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Handcrafted German Dry Gin in a handsome American 1962 V8 Chevrolet C10 Panel Truck. An excellent recipe! By the way, the next G20 Summit will take place on the 7th and 8th of July right in the background at Hamburg’s Messehallen Convention Centre.


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Jimin x Reader

Smut, fluff

The ceiling is white, purely white, and because it’s so simple and boring, there is literally no reason for you to be staring at it, still you do.
You need something to distract you from the adrenaline in your veins, your loud heartbeat in the silence and the excited trembling of your hands.
It’s always hard to wait, and it’s always the same, but in the end, you end up laying on the bed and staring at the ceiling every time.
There’s nothing else you are capable of doing in these situations.

You feel like it takes hours before there’s a knock on the door, hard and loud, and you can practically feel the aggression rush through the room just from the sound alone.
You jump up, your muscles gaining back their strength as soon as the knock repeats itself, and you know it’s him. You just know it.
Practically running towards the door, you unlock it and pull it open with one swift movement.

Your eyes and his eyes meet for only a second, then he’s all over you and the door is slammed shut with a foot, hands and lips everywhere while he presses you against the wall harshly. You smell alcohol on him, his favourite bourbon which mixes with his sweet scent perfectly and stings in your mouth when he plays with your tongue, but you don’t mind it. You have been drinking as well, for the sole purpose of keeping yourself sane while waiting, and you are sure he too can smell and taste the dry Gin you’ve been downing these past hours.
You breathe in when his lips leave yours for the first time, lungs filling with sweet oxygen again after what feels like an eternity, and you know he feels the same. You can figure from his pants and the fire in his eyes, from the way his hands slip past your t-shirt and his lips worship yours as he kisses you again.
He grabs your wrists, so hard you are convinced it will leave bruises that will vanish into patterns of green, yellow and bright gold later. His unforgiving hands lift your arms above your head and press them against the wall, leaving no way for you to escape.
Not that you would try to. Not that you would want to.
You return his kisses with the same fiery passion as him, tugging and nibbling at his lips, sometimes biting harshly, something you know gets him worked up every time.
And you’re right.
Jimin growls, low and deep, and your throat gets dry.
He sounds like an animal, but still there’s a hint of the other side he has, the sweet one, the one that emits whimpers and angelic moans when you do him just right, and the mixture of both as well as the knowledge that you will meet both of them tonight makes your core throb and your thighs rub together.

Jimin doesn’t hesitate when he notices your state, sweeping you from your feet without breaking the kiss, carrying you on his hips without even looking up. He knows the hotel rooms as if it’s his room back at the dorm, been here too many times, and he knows exactly where to throw you so you land on the bed ungently.
Only then does he stop in his tracks and takes you in.
Your face his flushed, your full lips already bruised by the way he kissed you. Your t-shirt is wrinkled and he can see a black lace tanga peeking from underneath it, making his favourite jeans grow tight around his crotch area.
You look wrecked and lost, and he is convinced it is the most perfect, most seductive picture he has ever seen. Only second to those times on Skype when you showed him your fucked out face, hips rutting into the mattress, little whimpers and moans falling from your lips as the tears of being unsatisfied rolled down your cheeks. He could’ve fucked you right there, right then, but it was impossible, and as much as he touched himself, whenever those pictures came to his mind, he just wished to be by your side and do you properly.
And now he has the chance.

It only takes him a few seconds to hover above you, hands pressing your wrists against the bed, lips ravishing your mouth again, and you feel the familiar heat and excitement rush down your body, making your thighs clench even tighter for some kind of release.
Jimin lifts himself up a littlebit and licks his lips, the movement so utterly hypnotizing you can’t do anything but stare at his mouth, imagining what he could do to you if he was 50 centimeters further down your body.
The young man smirks. “Done for already?”, he purrs, and you shiver at the dangerous spark in his eyes. He doesn’t wait for an answer, knowing he won’t get one, and instead averts his eyes elsewhere, meaning to the obvious outline of your nipples under the t-shirt you’re wearing.
A t-shirt, he notices, he gave to you about three months ago when he saw you for the last time, and the thought alone of your body in his t-shirt, engulfed by his scent, makes the heat coil in his lower abdomen, and when a picture pops up of you masturbating in it, he groans quietly.
He knows you’re gonna be the death of him someday.
Leaning down, he kisses your neck, leaving soft nibbles and a few bruises until your beautiful skin is covered in hickeys, screaming at the world that you’re his, and only then does he sit up and pulls the t-shirt over your head impatiently.
He couldn’t care less where it lands since the sight of your upper body makes him gulp, eyes blown wide as he leans down to tickle the side of your breasts and tease your nipples.
As soon as his warm fingers touch you, a whimper falls from your lips. You yearned for his touch for so long that you’re sure if he kept going like this, you would cum just from him touching your skin. And still, it’s somewhat not enough, you know the feeling just to well – your core is throbbing and clenching in rhythmical waves, but it doesn’t go any further than that, and when Jimin doesn’t seem to notice, lost in the soft feeling of your body and the familiar smell of your skin, you run your fingers through his hair and pull his head up, forcing him to look at you.
Despite the knowledge that your actions could turn this into something way worse, you hiss at him. His eyes flicker. “Touch me already”, you snap in pure frustration, and he pulls his hair out of your fingers with one swift movement, shaking them out of his face quickly, and while you’re still adoring his movements, his fingers glide over your lacey tanga and you gasp.

