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Bearded Pinnipeds-Bearded Seal

The bearded seal (Erignathus barbatus), also called the square flipper seal, is a medium-sized pinniped that is found in and near to the Arctic Ocean. It gets its scientific name from two Greek words (eri and gnathos) that refer to its heavy jaw. The other part of its scientific name means bearded and refers to its most characteristic feature, the conspicuous and very abundant whiskers. When dry, these whiskers curl very elegantly, giving the bearded seal a “raffish” look.

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Tips I've learned from being a hairstylist that I'd like to share with you:

1. Don’t wear your ponytail, bun, or clip in the same spot everyday. This can cause friction that will eventually cause breakage. Instead, mix it up by wearing your ponytail higher or lower or to the side. You could even try a braid.

2. It’s healthier to NOT wash your hair everyday if you can. When you wash your hair, you strip the scalp of it’s natural oils that moisturize the hair. I know you can’t always skip shampooing, especially if you workout everyday or your hair gets greasy after one day of not washing. You don’t have to skip shampoo too many days in a row, just try every other day.

3. Static in the hair is caused by lack of moisture. Lack of moisture can be caused by washing your hair too much, using alcohol based products (such as hairspray or mousse), salt water, chlorine water, using too much or too high of heat on your hair, or simply by not conditioning enough.

4. When you condition your hair, don’t put it on the scalp. Only put in on the mid shaft and ends. Why not put it on the scalp? Because of those natural oils I mentioned earlier. They’ll moisturize the hair near the scalp.

5. You only need to condition Every other day or a few times a week. Make at least two of those times a deep conditioner.

6. Chlorine can dry and damage your hair. One way to help prevent this is to get your hair wet before going swimming. Your hair is like a sponge, it sucks up and holds water. If there’s already water in your hair when you go swimming, it makes it harder for chlorine water to get in and stay.

7. Please use a thermal protector when flat ironing, curling , and blow drying. It will not prevent damage altogether, but it will cut down on it. There are blow-dry cremes and sprays out there that are just for styling and not protecting. Make sure it actually says on the bottle ‘thermal protectant’. My favorite is Redken’s Iron Shape. Just about every salon sells it.

8. Acne: There are several causes, hormones, stress, bacteria, poor diet. Zits on the neck or jawline are usually caused by hormones (puberty, your period). Those you can’t really prevent/heal without acne cream. Acne on your cheeks is most likely cause by poor diet. Cut down on sugars, processed foods, and bad fats. Zits along the hairline at usually caused by stress. Another cause of zits may be from bacteria on your pillow case. Wash your pillow case every other day. On days you don’t wash it, flip over so you always have a clean side to sleep on. Another way to keep your face clean is to actually clean it with face wash. Make sure it isn’t one that is too abrasive. Also, avoid touching your face a lot. Oils from your hand can build up on your face and cause zits.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll try to add more later.

I haven't washed my hair in 2 Months & my curls are POPPIN

So, its really been unintentional (Ive Been LAZY), I haven’t washed my hair in like 2 months & I really don’t miss washing it.

Since I haven’t shampooed my hair, the sebum that my hair naturally creates has coated all of my hair strands so now I don’t even have to use product. I’ve heard about this method before & tried it but completely failed. 

The issue was, 1. I was still using products & not washing my hair 2. I wasn’t cleaning the build up off my scalp. Now that I haven’t used any product, and whenever I water wash my hair I scrub off all the build up my hair has flourished!

I have 4c thin strands but THICKE hair. Before my hair would be so dry & brittle, my curl pattern was really non-existant and it was so hard to maintain. Now my hair is so much stronger, it stays moisturized longer, I CAN SEE MY CURLS. Honestly I have yet to find any cons to this method. Ill keep ya updated :) 

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Three sentence ficlet: Sheith or Broganes, prompt: nightmares


It’s Keith who wakes up first: Keith with cold sweat drying at his temples, curling down the back of his neck, a gasp dying on his lips and his heart pounding in his throat.

That - he’d - 


Shiro’s awake when Keith finds him, and scoots over without a word.

