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Laundry: How to Wash/Organize your Clothes

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I got this post idea from elleandblair.com and thought it’d be a good idea since some of you are away in college and you need to do your own laundry. I also decided to kill two birds with one stone by including how to organize your clothes/clean out your closet. 

Important Tips:

  • If you want to maintain the color of your clothes, wash it in cold water because it’s the most delicate on colors. Always wash jeans on cold
  • To keep your clothes in good condition, check the tags before you wash your clothes because they may say “handwash” or “dry clean” or “hang dry”
  • separate the whites, darks, and lights. 
  • if washing whites you can add a little bit of bleach. I like to soak my whites for a while then get the machine started. 
  • Quick Guide for water temperature settings:
  •  White- Hot
  • Colored- Cold
  • Light- Warm
  • hang dry any bras/delicates  or you can use a lingerie bag so that the shape is maintained and will last longer. 

First I start off the washer to the appropriate water temperature setting, then I take a cup or two of laundry detergent(right now I’m using the All Detergent for Sensitive Skin) and wait until the water is half way full in the washing tub. Then I mix the soap into the water to get it to a good lather.

After that I use the Ultra Downy Fabric Softener.I like using this because it makes your clothes smell good and it makes your clothes feel soft. After that then I sort my clothes my color and start loading the washer. For those heavily soiled clothing pieces, I like to use Oxi Clean or Stain Remover. Spread on the Oxi clean or stain remover and rub directly on the stain.

After I’m done washing the clothes, I put them in the dryer and I hang dry some clothes I need to hang dry. I put in a Bounce Dryer Sheet to remove static,repel lint, and to make your clothes smell fresh! 

I like doing laundry because it can be calming and therapeutic. I also like folding clothes and putting them away. 

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To clean your closet:

  • If you like working with another person, call over a friend you trust  to help you out. 
  • Put out three bags/bins with keep, toss, or store. 
  • Toss any clothing with holes or ones that don’t fit you anymore.
  • Store any clothes that are in season or out of season. For example, if it’s winter, then I take my summer clothes and put them towards the back of my closet or I store them in bins underneath my bed. I get my underbed storage from Target. 
  • Keep any clothes you wear more often and ones that fit well. Also keep any dresses from prom, weddings, or homecoming because those might hold sentimental value for you. 
  • I like to color code my clothes by length and color.I do it from lightest to darkest. For example, white tanktops together to blue t-shirts together. 
  • i also use matching hangers to hang my clothes. i hang t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, and jackets. My jeans are hung by light wash to the darkest wash. 
  • I put my sleeping shirts, bathing suits, and pajamas/sweat pants in my drawers. I also put my underwear/socks  in my drawer. 
  • Go through and try on every piece you have in your closet. 

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If you have any additional tips, I’d love to hear them!