His fingertips leave a tingling sensation beneath your folds and you can practically hear it dripping down your legs. Jimin smirks when he feels your desire wet his fingers as you arch your back.  “Such a good girl”, he purrs, no anger evident in his voice, but by the way his fingernails scratch over the rough fabric of your tanga, you can tell he is not amused by your earlier behavior.
The sensation gets more intense by the second and your fingers grab the bedsheets so tightly your knuckles are turning white, but your core is throbbing harder than ever and you just want his fingers to enter you already.
You’re aware he will prolong this for as long as possible, so you let go of the sheet with one hand – your fingers are trembling and it’s hard to think of anything really, but you manage – and, going unnoticed by him, you reach for his crotch.

Your fingers bump against his jeans, and you can already feel his length rubbing against it underneath. Jimin stops moving, startled as he feels your touch, and when you bring your palm against his clothed erection, he grits his teeth, trying his best not to let the moan building in his throat slip.
With Jimin’s fingers motionless and the unbearable torture gone, you’re quick to pull the zipper down and open his jeans, his proud erection springing against your hand immediately.
You ignore the unpleasant feeling of your mouth getting dry and the heavy tingle of your walls and reach inside, placing one finger after another around his dick. Jimin’s body is stiff, you can feel his abs working to keep his breathing to a minimum. It’s obvious he’s controlling himself, and when you prop yourself up on your elbow, your sole intention is to crush his self-control until he is whimpering.

You wait for a second until Jimin relaxes just the tiniest bit, and then you give his erection an experimental pump.
Your boyfriend swallows thickly, his hands falling from your body for good, and he sits up a bit, allowing you to raise as well for better access.
Of course, you think as you hover your finger above his leaking tip. Jimin has been a sucker for hand- and blowjobs ever since you met him.
You wipe the precum off his dick and Jimin finally sucks in a harsh breath, obviously keeping himself from running his fingers into your hair like he loves to do. Now you’re the one to chuckle, finally closing your fingers around him tightly and starting to move them just as he likes it best, the perfect mixture between soft and rough.
Jimin’s head lulls back just the slightest bit, however with a lot of strength, he keeps his eyes open and his body upright. You can still feel his burning glance on your back as you get on your knees in front of him and lower your head.

Jimin’s hands are entangled in your hair as soon as you kiss his tip, and when you open your mouth and let him slide over your tongue, he groans, fingers tightening around thick strands of hair. He obviously restricts himself to almost no movement at all, because if he did, you know he’d reply to your exquisite teasing with a soft rocking of his hips.
The deeper you go, the higher his moans get until he is whimpering when you swallow around his dick, lightning shooting up his spine when you pull back and tease your slit ever so slightly. He raises his other hand, pushing his hair back so he can get a good view of you, and when he sees you looking up to him with that innocent, yet fiery spark in your eyes, a guttural sound escapes his throat. “Fuck”, he growls, “I forgot how good you are, babygirl.”
The excitement makes your insides throb harder than ever before and he notices how your body trembles, pulling your mouth off his dick. “Look at you”, he whispers, leaning down a bit so his fingertips can run down your body. “Fricking perfect.”

His lips come crashing down on yours and he obviously doesn’t mind the taste of his member on your tongue when he kisses you harshly, pushing you back aggressively, his tip rubbing against your soft thighs.
At this point, you’re close to insane – as much as you enjoy having the upper hand and seeing your man melt, it also means that your arousal went through the roof while making him, and when Jimin literally rips your tanga off of your body, you mewl into his mouth, slinging your legs around his waist and pulling him as close to you as possible.
Jimin has the fucking guts to chuckle at your behavior, and it causes you to glare at him before you pull his head down and bite his neck. Hard.
He growls, low and dangerously, before grabbing your legs and pushing them up for better access. At the view of your throbbing, dripping wet core, he licks his lips, and as much as he maintains his composure, you can still see the hunger flickering in his eyes. “You know you’re not allowed to leave hickeys”, he rasps, hypnotized by the rhythmic clenching of your entrance.
Just another push in the right direction, and he will give to you what you have been wanting for months now.

You whimper as his tip strokes against your folds slowly, up and down. “I know”, you manage to get out in between the shameless sounds falling from your lips like raindrops from the sky, “I just wanted you to-“
Jimin doesn’t let you finish your sentence. Before you can tell him what you wanted him to do, he pushes past your entrance and fills you up in one swift stroke.