(Give me a prompt and I’ll write a three-sentence fic! Help me stay awake again!)

Jungkook Vampire AU

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Jungkook Vampire AU: Part 6

Published: November 5th, 2016

Word Count: 2,891

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

[I wanted to post this yesterday because it’s part 6 and yesterday was my 6 month anniversary of watching my first BTS video but unfortunately I couldn’t get it edited in time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!]

Jungkook’s POV:

Jungkook laid down on your couch and began glancing around at your walls of doodles and melodies that covered practically every inch of plaster. Some papers were dry and curling at the edges while others were still flat and crisp white.

He carefully tore his eyes away from the walls, telling himself that these things were private, not meant for his eyes. His line of vision became trained on the ceiling above him as he listened for cars through the window. Honks were heard every few moments in the bustling city and anyone that had grown up here would feel uncomfortable without them.

Jungkook’s ears perked up as he heard your sheets rustle. All of his nerves were on edge and he started at the slightest noise. He turned onto his side and looked at your white wooden door.

He stared at the solid white of your door so intently, determined to stay awake, that it was easy for him to fall into a deep sleep as he breathed in the smell of cherries that surrounded him.

A small noise sounded from through your thin walls; the tiniest sound. The first sound of Jungkook’s name. “J-j.” His ears discarded the sound as he curled into a ball and held the blanket that smelled like your perfume closer to him. You were just coughing, Jungkook told himself as he turned to sleep on his stomach.

“We’re both adults now.”

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, confused by the unfamiliar, masculine voice coming from your room. It was just a dream.

“I don’t know.”

Jungkook’s eyes opened at the clear strain in your voice and he sat up immediately wide awake. The masculine voice clicked and his brain was racing. He couldn’t have gotten in.

“Don’t lie to me!”

Jungkook jumped up, suddenly furious at himself. He rushed across the room and threw his weight against your door, trying the handle at the same time.

Your scream sounded from the other side of the door. Jungkook’s breathing hitched and a shout tore itself from his throat, “Y/n!” He screamed before he hit the door again. “Leave her alone!” He yelled.

Jungkook wanting to hit something for being unable to protect you. Here you were, getting injured and he couldn’t make it stop; he couldn’t stop your cries. Your scream had been so full of pain that Jungkook suddenly wanted to know exactly what Taehyung was doing to you and hurt him 10 times worse in the exact same way.

“Looks like you’ve got a little knight in shining armor, eh? Tell me what Jungkook’s plan is and maybe I’ll let you two live happily ever after. You hear that Jungkook?” Jungkook stilled, as he heard Taehyung’s cocky voice come through the door, and clenched his teeth. “Your girlfriend is being hurt because of your foolishness. Not much of a man now!”

Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut and rested his head against the door as he heard your labored breaths; he tried to decide whether the risk of getting to you was worth Taehyung hurting you again before he could get through the door.

“I-I’m not his girlfriend and I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said with a forced voice. Jungkook cracked a sad smile at your bravery as he listened carefully to the exchange between you two, waiting it out. Part of him was curious what Taehyung wanted to know.

“You little.”

Jungkook’s head snapped up at Taehyung’s abruptly fuming tone and realized that he couldn’t wait any longer. Your scream came again, louder this time, as Jungkook leaned away, getting ready to hit your locked door again, and it fueled his hit. He rushed forward, throwing his full weight, via his shoulder, at the door; he felt it break immediately at the sudden power. The wood fell away and Jungkook stumbled upright as he looked around the dark room.

In a split second, his eyes took in Taehyung standing in front of you, a smile on his face and a glowing red knife pressed against your neck, with his arm pinning you to the wall in front of him. Jungkook watched as your scream died on your lips and your legs collapsed from under you. Taehyung stepped away willingly and stood over your body, chuckling.

Jungkook rushed forward and lifted you in a sitting position, with his arms around you, calling your name. “Y/n! Y/n can you hear me? Y/n!” he called as his right hand cradled your face. Your head lolled to the side as you finally lost total consciousness. Jungkook’s heart was racing as Taehyung crouched down beside you two.

