dry brush technique


Extreme Makeover - Doll Edition: Daenerys Targaryen.

So this is a bit step by step how I made her, she’s still waiting for her repaint. I put some info in the pics about each of them. I just figured out I might have not taken enough photos to make gambit’s Extreme Makeover post.

Aaaanyway. Next up it’s gonna be….. *drumroll* …… Loki! hell yeah!

Also check my pics for the A Doll A Week Challenge! Daenerys is gonna make an appeareance on week 13


How the hell does he do that?! How the hell does ANYONE do that?!

I am definitely going to try to attempt the dry brush technique.

light it up

After I finally discovered my chandelier solution, I had it installed ASAP which meant days before the big partay. But of course it couldn’t be that simple that I would walk into a store and see something that was perfect.

Walking into Arhaus, was like in a movie when they cue the Halleluyah music.

I couldn’t believe this store. It had everything. I met the nicest sales person Lindsay, who was so patient and helpful as I tried to squeeze my massive stroller around this jam packed store.

I saw a basket they made into a pendant installation and I thought that was a good starting point for me. So I had an electrician wire 5 lights through the center fixture over the table and 3 in the side fixtures. We used industrial style black sockets and a mix of different edison style bulbs. The sockets I wanted were way harder to find than I thought. Lowe’s had them but each Lowe’s only had a few. Also explaining this project to an electrician is a fun task.

Here you can also see the leftovers of my decorations for the party. My original plans for hanging birdcages off the willow branches didn’t work as I thought.

But I digress, back to chandeliers. I also took one of my new favorite products Rub ‘n Buff in antique gold and did a dry brush technique on the baskets before I hung them up. To give them a little more glamour and reflective properties to mimic wire. I also felt the baskets are consistent with my home’s Northern African vibe. And for 59 bucks a piece you can’t go wrong. The installation cost $200, plus the materials. So at the end of day I paid less than $500 (including awesome bulbs) for an INSTALLED custom chandelier. 

I think the 3 basket/ chandeliers work perfect in this room since it’s airy yet defining of the space and is uniform without being monotonous.

I also LOVE the starry shadows it creates on the semi-gloss teal ceiling above it.

Now if they can just come out with some LED bulbs that look as cool as these….

Below are some pictures of light fixture, bulbs, starry shadows etc.


Upcycle Your Mani Day

Remember earlier this week, I was wearing the superb holographic polish Harp On It by Color Club . Well it was time to either take it off or upcycle it. I was thinking maybe I would stamp over it but then I remembered I had a lot of nail foil that I hadn’t tried yet. Got a super deal around Christmas time at the Born Pretty Store. Found in my stash two beautiful indigo and teal rolls that really complimented each other and my holographic base. This combo ended up being a bit too flashy for my taste and I needed to tone it down a bit. So, using the dry brush technique, I applied sparingly Revlon Knockout a real smoky almost black grey… That did the trick. But since I can’t stop myself once I’m on a roll, I dried brush a bit of OPI My Gecko Does Tricks. Bam! Now, I’m happy.

Quick tip: when using nail foils stay away from the Seche Vite or other fast drying top coats. They will crinkle your foil to oblivion. Instead, I use a clear nail polish, not a base coat, a clear polish like Sally Hansen Invisible.

So that’s it for today, hope you like this look. Have a great day!