dry board

Great. Now I’m the worst daughter in the world.

Yesterday I got close to no sleep after two other nearly sleepless nights. I was drained af and Fridays are the most draining days in my week with the incredible amount of work I have to do, then there adds studying and the fact I fell face first into the bed and fell asleep immediately. I wanted to clean up after my pancakes but the sink was full and I couldn’t empty it bc I needed the drying board and it was full too and I don’t know where to put that juice machine pieces bc if I touch them my mum lashes out at me. So i decided to empty the washer in the kitchen first but the plates were still wet and hot af so I decided to do it later and asked my mum to remind me that I wanted to clean it all up later. And she did. Today. Throwing a fucking tantrum how fucking bad of a daughter I am. Wtf?? I told you i would forget bc I was tired?? And I asked you to remind me YESTERDAY. What the hell are you even angry about?? That I’m just a human??

I won’t even try to talk it out with her because I know she will shout at me again and thank you very much I need to be calm to memorise all those things about genetics -,-

Script/Storyboard Tips to Self

So I’ve been working on the script and storyboards for W2H2, and it’s interesting because I’m kind of re-learning how to do it?  I mean I was never taught how to do it in the first place, and I’ve never claimed to be an expert, but it’s nice to get back into a workflow and rediscover some things about how I work.  I wrote some tips to myself last night on a dry-erase board, after working on a scene that was giving me trouble. And since y’all sometimes ask me for tips, I figured I’d share.  These are pretty specific to what I’m working on and HOW I work, but maybe you’ll find them helpful.  Here goes!


  • When the script gets too tricky, start boarding. 
  • vice versa, to a lesser extent.
  • Sometimes you draw the wrong expression on a character while boarding, but explore that route anyway, ‘cause sometimes it makes more sense than what you originally had in mind.  Maybe you’re drawn to drawing that character that way for a reason.  Shit sometimes comes together if you just keep moving forward with an idea or sudden inspiration.
  • You also think better when you draw.  Writing seems easier because you can just sit there and blast out words for whatever runs through your head, but remember that the act of placing lines on paper to form an image is a much more intense/deliberate/therapeutic process for you.  Thoughts form more clearly and the flow feels more natural.
  • If you’re envisioning a certain tone for a scene (esp. if it’s high-energy), you don’t always have to jump right into that tone.  Try building up to it through the characters/dialogue/acting.  Scenes can (should) progress/change, and it’s more satisfying to be brought to that tone rather than thrust into it.  It’s like micro-”buts” and “therefores”.  Or foreplay.
  • Call-backs and mirrored shots/dialogue is charming.  Maybe don’t overdo it?
  • Remember who your characters are.  Sometimes the story should drive them, but try to have them drive the story too.  Find a balance.  Don’t just write them to fit the needs of the scene.  
Stucky First Date/Valentines Prompts

I’ve been sitting on these for a year. Feel free to use as prompts for art/fic/whatever :D I won’t be writing any of them myself, but i’d love to see them done!

  • Bucky notices the blond guy keep coming into the hallmark store where he works. Steve never talks to anyone, but he does occasionally sign basic ASL. Bucky draws on their dry erase board that if Steve comes in, he should see “Bucky.” Steve comes back in and sees the board and wanders around a little lost. Bucky comes up to him and waves. Steve waves back. Commence a date where Bucky uses a ton of discounted Valentine’s Day cards he got from work to communicate with Steve, and Steve’s too shy to speak because he knows he can’t pronounce words too well, so he writes back on them. (Who said Valentine’s Day Cards were only good during the holiday?)

  • Steve works at an aquarium. The aquarium is always crowded with couples thinking they’re being “unique” with taking their date to the aquarium instead of dinner and a movie. Bucky, a disgruntled veteran with a prosthetic arm comes in and together, they start making fun of the couples and inadvertently spend the entire day walking through the aquarium together, looking at the couples and not at the fishes, but finding they have much in common.

  • Bucky works at the zoo as a zookeeper for the gorillas. He expected to yell at a lot of kids to stop climbing on the guard rails to the exhibits like usual, but what he didn’t expect was a skinny guy to go into a full blown asthma attack and fall over the guard railing into the gorilla compound. Now Bucky’s gotta rescue this kid before Tito the gorilla adopts him as his new child…

  • The best thing about Valentine’s Day is the day after. Bucky and Steve both decide to go to the store and clear out the discounted candy. They meet each other and talk about how each year they always sit at home watching movies that have absolutely nothing to do about love because, why would anyone love them? Turns out bonding over chocolate at the candy store can lead to a lot more than they thought.

  • (modern Bucky) Captain America has never celebrated Valentine’s Day. He lets it slip in an interview and Bucky happens to see the interview. Bucky stands outside the Avengers tower with a “Will you be my valentine” teddy bear and Tony teases Steve about it. Steve, bless his heart, decides “why the heck not.” Steve ends up having a way better time than he could’ve imagined. Even if he sucks at dancing and Bucky’s a little spitfire.

  • (modern Bucky) Steve walks his dog around Central Park every Valentines day. He enjoys seeing the couples enjoying the day, even if it’s not something he’s ever experienced. He’s about ready to call it quits when he hears a man shouting frantically for “Cap.” Panicked, Steve tries to avoid him when he turns to see the man is actually running after a dog…named Cap? Steve, along with his Great Dane go off on a rescue mission to grab the little bull terrier and end up meeting a frazzled amputee named Bucky.