“Too bad,” Taehyung said, disappointedly, as he flipped his now silver knife closed, “I thought I would have more fun with her.” He sighed and stood up again before tucking his knife and hands into his pockets.

Jungkook shook with anger, but he just curled his hands into fists as he glared at the ground. “Leave.”

Taehyung’s eyebrows arched with amusement and he looked down at the boy at his feet. “What did just you say to me?”

“Leave while I’m asking nicely, Taehyung.” Jungkook looked up at the older boy to glare at him, his arms still wrapped protectively around your body. Although he looked calm overall, Jungkook’s muscles were tight and his heart was still racing from his recent adrenaline rush. His jaw was clenched and he was at his wit’s end.

Taehyung smirked. “Alright, Kook. I’ll leave you two love birds alone. See you soon!” He waved before stepping lightly through the broken bedroom door and walking out your front door.

Jungkook’s shoulders slouched as soon as he heard the door close and he looked down at your relaxed face. As his eyes began to focus on your features, his vision was quickly drawn to the bright red patch and cut on your neck. He gently ran his fingers over them; they were slightly warm, but the rest of your neck wasn’t. Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows before he remembered the glowing red knife in Taehyung’s hand as he had come into the room. Suddenly, he felt sick as he looked back down at your now peaceful face and remembered your screams coming through the door just minutes ago.

He carefully lifted his hand to cup your face. Unconsciously, your face turned towards human contact. He stared as your still face, looking you over, still lingering on your red neck injuries in guilt, and felt tears well up in his eyes, unsolicited.

Since Jungkook had first seen you in Pire Café, days ago, he’d felt a need to protect you that he didn’t understand. He’d told himself that you needed it, that’s why he had told you to leave, why he’d lied to you to let him stay here, and why he felt sick to his stomach when he saw you in this state, but maybe he was wrong. Maybe it wasn’t solely protectiveness. A few tears escaped his eyes and he wiped them away silently with his sleeve.

Jungkook’s breath hitched, “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, y/n. I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.”

Slowly, Jungkook’s breathing began to match yours, even and relaxed. He called an ambulance and waited with you in his arms until the EMTs arrived.

As they lifted you carefully onto a stretcher, Jungkook leaned against your living room wall, unknowingly crushing half a dozen papers with his back, as you were taken away; his eyes trained on you until you were out of sight.

As the last of the paramedics walked down the steps outside your door, Jungkook grabbed his keys and rushed out to his car to follow the ambulance to the hospital.

Your POV:

There was only darkness around you. It enveloped you like a blanket, but instead of being smothering and frightening, it was comforting. It smelt like soap and detergent; it was familiar. The smells and feelings surrounded you as you were lulled you into another daze.

You could hear sounds, suddenly. The opening of doors, the chatter of people around you, the beeping of machines, and the rustling of bedsheets. Your eyes felt glued shut, but slowly, with some work, you were able to open them a crack, immediately regretting it when a flood of bright white light attacked your vision; you closed them again.

Eventually, you opened your eyes again, gradually adjusting to the bright lights. Above you, was a bright white ceiling with large white lights set at intervals along it. As you became accustomed to the white everywhere, you tilted your head to the right, ignoring the pain in your neck, to see white walls and beds lining the walls around you; some had curtains pulled around them, but in others you could see figures sleeping, talking to family, or playing games. You sluggishly turned your head to the left to see a heart monitor near the head of your bed, clearly yours, a curtain pulled out a small amount of your bed, and a figure in the chair beside your bed, asleep, with his head resting atop his arms on your bed, next to your legs.

As you looked at the figure longer, you recognized his dark hair and earrings to be Jungkook. Your eyes widened in surprise, wondering why he was here, before you remembered last night’s events. Memories flooded back: a bright red knife, a hand covering your mouth, searing pain. Your breathing became quick and shallow as you felt your throat get tight; your chest felt like it was being crushed.

