it work?”

“There’s only one way to find out” He grinned. “I found out the ice cream shop on main sell dry ice, do you want to test it after school”

You chuckled slightly, absentmindedly tucking your hair behind your ear. “As long as you promise to show up on time”

Dean nodded “I’ll be on time I promise, meet in the library again?”

You nodded again, still unable to get used to his sudden change of character. But to be honest you weren’t complaining