The feeling of him perfectly stretching your walls makes you choke on your moan and your eyes roll back into your head. Jimin’s angelic voice resonates in your ears, his long, low groan as he feels you clenching around him for the first time in what’s felt like ages. “Fuck”, he mumbles to himself, regaining his countenance, before he pulls out again.
The sudden feeling of being empty rushes through your veins and you’re close to whining out loud, but before your brain can decide to take action, Jimin is already back at it again, this time hammering into you mercilessly until you’re twisting your upper body to the side to hide your moans and stammered sentence fragments in a pillow.
As soon as your voice dies down, Jimin gets slower and, teasingly, strokes against your favourite spot, the one he can’t forget despite the many times he doesn’t have the chance to go for it.
Your whining turns louder, but the pillow muffles it, and finally, Jimin’s had enough. He leans down to your ear, pushing in all the way, and snarls: “You know I hate it when you hide. Get rid of the pillow.”
You moan as he pulls out a bit, then rams it in again. “I said”, he repeats, “get rid of it.”
His pace is slow and unforgiving, and when he threatens to slip out completely, you finally turn around a bit. You don’t even get to tell him how mean he is, because a split second after he sees your flushed face and your watery eyes, he snaps, grabbing your hips and pounding into you at the perfect pace and angle.

You feel like fainting as your body tries to cope with the immense pleasure shooting up and down your spine, coiling in your lower abdomen, eating away at your veins in the sweetest of ways. It doesn’t take long until you can’t open your eyes anymore, muscles trembling as your feet hook into each other behind Jimin’s back and force him to fuck you even harder.
It’s not like it’s different with Jimin. His body’s glistening with sweat and he feels like cumming any second, but he holds himself back because the face in front of him, scrunched up in pure ecstasy, is worth it all.
“Babygirl”, he moans out at an especially aggressive stroke, “fuck, I’m-“
Your hands in his neck pulling his face down to yours tells him that it’s okay, and when he kisses you and your whimpers and moans vibrate against his lips, he can’t help the stuttering of his hips as his orgasm hits him harder than ever.
Your body meets his with the same desire, back arching as you interrupt the kiss to moan his name in the most sinful of ways, and when he finally pulls out after what feels like at least a minute and your body collapses onto the mattress, completely exhausted, he knows he’s back home.

You’re sure you must’ve fainted when you open your eyes and blink into the darkness. Your body feels sticky and the room is filled with the heavy scent of pure sex, but you seriously don’t mind it. Pictures of earlier flash through your mind, and you can feel your core pleasantly throbbing at the memory – even if it feels a bit sore – but this is not the time for this.
You can feel a heavy arm resting on your naked hips, and when you carefully turn around, there’s Jimin’s face, faintly lit by the flickering lights of the city beneath you.
A smile spreads across your face. You raise your hand and carefully wipe the strands of hair out of his face to admire his beauty.
It doesn’t take Jimin long to notice you’re awake. His eyelids flutter, and the he looks at you in that perfect, half fucked out, sleepy manner. “Oh”, he rasps, voice laced with a faint hint of new desire, “look who’s up.”
You chuckle quietly. “I am”, you hum before you lean forward to kiss him softly, and he returns the favour with just the same caution.

When you pull back, Jimin’s full lips curl into a full-blown smile that has you lovestruck with its intensity. “I love you”, he murmurs, propping himself up on one elbow and leaning over you.

You giggle before you bring your hand to his neck and pull him closer, not missing the content smirk his smile turned into.
“I love you too.”

Study of Spirit: Styles of Gin.

To know gin is to know life. As a bartender it is very important to know your gins well, whether you are matching the right botanicals to go with the rest of the ingredients in the cocktail or suggesting the correct gin for a G&T. To help you understand the basics of gin I have made a list of different types you will come across.

Here are the different styles of lovely lovely Gin:

  • London Dry: The most popular from all the types. Named dry as it does not contain any sugar to make it sweet. Originally only made in London, but now can be made in any part of the world as long as it sticks to the rules. Mostly around 45% ABV, and characterized by citrus notes and aroma coming from the use of dried orange and lemon peels.
    Famous brands: Beefeater, Bombay, Tanqueray, Gordons, Broker’s.
  • Plymouth: England’s only protected gin with a geographical indication that can only be made in Plymouth, using water from Dartmoor. Known for his mere seven-botanical recipe it is a less drier gin with more earthy notes.
    Famous Brands: Well…. Plymouth.
  • Old Tom: The father of London dry this is a Victorian style gin from the 1800′s made the old way. Old Tom has a fuller body and is much sweeter. That is because during the Gin boom many bathtub gins didn’t have the best equipment to distill a clean gin. The final product had many impurities and imperfections that made the gin taste bad. The way to cover that was to add more botanicals and sugar to the spirit. This gin is used to make many classic cocktails such as the Martinez, Tom Collins, Gin Rickey.
    Famous Brands: Hayman’s, Ransom, Tanqueray Old Tom.
  • New Western/American (International): These are new gins on the market that focus on putting less emphasis on juniper and more emphasis on other aromatics.
    Famous Brands: Hendrick’s, Gin Mare, Aviation.
  • Sloe: Gin infused with sloe (blackthorn) drupes and sugar. It is more of a liqueur than a gin, holding up at around 25% ABV. Most commonly drank during christmas it has a berry sweetness to it.
    Famous Brands: Many famous brands have their own sloe gin for sale. Gordons, Plymouth, Sipsmith.
  • Genever: The great grand daddy of gin comes from the Netherlands. Genever otherwise known as Dutch gin is unlike any other gin you will taste. Made from malt grains, it gives it a darker color and flavor that is more similar to a light-bodied, botanical whiskey.
    Famous Brand: Bols Genever.