The heart monitor next to you began to beep rapidly and Jungkook’s head shot up. His eyes were red and he had drool on the side of his mouth. He turned his head from side to side in confusion before his eyes landed on you. You had sat up and your breathing was hasty; you couldn’t even take in Jungkook as your brain replayed your memories. Jungkook stood immediately and stepped closer to you before sat on your bed. Tentatively he put his hands on your arms; you leaned into the touch and hesitantly, he pulled you into his arms, resting your head against his chest. He let you hear his heart beat; it was slow and steady.

Your brain grabbed onto Jungkook’s heartbeat and tried to match your own to his. Slowly, the beeping on your heart monitor reduced. You took a deep breath, breathing in Jungkook’s scent of soap and detergent. A doctor walked up with a clipboard as Jungkook pulled away from you; tearstains were on your cheeks and his shirt. You quietly wiped away your tears and muttered an apology.

The doctor smiled but turned to Jungkook. “Could I have a few minutes alone with miss y/n?” Jungkook nodded and stood up and walked away. The doctor turned to you before relaying his news, “I’m happy to let you know that we were able to treat your burns, and you have only a bruised windpipe. It will be a bit harder to talk and your throat and neck will be sore for a while, but you’ll have no serious problems. You can leave whenever you’d like. Would you like me to transmit this information to your boyfriend?”

You’d been nodding to everything the doctor said, noticing the soreness of your neck, and had even mentally been preparing to leave when he mentioned a boyfriend. “Pardon?” You scrunched your eyebrows together and looked at the man before you quizzically.

“The boy that just walked away?” He asked for verification. You shook your head. “Ah, he called the ambulance and was here the moment you were put in a bed. He’s stayed by your side all night and just recently was able to get some sleep. My apologies, I just assumed that he was your boyfriend.” The doctor looked apologetic and you nodded, telling him that it wasn’t a problem.

“Thank you for the update on my health. I’ll prepare to leave,” You said politely. He nodded and walked away. You had begun to get out of bed when Jungkook arrived and rushed to your side.

“Careful, y/n!” He called as he ran to hold onto your arm and support you as you stood up, shakily. You looked at him, puzzled and his face became red as he let go of your arm, quickly but carefully, making sure that you could stand on your own.

“I’m fine, Jungkook, I’m just getting ready to go home,’ You said with a chuckle, when you realize you don’t have a car. You glance nervously at the boy next to you, “Um, can I get a ride?”

You sat in the passenger seat of Jungkook’s car, driving home. In the silence, your mind wandered to the events of the past few days. Meeting Jungkook and Taehyung, running into them multiple times, going to the park with Jungkook, last night’s occurrences, you flinched at the memory of the bright red blade, and the most recent memory: your trip hospital. Was it safe to go home yet? Your brain raced as you thought of your apartment and your squeezed your eyes shut, trying to stop your flood of thoughts. You curled your hem of your shirt with your hand into a fist, trying to reduce your anxiety.

You couldn’t go back. Not yet.

You opened your eyes and looked out the window to see an ice cream vendor. An idea blossomed in your mind; you took a deep breath before speaking as light heartedly as you could, “Y’know what I’m really craving right now, Jungkook?” You smiled as Jungkook looked over at you quizzically.

“After a visit to the hospital, what are you craving, y/n?” He chuckled and smirked at your sudden outburst.

You bit your lip to keep from replying too hastily and arousing suspicion. A smile spread across your face but didn’t meet your eyes. “I want ice cream. Can we get ice cream?”

Perhaps it was his constant protection or the doctor’s comment, but you suddenly felt much more comfortable around Jungkook. His presence calmed and comforted you, now.

Jungkook rolled his eyes playfully before moving into the turn lane. “Just for you, y/n. Just because you were a hospital patient 10 minutes ago.”

You sat at a small table outside of an ice crema parlor, waiting. Jungkook had offered to go inside and get your ice creams so you had offered to find seats. You sat in silence, watching people pass by when you heard the sound of metal on metal. You looked around suddenly at the memorable sound. Your heart rate sped up as you saw a boy walking up the sidewalk, alone, with a pocket knife in his hand, flicking it open and closed routinely. Your throat closed and you squeezed your eyes shut, trying to push away the sound. Your heart was racing, and you were desperately trying to calm it, looking at your hands in your lap that had turned white from squeezing them together too tightly.

