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Boondocking A.K.A. dry-camping

I noticed while scouting out future campsites to move to in the west, there are a lot more dry-camping places, meaning there are no water or electrical hook-ups at the RV sites. They may have a water-station and wastewater dump, but some places won’t even have that. So you have to know in advance and come prepared with a full water supply and empty sewer tanks. These places usually still have water spigots (not always) and pit toilets. You must also have a generator or solar panels (will need both on cloudy days) if you hope to survive with any lights at night or to charge your electronics. The refrigerator can fortunately run on propane gas, which is how it stays cold while in transit between sites. The stove and oven are both gas as well. We bought a good Honda generator and we can recharge the batteries, run all our electronics with the exception of A/C, and we can use our microwave if we keep it under 80% power. We just become much more conservative with water-usage and power. This is how we were able to camp near the Grand Canyon for two whole weeks - the campground was in Kaibab National Forest and we only paid $10/night! The view was so peaceful and many elk wandered by.

Our neighbors had quite a surprise visit - notice that two of the campers are sleeping in a red and a blue hammock, right where the elk decided to walk between! They were sleeping the whole time and didn’t even know they had a visitor until I texted them these photos. A few of us spectators were giggling the whole time taking our photos.

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Gom + himuro + kagami + imayoshi going on a camping trip and having to share a tent with their crush or s/o! I LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW :)

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi would be wondering for days what he would do while out camping with you, and suggested doing a variety of activities to make the day memorable. The two of you kayak down around a rather large lake that’s near your campsite, racing across the lake a few times before settling down to watch the sunset from on the water. When your kayak accidentally gets turned over he rushes to check up on you, shocked as you easily turn his over too and leave him soaked alongside you. Heading back to camp to dry up, you both change into pajamas as you settle down and talk about the activities you were most interested in trying next. Akashi stays in his area perfectly while sleeping next to you, appearing unperturbed by the fact you were sleeping so closely; he wakes up early the next morning and leans over to watch you sleep for a bit, stroking your cheek lovingly before he returns to his position while you’re none the wiser. 

Aomine Daiki: Aomine would love the idea of camping with you, having a hundred activities in mind as he used to go out in the mountains a lot as a child. He wouldn’t wear a shirt most of the time, making you question whether or not he was going caveman on you, but you happily follow him through his adventures as he opens up about his childhood and tells you stories of him (and occasionally Momoi) exploring the mountainous areas and the adventures that were had. He had you both worn out with the constant hiking by the end of the day, cradling you in his arms as you sit in front of the fire and silently enjoy each other’s company while you eat your dinner. He would curl up close to you in the tent, not embarrassed at being so close to you, and using the cold night air as an excuse to get as close as possible.

Kise Ryouta: Kise wasn’t entirely enthusiastic about being pulled out into nature where there was mud, and worse, earth worms, but spending time with you was an opportunity he didn’t want to pass up. He tries to bare with it, enjoying the fresh air and getting to see the sun rise and set with you by his side, liking the romantic feel of being alone together with not a soul around. He worries about the animals stealing away your food at night and finds it hard to sleep on the ground, but would summarize the experience as being fun (though he wouldn’t be able to keep up the happy facade if you suggested going again). He would rest his head on your chest and try to ignore the sounds of bugs fluttering around outside, using your heartbeat as a lullaby.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko agrees to go with you as he did like to appreciate nature and animals, though he didn’t have the stamina for long hikes in the woods.  He would like to just idly sit around and chat with you, finding there are quite a bit of problems as you both try (and fail, initially) to properly set up a tent or a fire pit that didn’t quickly catch one of your bags of food on fire. You both find it easy to laugh off the bad things, though, and sit by the river with your feet in it as you question whether you should fish, or if a shark would suddenly pop up and carry one of you away. Kuroko would feel a bit shy about being so close to you, and would try to keep his distance, though he’d reach over to touch your hand to reassure himself that you’re still there.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima, seeing it as his chance to get to know you on a more personal level, would agree to go camping with you (though he looks up his lucky items beforehand and buys them before you go to the wilderness). He doesn’t seem to mind nature, shooing animals and bugs away with ease, though he does mention he anticipates nighttime more than anything. He scouts out a spot during the day, marking it clearly so he could find it later, and dragging you out as you sleepily state you want to sleep. He lays with you under the stars, pointing out constellations until your head lolls against his shoulder and you fall asleep. Midorima is stiff as he sleeps, afraid that he may toss and turn and disrupt your sleep; when you roll over and get too close for comfort he doesn’t get a wink of sleep, even more worried about invading your personal space.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara seems a bit apprehensive to the idea of spending nights in the wild, especially since there was a chance they could steal away your food, and he shared with no one, not even a cute rabbit. He grows more used to the idea the more you brought it up to him, wondering how you’d fit in the same tent together but otherwise just following along with what you wanted and relying on you to gather everything together. His favorite part of the trip is sitting beside you in front of a roaring fire, making s’mores with you (which somehow ends up in his hair, and you have to wash it out in the nearby water pump, leaving him rather grumpy). He’s relieved when he finally gets to lay next to you inside the tent, wiggling closer and closer without telling you until he’s practically on top of you; taking the hint, you warm yourself in his arms and fall asleep with the smell of chocolate wafting in your nose. 


Himuro Tatsuya: Himuro hadn’t been entirely on board for camping as he could think of many other things he’d rather be doing with you besides getting dirty out in nature, but would agree to do so just to see your smile. You both enjoy each other’s company but find there isn’t much that can keep you both occupied for long without playing against your limited stamina, but when Himuro pulls out his phone and realizes he has signal, he begins to talk to you about his favorite American Drama and the episodes he still had to catch up on. After eating something quick for dinner you both retreat into the tent, with you sitting on his lap as he plays episode after episode and you watch it together, becoming as invested in it as he is and eventually falling asleep right on his lap, with him not wanting to wake you up and gently lowering himself without having to rouse you. 

Imayoshi Shoichi: Imayoshi had told you before that he liked to fish, but you hadn’t believed him until you’d come onto the camping trip with you, figuring he was just making up a random hobby to tease you. He sits beside you and patiently teaches you what to do, setting your line for you and relaxing in the shining sun as you wait for a bite. He chuckles as you jump up when your line gets a tug, telling you to reel slowly and to make sure the line wasn’t going to break; when you pull up a moderately sized fish you’re still extremely excited, waving the fish at him and making him take a picture of you in success. He helps you to cook the fish later, doing more of the dirty work,  and cooks it thoroughly, enjoying the meal though the long day leaves him ready to sleep. He grins as you bring up sleeping so close together, asking teasingly if being so near to him made you nervous; when you deny it, he wraps his arms around you and states that he’s happy to get you all to himself. 

Kagami Taiga: Kagami realizes too little too late that he might not have thought the agreement through to camp with you the entire way, though everything was going perfectly well up until it was time for bed. The woods didn’t bother him in the slightest since he was practically built to be a mountain man, but when the sun goes down, he finds himself spooked by the mysterious noises, his fear made even worse as you insist on telling ghost stories around a glowing fire for hours until you’re both exhausted. When it’s finally time to sleep he’s too wired to rest easy and continues to toss and turn into you roll over and drape your arm around his waist, making him the little spoon as you encourage him to think about you instead of any potential ghosts haunting the tent. 


Kirk Creek, California State Park camping area : no potable water, no hookups, no phone contact, now internet, no nothin’ - just bliss, beauty and time at your finger tips… unearthly compared to what we consider earth…dry camping at it’s best!

So, how do you get a wide angle shot like this with a high end 4/3 point and shoot? Multiple images from on high stitched together (see picture 2)

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