    Remember to drink responsibly! :)

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Så vi hælder
Hjernerne med dry gin
De kys vi aldrig fik
Tørrer tårer
Med vores håndryg
De kys vi engang fik
Skyller procenter ned
At glemme
De nætter vi lå og græd
Falske smil
På en bænk
I byens gader
Føltes smerten stabil
Og støjer
Som om
Vi ikke
Er sårede
Af Danmarks fucked up ungdom

‘And She Was’ (Simon x OC, part 4)

Title: “And She Was”

Characters: Simon (The Walking Dead), Negan (The Walking Dead)

Tags/Warnings: Explicit language, eventual smut, slow burn, Spanish cocktail-making, bad flirting, a bit of cheeky semi-self-insert???

Gif Credit: GIF is not mine, credit goes to the creator! (Also, how nice does he look in this gif? Seriously)

NOTES: In which Simon is a big dork who makes Spanish cocktails, meaning I spent a good hour or so on the Smirnoff website taking notes and regretting my obsession with trying to be realistic. Vamanos!

Taglist: @simons-thirst-squad @backseat-negan @neganisking (if you’d like to be added, just let me know)

Part one!

Part two!

Part three!

It’s several hours later and I’m shifting awkwardly from foot to foot outside the door of the bedroom I’ve been told is Simon’s. In my arms is a soft white towel and a toothbrush, as well as clean underwear – which one of Negan’s wives begrudgingly bestowed on me – and fresh clothes for the next morning.

“I know what you’re thinking.” The blonde girl – Amber, someone called her, I think - whispered as she handed me the fragile lace undergarments, her fair brow furrowed. “It’s disgusting. But we chose this for ourselves. He wasn’t lying.”

“I didn’t mean that I thought you were gross.” I replied, ashamed as I accepted the clothes. “I meant him.”

“What’s the difference, really?” She shrugged, moving her long hair over her shoulder. “You’re lucky he didn’t kill you for talking like that.”

“Does he usually do that?” I asked after her, but she’d already disappeared into her own bedroom.

“Okay, so…” I murmur to myself, rolling the toothbrush between my fingers. “Hi, Simon! I know we just met but I got in trouble with your rampantly-sexual boss and now I have to sleep with you.” I say to the closed door. “Not with you, just in the same room as you. But it’s cool because I don’t take up much room – I can fold up like an accordion and just, like, slot under your bed. You won’t even know that I’m there, I’m super quiet. Like a ninja-”

“Who’re you talking to?” Says a familiar voice and I give a spasmodic jerk, almost dropping the objects in my arms.

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I Can’t Save Her: Part 14

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Alcohol, Mild Violence, Some Angst, Sex 

Word Count: 2765 (sorry - it’s a little long)

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: Do you ever have a scene in mind – like you don’t know where the story is going, but this scene appears out of the blue and you know when you write the story it has to be there? This scene is like that for me. Before I had worked out all the details for the progression of this story I knew this scene had to be in it. For full effect listen to Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love- Remix” when reading. 

I love your comments, messages, asks, likes, reblogs – all of it. <3

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“Y/N!” Wanda shouted as she shook me out of my sleep.

“I swear to god – I need to use the lock more,” I muttered sleepily as I opened my eyes. I looked at my alarm clock and shot straight up. “Oh god! I only have three hours to get ready?! How did I manage to sleep all day!” Without any further prompting from Wanda I ran clumsily to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. I knew the people that Tony had hired to do our hair and makeup, on Wanda’s request, would be arriving at any moment and I wanted to avoid Tony’s direct ire today.

“Has Bucky gotten in?” I asked hopefully through the door as I stepped out of the shower.

“No,” Wanda responded. My heart sank. I had been holding on to a sliver of hope that he would make it back in time, but I reminded myself that whatever he was doing was important. He had told me he would try his best to be back in time, and I trusted in that. With that being said – it made me less than eager to go on my own.

“Do I still have to go?” I asked miserably as I walked back into my room to grab my sweats so I could get dressed in the bathroom.