Unexpectedly, you felt a hand on your shoulder; you jumped and turned to see Jungkook staring at you in concern, your ice cream in his hands.

“Y/n, are you ok?” He asked cautiously. Your heart slowed as soon you saw him. You forced a smile, gulped, and nodded before taking your ice cream from him, carefully.

“Yes, I’m fine,” You lied before pretending to be preoccupied with your frozen dessert. Jungkook continued to look at you with worry as you both ate and when you were done, he visibly walked a little closer to you on the way back to the car, clearly ready in case something went wrong. Your breathing had become normal as you had eaten together by occasionally glancing at the boy with you. His serene face had reassured you.

You looked across the car at the boy before you, as you were both, again, on your way home, and gave him a small smile. “Thank you,” you mumbled.

Jungkook looked perplexed but replied with a “You’re welcome,” anyway, smiling.

You were thankful when Jungkook walked you from his car to your front door himself, instead of having to walk alone. With shaking hands, you pulled out your key, taking a deep breath, and tried to put it into the lock, but were unable to. Without a word, Jungkook took it from you and fit it into its place easily. You nodded to him and gently, you turned the handle and walked into your living room. Everything, surprisingly, looked like it was in it’s place, except your broken door into your bedroom. Even Jungkook’s bedding was still on the couch. He seemed like someone to clean up after himself, so you gathered that he really had come straight to the hospital.

You turned around to see Jungkook standing in your door frame. “I’ll be going then,” He said, clearly uncomfortable in the sudden silence. Your eyes widened in abrupt fear as he turned to leave and you quickly reached out and caught his sleeve.

“Wait,” You breathed. Jungkook turned to see your suddenly terrified expression and his once hard eyes became the soft brown orbs that you had come to know. You looked down at your feet and dropped his sleeve, suddenly embarrassed.

“Could you stay a little bit longer? Please?”

In the dream you were talking and I was listening
but I didn’t hear a word that you said.
The sky was blue and the birds
were singing, I remember that.
There were dust motes in your eyes and I
couldn’t stop staring, searching
for the sunlight that brought them
to the surface of your irises:

dry leaf curls on pond water, except
water shifts and moves and whispers
and your eyes, your eyes were still—
not as in windless day, but as in
impenetrable glass. I saw your eyes
but I didn’t really; it was less
like looking and more like standing
before a city scape and

zoning in on the densest patch
of lights because there is so much
and you don’t know where else to look
and you can’t see the whole picture
so you focus on the little details,
on the firefly-glows from tiny windows
like the dust on the glazed
panes before your eyes.

In the dream you were talking
and I think you said something about
me not listening, so I laughed and laughed
until my sides ached. I’m lying.
I can’t remember anything hurting.
I remember the absence of feeling instead,
the sensation of being in a hundred
different places and nowhere

at once, the way my fingers felt like
loose keys from a typewriter, how the spaces
between my knuckles seemed to expand
to fill my whole body. Cobwebbed lungs
still breathing, but frozen. In the dream
I have a body but it’s not mine; I am
an intruder wearing a suit of flesh with skin
that has turned into granite.

I do not feel.
                                     I feel too much.
There is nothing.
                                    Everything is overwhelming.

In the dream we are machines.
No emotion, just flatness: programmed
thoughts, automatic speech and action
without awareness or control. They call it
a coping mechanism, and so I think of pulleys
and gears pulling me up to sit somewhere
in the top of my head and watch
through a frosted lens

while someone else grips the controls,
moving this body through the motions
of living. Unfamiliarity in familiar
places. Friends are strangers and strangers
are blurs of colour, dabs of acrylic
against bleached watercolour. Fog
fills my mind, pressing against the glass
that separates me from the world.

I bang hard on it. Bang. Bang. Bang.
Let me out! You tell me that I locked myself
in this steel-walled room. I say why
would I do that? You open your mouth
to explain but I can’t hear you over the
white noise. Buzz. You pinch my arm—
a whisper: not dreaming. Bruises that fade
to grey, cement skies, ash world.

