dry carbon

schweppes: dirt, tastes like raw ginger root and turns loses fizz 4 seconds after opening

canada dry: salty, sweet. stays carbonated and is the perfect stomach soother, never throw up drinking this nice, proper ale

the other one: don’t know, think it might be water


Subaru STi WRX S4 tS, 2017MY. A new Japan-only special edition WRX from Subaru Tecnica International with 10 percent more torque during acceleration, better braking and enhanced handling. Created to commemorate Subaru’s 2015 and 2016 victories in the SP3T class at the Nurburgring 24-Hour Race, the ‘NBR Challenge Package’ is optionally available for the tS adding black forged aluminum wheels and a dry carbon rear spoiler (blue car). 


After going through my hard drive that I luckily saved after my old PC decided to resigned I found some shots of the Pro Staff R Magic FD3S which competed in 2010 WTAC. 
Driven by Mitsuhiro Kinoshita it has managed 1:33.5050 lap time wich was close to three seconds ( +0:02.9180 ) more than the overall best (1:30.5870) of Cyber EVO driven by “Tarzan” Yamada.
This car also managed to get 55,947 lap time at Rev Speed Super Lab Battle at Tsukuba in 2006 and has been retired in the same year if I’m not mistaken due to the R Magic’s main focus on drift cars.
Prior to the 2010 WTAC in Sydney, the car has gone through some major changes mainly on the engine and body. Fully rebuilt racing engine now had the power output around 600hp and aerodynamics were improved by new dry carbon wide body aero kit. Chassis was of course improved as well. 
I had no idea(and I still don’t) what I was doing with the camera so please don’t be too harsh :)