“Since you more or less swore on your eternal soul to Tony that you would be there, I would say… yes,” Wanda replied through the bathroom door as I dressed. I groaned in protest as I opened the door. “Oh come on Y/N. What else would you do? Sit at home alone and sulk? At least this will give you something to do! And it’s Christmas Eve – we need to all be together.” Of course she was right – I followed her down the hallway to the common area, which now looked like a beauty triage unit.

After two and a half hours of being poked, prodded, brushed, and painted I followed Wanda back to room to get dressed. First I put on the lingerie that Wanda was adamant that I wear – even though it made me feel ridiculous, and then I allowed her to help me with the red gown. It certainly fit better with all the alterations that had been made to it. Within no time we were both dressed and ready to go. I had secretly been practicing walking in the killer heels, that Wanda had demanded I buy, for weeks so I was able to confidently walk down the hall with her to meet the guys. Upon our arrival Tony’s face lit up, and Steve blushed furiously. “What? Do I have something in my teeth or…?” I asked self-consciously.

“No – you look amazing!” Tony exclaimed with a clap of his hands. I could feel the heat rushing up my neck and to my cheeks.

“You really do look great,” Steve added. “I know Bucky really wanted to be here – and after seeing pictures of you I can guarantee that he will be mad that his missed it,” he added with a wink. I smiled shyly at everyone – I never liked to be the center of attention but there was something about their admiring glances that made me feel powerful. I had constantly fought to stay out of the spotlight but I was beginning to realize it wasn’t bad to feel admired – especially after being miserable for weeks. “I thought I could maybe escort you since Buck isn’t here?” Steve asked hesitantly.

“Sure Steve – that would be great. Tony, should we be going now?” I asked anxiously. As much as I was enjoying their attention I was really ready to get the show on the road.

“Yes!” Tony responded and just like that he herded us into the elevator with a swish of his hands.

We arrived at the hotel hosting the gala and were greeted with a barrage of handshakes and camera flashes. The way to the entrance seemed to stretch for an eternity as photographers shouted out commands for us to stop and pose. Steve was a calming presence beside me – we were both out of our element but I was glad that he had asked to escort me in the absence of Bucky.

I must have breathed an audible sigh of relief once we entered into the lobby, because Steve turned to me and grinned. “I feel like that sums up that experience quite nicely,” he chuckled.

“I think the flashes are permanently seared into my eyes,” I complained as I shrugged out of my coat and handed it to the waiting attendant. “Of course the press is going to have a field day – did you hear the one guy call me Captain America’s girlfriend? What the hell?” I shook my head. Steve chuckled and offered his arm to me as we walked into the ballroom.

Steve whistled as we took in the full effect of the party that stretched out before us. “Stark’s out done himself this time,” he muttered under his breath.

I had to laugh because he was right. Tony always found a way to make his parties bigger and grander than the last. A full orchestra and the ridiculously huge Christmas trees around the room seemed to to fit together in the perfect way. “Tony always knows how to throw a party,” I laughed as I shook my head.

“Well, shall we dance?” Steve raised an eyebrow in question. “You know if we don’t mingle and interact there will be hell to pay with Tony.”


I was pretty impressed that Steve was as good of a dancer as he was, and was actually really beginning to enjoy myself. As he turned me I stopped in my tracks – I saw a familiar back – the broad shoulders were shifting uncomfortably under the suit jacket as the man carried on a conversation with someone. He turned slowly towards me and before Steve grabbed my hand to spin me back to him my eyes met Bucky’s. My brain hadn’t even had time to process before Steve spun me again – this time letting go of me. Suddenly I was caught in Bucky’s embrace. He grinned at Steve as he grabbed my waist and brought me as close to him as he could. One hand remained on my lower back and the other held on to my hand tightly.

“Hey there, doll,” he whispered in my ear. My body felt like it was on high alert – his voice, his touch, his smell – after being apart for almost a month I wanted to pull him into a closet and have my way with him. “I hope you don’t mind if I cut in.” Every word he spoke dripped with seduction. I could feel the corner of his mouth twitch into a smile as it rested on the side of my head. This was a different side of Bucky I hadn’t experienced before – he was cocky and, if I was being honest, a damn good dancer. He may have been out of his element and uncomfortable, but he didn’t let on at all.

“Hi,” I answered meekly into his chest to which he laughed heartedly. I was having a hard time formulating words. All I could think about was the touch of his body against mine. I felt like I was holding a live wire and the rest of my body was tingling with electricity. I finally quelled enough of the feeling to get a grip on the real world, and peeked up at him. “You cut your hair… I like it.” His hair was slightly shorter and pushed back except for one part that fell forward into his face.

He laughed again. “You look beautiful tonight; did you know that?” he muttered into my ear.

“So I have heard,” I sighed back. With what I was thinking about – I was eternally grateful for Wanda’s urging me to buy something special to wear under my dress.