In the dream that is not a dream,
my hands turn into birds and fly
away from me. You catch them and try
to give them back, but I refuse.
They aren’t mine, I tell you even as you
push them back onto my wrists. You
ask me whose they are, then.
I don’t know. I don’t know. I think I once

knew someone who had these hands,
but I don’t know where they went.

—  Martina Dominique Dansereau | Derealization Depersonalization
la vie en rose

shadowhunters 200 word snippets (2/?) : raphael/simon

“Romance isn’t dead after all,” Raphael drawls in wry amusement, eyeing the bouquet of withered flowers Simon is proudly holding in his hands. They might’ve been roses at one point, but most of the petals have fallen off and those that have not are wrinkled and dry and curling in on themselves.

Simon looks sheepish. “I meant to give them weeks ago, but I, uh… forgot?” His voice tilts higher towards the end of the sentence. He shoots an apologetic smile, his teeth flashing, and Raphael feels like rolling his eyes but decides against it.

“Well,” he starts, taking the flowers with an excessive amount of care considering their current state. “I appreciate the gesture. Really, I do.“ And he finds that the does. It’s the first time anyone’s bought him flowers, and he can’t help but feel a little bit smitten.

Simon beams at him, repeating his well known mannerism of biting his lower lip nervously. Raphael’s heart does things it’s not meant to do, such as flutter and skip a beat.

They spend the rest of the night sitting on the roof of the hotel, watching the stars. Simon keeps pointing out constellations. Raphael rests his head on his shoulder, and feels he’s at home.

I admire the way you fall to your knees
withering away, your skin
cracking and peeling at the edges
browning and drying up;
you curl into a tiny curve and pieces
of your neck flake off in star shapes
falling into the cracks on the sidewalk
with no hope of growing new flowers

and now you’re nothing more than
dead leaves, baby

- Rose


@curly.babe (IG) Were you always natural or did you have to go through the process of “going natural”? If so how long did it take ? I started my natural hair journey 5 years ago. 

 What products do you use in your curly hair routine? I’m very simple and I use a few products, my go to conditioner is Dove Daily Moisture, then for my styler it’s either Curls Creme Brule whipped curl cream or a product from Dollar Tree by Shea Solutions which is a leave in. 

 What hair advice would you give to another curly girl ? I would tell another curly girl to always embrace and love their curls! Curly hair is beautiful ❤ 

Diffuser or Air Dry ? Definitely air dry! 

 Name your GOLDEN curl product: Shea solutions Leave in! It’s the bomb!

irafatum  asked:


detailed descriptions of my Muse’s…


Helen has very thick hair. When wet it actually reaches down to her butt! When dry it curls at the ends up to her waist. It is thicker on the ends than it is near the head, giving it a sleek and straight look.

Unfortunately, thick hair comes with cons. Helen’s hair is extremely tangled when she wakes up in the morning and she has to dedicate some time to brushing it out. At work she wears it in ponytails or buns, and due to the weight it carries it makes her scalp hurt after work :’’’ )

This is why she likes when people play with her hair ( gently! ) because it is merciful on her scalp.


@thegreatnishay (IG) 

  Were you always natural or did you have to go through the process of “going natural”? If so how long did it take ? No. I was not always natural. My hair was cut short for about two years. I then decided to let it grow and no longer use relaxers. It took me two years to get to where my hair is now.

 What products do you use in your curly hair routine? I use ALL Cantu products. I recently was just introduced to the Shea Moistures Curl smoothie. Ive been using that for my twist. 

 What hair advice would you give to another curly girl ? Be Patient. Whenever you feel like giving up just get a protective style. 

 Diffuser or Air Dry ? Air Dry. 

 Name your GOLDEN curl product: curl Smoothie by Shea Moisture


I am very impressed with these super cute synthetic hair extensions I bought. I soaked them overnight in fabric softener then brushed and rinsed it and let it air dry. When it was almost dry I re curled them to give them a better look. 

WAS £9.99 NOW £3.49  Synthetic Thick Hair Extensions Clip-on Hairpieces