dry fountain

My mom started going to college this semester after being out of school for almost 40 years. She’s pretty much taught herself everything she knows and is incredibly self-motivated (where I am NOT) so I’m making a point to steal all her habits this semester so I can be as rad as her. Here are some things I’ve learned in just the first week:

  • Always eat a little breakfast, even if you’re not feeling well.
  • Pack your lunch.
  • Pack snacks. If you don’t need them, someone else might.
  • Drink water.
  • Spending three dollars on that super-decadent cappuccino may have seemed indulgent but if it’s the only thing keeping you awake in math class then it’s worth it.
  • Ask for help, no matter how embarrassing it may feel.
  • See your professors during their office hours at least once a semester. If nothing else, use it as an opportunity to introduce yourself and ask what their expectations are for you during the course (and what’s the best way to get a good grade).
  • Don’t just use resources on campus: Abuse them.
  • Be honest. Life’s too short to lie.
  • Don’t worry so much. My mom always says worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair; it’ll give you something to do, but it won’t get you very far.
  • If there’s a special supply or tool you want to use, use it. No matter how silly you may look (my mom insisted on using a trapper keeper, just for the novelty of it).
  • Mistakes aren’t mistakes, they’re learning opportunities (my mom decided that the trapper keeper was too bulky).
  • Invest in comfy shoes. They’ll pay for themselves by the end of your first day.
  • Go to bed early, and nap when necessary.
  • Ask questions. Your tuition pays your professors to be in class. You pay your professors to be in class. Get your money’s worth.
  • A new bra can change everything.
  • And last but not least, always make time for lunch with your friends.

yeah so pro tip from someone with lifelong severe chronic nausea: ginger will settle yr stomach.  not fuckin canada dry processed soda-fountain bullshit, but ACTUAL ginger.  pardon my french, i harbor a deep-seated bitterness against ginger ale after spending my entire childhood drinking it every time i got sick, which was often, and being like well maybe it’ll work THIS time.  (nope.)

anyways, my favorite nausea remedy is to slice up a hunk of fresh ginger root and dump it in a teapot or french press with the juice of half a lemon and a shitload of honey and then pour boiling water over it all and let it steep for a bit.  the resulting tea will help with anything short of a full-blown cyclic vomiting syndrome episode.  my acupuncturist gave me that recipe and it works super well and tastes amazing.  alternatively if you have money to burn, fancypants ginger beer like reed’s will knock your nausea on its ass (goya ginger beer SEEMS like a lovely cheap substitute that will do the same thing but it is A LIE, i think it has like ginger syrup in it or something instead of being made of actual fresh ginger and it doesn’t work nearly as well.)  and if you REALLY wanna get fancy and you have a juicer you could put fresh ginger through that sucker and either do fresh ginger juice shots (not for the faint of heart) or mix it with apple juice or something.  (there was this cafe near where i used to live that had a ~juice bar~ and it was totally overpriced but god help me if their ginger-apple-lemon juice thingy wasn’t the best shit i ever tasted.)  

however!  if you’re me and don’t have a fucking juicer or money or time or patience or whatever, pickled ginger is amazing.  get it at an asian grocery – it’ll be ridiculously expensive at an american supermarket but i spent, let’s see, $3.60 for a 15oz jar of this stuff.  you could probably get it on amazon too but i’ve never tried.  anyway i am currently sitting here eating it with a fork and my stomach feels so much better.  it’s more effective than coca cola and cheaper too, AND you don’t need a damn prescription for it.  10/10 would recommend.

The fountain is currently empty and drained but two babies (6? And 5?) are making deep connections hugging each other while laying on a chair near the fountain. One baby is with his mom longing for the fountain on its edge. They are sitting on the edge of it and mom is faced forward, baby is leaning into the empty dry fountain.


i may smile but i cry way down deep inside i think about suicide ending this roller-coaster ride i look at them and lie i’m fine i’m great just walk away don’t hesitate i’m falling apart but that’s okay just another day as i lay here and cry till the fountain runs dry i may lie and i may die i may shout and i may cry i may run and i may hide just let me die just let me die


Moon rules
over waves crashing down
upon body & sand,
taking a few grains
each time tide
claws its way back
towards cemetery seas.

Lone flag
planted in surface
furthest extent
of physical conquest.

We revel in comfort
from darkness
birthed onto us
as sun cycles climax
over soon to be
violet skies.

Lunar faces watch
as we claim to understand
truth’s true nature,
deceiving ourselves
with a sadness, nurtured
through years spent
traversing derelict pockets
of this sprawling civilization.

Some nights they’re smiling
down on bodhisattva souls,
young & old,
making bird baths
in bone dry fountains
of parks where people stop
to absorb the madness
one soundclip at a time,
until it all becomes too much
for fragile glass eardrums
to handle.