“I heard all about Captain America’s beautiful girlfriend when I got here and I just had to see for myself,” he added sarcastically. I looked up and opened my mouth to protest, but he just looked amused. “I’m kidding doll – you’re mine and I know it,” he growled playfully into my ear.

“Oh am I?” I asked playfully. I couldn’t help but think he was a little jealous, and after a month of being apart and worrying – I would by lying if I said I didn’t like it.

“Really,” he said seriously as he spun me. He pulled me back into him and kissed me hard— only breaking away to take a breath. He raised his eyebrows playfully as he bent down to kiss me again – biting my lip.

“We should um…leave…” I said breathlessly as he pulled away from me again. “Now.” I was afraid that I was going to combust if we didn’t.

“Let’s go,” he muttered as he hooked his arm in mine and led me towards the lobby. “I have a room – but first – let’s take advantage of Tony’s open bar,” he smirked as we walked towards it. “What do you want?” he asked as he let go of my arm – there was quite a crowd so I hung back out of the way.

“Gin Martini – dry,” I called back to him as he turned to fight his way to the bar.

As I was admiring him a voice broke my revelry.  “Thought you came here with Captain America? What are you, a super hero groupie?” the man asked cockily.

I turned around with my eyebrows raised to come face to face with the guy I had choked out at Tony’s last party. I just stared at him annoyed – I was trying my best to keep my temper in check because I didn’t want to detract from Tony’s event. Seeing that I wasn’t going to respond he continued, “But that guy really isn’t a hero is he? He’s a fucking murderer. Everyone thinks so… if my dad had had his way your buddy would have been dead a long time ago,” he sneered.

Bucky brushed up against me and I looked over at him. His eyes were steely, and his body was tense. “Y/N, is he bothering you?” he asked coolly. I could tell by his voice that he had heard everything the man had said.

“What are you going to do about it buddy? You gonna kill me too?” He had his mouth open to say more but was silenced by an audible crunch. In a completely blind rage I had punched him straight in the nose – breaking it immediately. His eyes watered as blood gushed from it.

“He won’t kill you – but I can’t say the same for myself. I’m sure you’ve heard enough about me from your daddy to know that’s true. Now why don’t you get the fuck out of here,” I said through gritted teeth. “Come on, Buck. Let’s go,” I added as I grabbed my drink from him. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Bucky’s expression was mix of astonishment, admiration, and humor. As we walked towards the lobby I downed my drink and placed the empty glass on a table as we passed. I grabbed Bucky by the hand and he followed me obligingly to the elevators. “What floor?” I asked calmly as we entered.

“Penthouse,” he replied. I hit the appropriate button and as soon as the doors closed he was on me. He pinned me to the wall of the elevator as he pressed himself against me. His hands groped at the clingy fabric of my dress as his mouth sought mine. He wasted no time letting me know what awaited me once we arrived at the penthouse. Finally, the elevator doors opened and he grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him. We made it as far as the hallway before he stopped and gently pushed me against the wall. “I can’t wait anymore,” he whispered as he kissed down my neck and pulled up the hem of my dress. As his hands explored my thighs they came across the lace of my lingerie. He paused momentarily with a wicked grin spreading across his face. “What’s this?”

“Something for you,” I replied breathlessly.

“Maybe I can wait a little longer” he muttered as he grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. Once we were there he pulled me into him and kissed down my neck and spine as he unzipped my dress. Before he could take it off I turned and pushed him playfully on the bed.

“You need to be patient,” I said coyly.

“It’s been a month doll – I’m not sure how much longer I can wait,” he answered darkly. He bit his bottom lip as he ran his hand through his hair. I tsk’ed at him as I slowly let my dress fall to the floor. He drew in a sharp breath as he drank me in. Slowly I crawled on top of him—pinning him to the bed. He leaned up to bring his mouth to mine – his hands flying erratically all over my body. I unbuttoned his shirt as quickly as I could – all the while my mouth keeping contact with his. Finally, I raised up and unbuttoned his pants. He graciously removed the rest of his clothes and flipped me on my back. His metal hand traced up and down my thigh teasingly as he kissed me. Suddenly I heard a rip and saw the black lace fabric that was once my underwear fly across the room. “I’ll buy you another,” he muttered as he kissed down my neck and my breasts. Suddenly he thrust himself into me causing me to cry out in surprise and pleasure. He groaned lowly as he moved back and forth. I dug my fingernails into his back as his thrusts brought me closer and closer to the edge. Finally, I wrapped my legs tightly around his hips and matched his movements causing us both to cry out as we each found our release. He rolled off of me and onto his back with an audible sigh. “Maybe we should wait for a month more often,” he laughed as he ran his hands through his hair.

“Or you can be here and we can do this every night,” I added coyly as I rested my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beat furiously and I had to smile. “I missed you,” I added as I wrapped my arms around him.