Imagine: D.va, Lucio, and Junkrat all staring intensely at a dry-erase board. Scratching their heads and chins in bewilderment. The board is covered in checkmarks, exes, hearts, question marks, and a confusing flow chart of arrows connecting various other heroes and overwatch agents.

At the top, next to a crudely drawn picture of Soldier: 76, written in all caps and underlined, is “OPERATION: GET GRANDPA LAID

Hello Lovelies, 

Today I want to share a super easy way to create a dry erase notice board. 

  1. Firstly get an empty picture frame and insert whatever backdrop you like (pictures, wallpaper or even fabric).
  2. Cut the backdrop to size and pop it in the picture frame.
  3. Get a dry erase marker and enjoy your new pretty notice board!

Enjoy, Robin

Coworker: Your staff is so happy. What’s the secret?
Me: I bought a dry erase board just for them to draw on and leave me notes.
CW: Seriously?
Me:  Yup.

I mean … I also stand in between them and the toxic humans in the workplace, and make sure they know that I support them, and that they are appreciated. But the dry erase board does indeed make them smile.

Tina Belcher Quotes for your sign
  • Aries: “Just when I think I’m out, those cheeks pull me right back in.”
  • Taurus: “Our toaster is also confused. It doesn’t know where bagels go.”
  • Gemini: “I’m gonna write the most erotic, graphic, freakiest friend fiction ever.”
  • Cancer: “Is it possible to be in love with 25 people at once?”
  • Leo: “I’m a smart strong sensual woman.”
  • Virgo: "Do you think horses get songs stuck in their heads?"
  • Libra: “Time for the charm bomb to explode.”
  • Scorpio: “If he has a butt for touching and lips for kissing, I’m going for that.”
  • Sagittarius: “If boys had uteruses they’d be called duderuses.”
  • Capricorn: “I’m no hero, I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else.”
  • Aquarius: “I want a dry-erase board so I can write down all my private thoughts and then erase them immediately.”
  • Pisces: “If you need me I’ll be down here on the floor dying.”

my world history teacher that I had during my freshman year lets me draw on his board after school and ever since he let me start doing it, people have been sending me requests to draw things on his board.

I now have one other thing besides Friday to look forward to during the week.

  • Feuilly: The reigning champion I Spy. Mostly because he just picks one of the very colourful articles of clothing Courf is wearing and Courf never notices.
  • Jehan: Is awake to drive when literally everyone else is asleep. They like the peace and quiet and being able to enjoy the surroundings, but it's also a great time to plot various devious ways to wake the rest of them up later. The favorite is screaming ''OH MY GOD IS THAT A UFO'' to wake up Combeferre and ''HOLY SHIT TAYLOR SWIFT IS HITCHHIKING'' to wake up Courfeyrac.
  • Courfeyrac: All the Road Trip games. He even brought a big dry erase board where he keeps score of who is in the lead in all the different games.
  • Grantaire: Makes a playlist with ''the biggest hits ever'' it includes such songs as What Does the Fox Say, nyan cat, Tik Tok (for Courfeyrac) and Watcha Say (accompanied by Bahorel on bongo drums)
  • Enjolras: Their token nervous driver. so nervous he even ends up singing along to Grantaire's playlist under his breath a few times. When he's not driving, for some °•○●inexplicable reason●○•°, he always falls asleep on Grantaire. Always. Grantaire turns beet red and doesn't complain about Musichetta turning off his music for the rest of the trip.
  • Bossuet: Is under no circumstance allowed to give directions to where they're going or even touch the map. He's quite good at harmonizing with Grantaire's atrocious singing.
  • Joly: Brings instruments for everyone?? This includes such instruments as a harmonica, marraccas, a kazoo, a tambourine, a bongo drum, a rattle, a rainstick and a glockenspiel.
  • Combeferre: Reader of the map. He's had it laminated just in case Bossuet somehow ends up with it after The Great ''Shortcut'' Around a Gigantic Spot of Hot Sauce of '09
  • Marius: Has eternal shotgun. Everyone accepts it except for Courfeyrac who protested loudly about the inequality until he finally got to sit in the front while Marius sat behind him. Marius ends up puking right into Courfeyrac's lap after 5 minutes of sitting behind him. Courfeyrac is happy to sit in the back after that.
  • Bahorel: Calls dibs on Joly's kazoo and bongo drum and makes up little troubadourish sounding songs for everyone. He's made such hits as ''Grantaire: my songs are better than your playlist'', ''Marius the moony-eyed ninnymugget'' and ''Someone stole my bongo beating heart''.
  • Musichetta: Reckless driver who has everything under control. Yes I hit that mail box on purpose god Joly get with the program here jeez.
  • Eponine: Brought earplugs for everyone so they won't have to listen to Grantaire's annoying playlist. (that she helped make). She gives the earplugs away in exchange for snacks, which she covertly shares with Grantaire.
  • Cosette: Somehow managed to fit snacks, drinks, bandages, band-aids, acitivity books, extra pairs of socks, Marius' asthma medicine, duct tape (for reasons) and blankets and pillows for everyone in her purse.