“I missed you too, doll,” he whispered as he kissed the top of my head and stroked my back. We fell into silence as our bodies began to relax. His breathing mixed with the rhythm of the strokes of his fingers made my eyes feel heavy. I closed them peacefully and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up feeling a little hazy – I wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep, but Bucky was still awake and stroking my back. “Buck?” I asked shyly as I looked up at him.

“Yeah, doll?” He asked as he looked down at me.

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you since you left…” I paused for a moment. If I said what I wanted to say there was no turning back on what we had. Our friendship swayed in the balance.

“What is it?” he asked curiously – a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.

“I love you,” I replied shyly as I nuzzled my face into his neck.

“You do?” he asked as he pulled back. His voice sounded surprised but his face had lit up like Christmas when I looked at him.

“Mhm,” I replied shyly. Suddenly he rolled me on my back – pinning me down. He was the happiest I had ever seen him and it made all anxiety I had about my revelation melt away.

“I love you too,” he replied and kissed me sweetly. After covering me with kisses he rolled over on his back and pulled me close to him. “Y/N?” he asked sweetly.

“Yeah, Buck?”

“Oh nothing…” he sounded embarrassed.

“What is it?” I asked as I raised myself up to look at him.

“I just… I think this is the happiest I have ever been,” he replied with a smile.

I snuggled closely to him and gave him a gentle squeeze. “Me too, Buck,” I added softly before drifting to sleep.

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cocktails for the signs
  • Aries: Martini (gin, dry vermouth, olive garnish)
  • Taurus: French 75 (gin, champagne, lemon juice, sugar)
  • Gemini: Spritz (prosecco, aperol, soda water, orange garnish)
  • Cancer: Mimosa (champagne, orange juice, fruit garnish)
  • Leo: Golden Cadillac (galliano, crème de cacao, cream)
  • Virgo: Americano (campari, soda water, red vermouth, orange garnish)
  • Libra: Cosmopolitan (vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice, lime juice, citrus garnish)
  • Scorpio: Manhattan (red vermouth, whisky, angostura bitters, cherry garnish)
  • Sagittarius: Mojito (white rum, soda water, lime juice, sugar, mint leaves)
  • Capricorn: Sazerac (absinthe, whiskey or cognac, peychaud's bitters, sugar cube)
  • Aquarius: Aviation (crème de violette, maraschino liqueur, gin, lemon juice, cherry garnish)
  • Pisces: Daiquiri (white rum, simple syrup, lime juice, lime garnish)
New Year’s Eve

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Michael

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 3.350+

Summary: In which Y/N has been waiting all her life to meet her soulmate at exactly midnight New Year’s Eve but never realized until the last second that her best friend Michael wore exact same date and time on his wrist 

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 922

Summary: Christmas is here and the reader finds herself all alone.


A/N: Just a cute xmas fic I thought of while getting ready on Christmas Eve. Happy holidays y’all!

ETA? You quickly hit send, eager for a response. 

Hit the road around 1. Should be there in a few hours. Dean texts back, despite the fact that he’s driving. 

You toss your phone on the table and look around.

Dean and Sam had left almost a week ago to take on a hunt, and since it was so close to Christmas, you figured you’d surprise them for when they returned.

Cue the dozens of twinkle lights, leafy garland around the staircase and pillars and a big tree you had Cas help you cut down and decorated, complete with an angel on top. 

It finally looked like the most wonderful time of the year in the bunker, and you really hoped Dean and Sam would like it. 

You had no idea when the last time Dean and Sam celebrated Christmas, so you wanted to make it really special for them.

You had even sucked it up and hit the local mall to get presents for the boys; some records of Dean’s favorite bands, a record player that actually worked for Dean to play them on, some new boots for Sam since his were falling apart and a copy of American Myths and Legends: 23rd Edition you found at the bookstore. You also bought the boys some high end bottles of their favorite liquor; No. 3 London Dry Gin for Sam and Bushmills 21 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey for Dean. It wasn’t much, but you knew they’d appreciate it none the less. 

Now, it was 3pm, the cookies were baked, the egg nog was spiked, and you were decked out in your red Christmas dress with matching Santa hat. The only thing missing was the boys.

Your phone reads 8:14pm and Dean and Sam are still MIA.

Update? You type out, hoping Dean will say that he’s right down the road.

Sorry sweetheart. Hitting traffic outside of Benkelman. 

You throw your head back and groan. Benkelman was at least three hours away, without traffic. 

Think you’ll make it home tonight? You text with a breaking heart. This wasn’t how you imagined spending Christmas eve. 

I’ll be home for Christmas. Promise.

You crack a small smile, and as much you appreciate the thought, you know there’s no way he can definitively keep promise. 

You pour yourself another glass of eggnog, your third by now, and turn up Dean Martin’s White Christmas as you plop down in a chair and pray to Cas for the best.

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Silmarillion Cocktails - Valar Edition (first half)

Which flavor of divine intervention shall it be for you tonight, friendly visitor?

The Manwë
You are the breezy King of Arda, doing the windy thing when needed and occasionally sending your prized Eagles on dangerous rescue missions. You love seeing the good in people, but the heartache about your brother - Eru damnit, Melkor - makes even you thirst for a light drink, befitting of the heights of Taniquetil.

  • Ingredients: 2cl Gin, 2cl Blue Curaçao, 1cl Grenadine, 2cl lemon juice, 3cl pineapple juice
  • Preparation: Pour all of the ingredients except for the Grenadine into the shaker, add ice. Shake. Pour into a longdrink glass. Carefully add Grenadine. If feeling exceptionally enamored with your wife, garnish with a slice of Starfruit. Optional: Watch the Elves fuck up while you enjoy your drink.

The Varda
Your aggressive and bratty brother-in-law gives you a headache. You are angry enough to create an entire star constellation spelling “Fuck you, Melkor” forever on your beautiful night sky. Your husband lets Melkor go nonetheless and you need to calm the fuck down before you nuke this place with asteroids.

  • Ingredients: 4cl Vodka, 2cl Amaretto (Disaronno)
  • Preparation: Stir the ingredients in a tumbler glass over ice cubes. Lean back, sip the drink thoughtfully, feel in power and enjoy.
The Aulë
It’s been a long day in the smithy. Your favorite elvish pupils turn out to be doomed, two of your Maiar turned evil and never returned. Also, Melkor smashed your favorite mountain. Again. You need to dull your mind for a second.
  • Ingredients: 3cl Bourbon Whiskey, 2cl Single Malt, 3cl lemon juice, 3cl sugar syrup
  • Preparation: Add all ingredients to the Shaker, shake well. Serve in a Tumbler over ice cubes. Decorate with a cocktail cherry and a lemon peel. Question eternal life choices and enjoy.
The Yavanna
Your husband created dwarves and they need wood. You get back at him with walking and talking trees. Now to celebrate the feeble victory of nature over industrialism.
  • Ingredients: 2cl white Rum, 1cl Watermelon liquor, 2cl Passoa, 8cl pineapple juice, 8cl mango nectar, 2cl lemon juice
  • Preparation: Pour ingredients into shake, add ice. Shake well. Serve in a longdrink glass. Optional: Skewer tiny delicious fruits to munch on, because you are worth it.
The Oromë
Hunting rules, staying at home drools. Melkor broke the Lamps and you get to do what you do best. The asshole escapes and you’re left with nothing but your horn and the bitter taste of defeat. Time to drink.
  • Ingredients: 1,5cl Chartreuse Green, 4,5cl Dry Gin, 1,5cl Maraschino, 1,5 cl lime juice, 2 twigs rosemary
  • Preparation: Add one twig of rosemary to a heat enduring tumbler and pour the Chartreuse on it. Shake the rest of the ingredients with ice. Roast the rosemary in the glass by lighting it (try using a spray bottle filled with Chartreuse as help, be cautious). Extinguish the flame by pouring the mix from the shaker on it. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Enjoy and curse Melkor.
The Vána
You could win any singing contest without opening your mouth and any beauty contest by merely existing. Flowers bloom when you walk past them, birds chirp to their hearts’ content. You are a damn Queen and need a drink to go with that attitude.
  • Ingredients: 4cl peach liquor, 1cl lemon juice, 8cl pineapple juice, 2cl Cream of Coconut
  • Preparation: Add all ingredients in a shaker, add a little bit of ice. Shake well. Serve in a Longdrink glass with crushed ice. Decorate however you fancy, this drink deserves to look at least nearly as good as you do.
The Tulkas
You’ve arrived late to the party, everybody has calmed down and you declare your wedding the longest party ever to compensate. Sadly, Melkor had to play wedding crasher and now you’re angry. You are already drunk and should totally master the Drunken Fist. Your newly wed wife also claimed that keg stands don’t count as sophisticated drinking, so you need to come up with something else.
  • Ingredients: 3cl Apricot Brandy, 3cl Martini d'Oro, 4cl Ginger Ale, black beer, 1/8 orange
  • Preparations: Fill a glass of appropriate size for your giant hands to ¾ with ice cubes. Add the ingredients. Stir well. Squeeze the orange over the drink as if it was Melkor’s head. You don’t decorate it, but more aesthetically inclined spirits may add a puny mint leaf.
The Nessa
You’re as swift as the coursing river and as mysterious as the dark side of the moon, because the Elves never see you. You are way too busy partying with Oromë, Vána and/or your jolly good husband. The dancefloors of Arda are ever-grateful.
  • Ingredients: 4cl Vodka, 2cl peach liquor, 1cl Grenadine, 6cl peach nectar, 6cl orange juice
  • Preparation: Add ingredients to shaker, add ice. Strain over an ice filled Longdrink glass. Decorate with a piece of peach. Optional: Snatch the mint leaf from Tulkas’ drink when he isn’t looking. Suits your drink way better.

The beloved divine rest will be published soon. Stay thirsty.