dry and windy


I love our new forest spot

Australian summer, in my experience:
  • Weird, semi-unpredictable weather.
  • Merry fucking Christmas, snow-related imagery is traditional so let’s taunt you with pictures of cold things while you’re at risk of sudden combustion.
  • Family’s nude, if I wasn’t so dysphoric I would be too.
  • There is no cold tap in summer. No matter which one you use for water, the water will still be hot.
  • Chickens laid eggs, which were just brought inside, but are already hard-boiled somehow.
  • The chocolate is melting.
  • The butter is a small yellow greasy pool.
  • The pavement is melting.
  • That fire’s so far away it’ll never get here, air’s still full of smoke though.
  • You just went to bed so now there are 1000% more mosquitoes to buzz around your ear.
  • Fuck, there’s a bee in the living room!
  • Fuck, there’s a bird in the living room!
  • Dry and windy and now the dirt, the sand, the ground itself is airborne.
  • Walking through a dust storm to get to your mailbox. Great, now your clothes are full of sand.
  • The dirt is full of iron, it’s red, so when there are dust storms it can look like the apocalypse.
  • And then there was sudden hail. Since it’s still summer, the small pile of ice on the ground melts quickly.

i think the big message of humanity is that everyone is proud of how bad their climate is where they are from. everyone loves to tell you how hot or cold or wet or dry or windy or humid it gets there. maybe it is kind of a drawback-free way of telling people that you have suffered- a feeble attempt at vulnerability, a blind grasp for warmth or pity or respect from people who grew up in milder climates

It’s bathing day again, and it’s how Emily knows another couple of weeks has passed, give or take. 

Her sense of time is still a blur, but there’s the unmistakable flow crisp of icy air replacing the moist scent of rotting leaves, and the chilled metal of her doorhandle bites at her fingers as she grabs it. And she knows it must be the Month of High Cold.

And she would climb up and push the metal shutters in the dusty corridors to see if the snow has covered the metal cat outside, if it has covered the roofs and the gardens and the round terrace on her right, or if it’s a windy, dry, snowless kind of winter, but a woman in dusty overalls and a heavy little suitcase came in with the madame some weeks before that, and fiddled with the old broken lock, and before Emily could even move to get up, the door slammed and the rusty old key turned, scraping at her spine.

Today one of the girls turns the key inside the lock, sheepishly, a stack of towels under her arms, and against the darkness of the freezing hall Emily sees the faint glow of the girl’s breath, a ghostly little cloud around her mouth. Emily sways, getting up from her spot, and feels a dull hit of embarrassment against her throat, at the aching weakness of her knees, of moving around so little when she used to be running around the Tower’s gardens for hours and could climb the hightest tree if only her governesses would let her. Could run and run and get scratches on her laquered shoes from running so much, almost as fast as Corvo, and she would be chastised for returning back to her studies all sweaty and red-faced and her voice hoarse and raw from the chilly air outside, and now she could barely get herself to follow the girl down the stairs, each step echoing painfully through her soles.

She wonders, briefly, if she could be so weak because she’s falling sick. 

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Lightning Lore - Scrub, Not Sand

It looks like Lightning Flight’s Shifting Expanse suffers from the same misconceptions as many Earth deserts do: namely, that people think this desert is filled with sand. This is a myth in reality and, according to the worldbuilding Flight Rising has done, a myth in Sornieth as well! But not an uncommon myth it seems. Even staff have described it as “rolling dunes”, and then designed a map that has no sand on it. Let’s look at the illustrations they’ve given us and see why there’s no sand in this supposedly shifting expanse:

That desert on the world map is clay and dirt and stone. The life they depict in the Highland Scrub- cacti, bushes, etc., wouldn’t grow in sand. They require dirt to live, and would die in a rolling dune landscape. The Carrion Canyon looks like hard clay and stone, created by layers of dirt being compressed, carved through erosion. Think the desert gorge scenes in the Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron movie, or The Grand Canyon without any river in it anymore. The Lightning Farm and Tempest Spire are stony and hard, made of the same stuff at Carrion Canyon possibly with hints of sand around those areas on the coast, carried there by the wind but probably not originating from the desert itself.

The sandiest area of the Shifting Expanse is definitely going to be the coast. And even the coast has been drawn like a cliffside, not beaches. Probably there are still some beaches here and there, pockets of sand and dirt combined amongst the cliffs and rocks. But the way they drew these cliffs, there doesn’t seem like any one area large enough to have even a really decently sized beach. I’d wager a guess the sandiest, beachiest area is on the border with Light Flight, where it smooths out. That’s probably where we would find “rolling dunes.” 

Dust is prevalent however, and lots of dirt made from eroding clay. This is probably an incredibly dusty desert due to Stormdad’s ministrations. The dust would be kicked up by the storms and it’s probably terrible closer to the Spire, where it might rain less and is just plagued by staticy, windy, dry lightning storms. The decision to give his Flight an area of dust and static to build machines, which work best without dust and static, is a decision based on my theory that the deities want to directly challenge their worshipper’s greatest abilities. But I’ll write a post on that later.

Conclusion theories: the expanse is shifting because Lightning Flight’s denizens are ever changing and ever moving. It is both symbolic and literal, of the cycle of construction and demolition, moving communities of dragons, and constant invention and innovation. Worldbuilding around the Shifting Expanse, if it’s based on Sornieth of course (like those “characteristics of each flight” posts), wouldn’t involve any significant amount of sand. You would have hard clay for dirt, buildings constructed of mudbricks or very light wood, huge dust storms before rain, and lots of monsoons, though.

Crow and the Sea

by Ted Hughes

He tried ignoring the sea
But it was bigger than death, just as it was bigger than life.

He tried talking to the sea
But his brain shuttered and his eyes winced from it as from open flame.

He tried sympathy for the sea
But it shouldered him off - as a dead thing shoulders you off.

He tried hating the sea
But instantly felt like a scrutty dry rabbit-dropping on the windy cliff.

He tried just being in the same world as the sea
But his lungs were not deep enough

And his cheery blood banged off it
Like a water-drop off a hot stove.


He turned his back and he marched away from the sea

As a crucified man cannot move. 


I want to share this, because for some reason people think it’s funny my state is burning down.

I hate Trump. A lot of people here do. But that has nothing to do with the fact my home is being destroyed because people thought it would be funny to light our forests on fire.

It is dry and it is windy and the rain isn’t making it stop. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited park in the United States, and it’s dying. People are dying, being separated from their families, watching their homes disappear into ash. The Ripley’s aquarium was evacuated and surrounded by fire, that’s over 10,000 beautiful sea creatures that could die, and even that is nowhere near the amount of wildlife that will die or never come back. Gatlinburg is a huge tourist spot in Tennessee, the biggest in our area along with Knoxville. This is killing our economy as much as it’s killing our environment. Buildings are going up in smoke in minutes. We are an incredibly poor rural area as it is, we’re never going to recover. This is destroying us.

But laugh it fucking up.


SERIE: Top 5 green roofs worldwide

Netherlands: The DakAkker

On top of the Schieblock officebuilding in the center of Rotterdam the largest rooftopfarm in Europe is situated: “the DakAkker”. Here fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown and honey bees are kept. The DakAkker functions as a testsite to experiment with different ways of greenroofs and farming in the city. The Dakakker was created in April 2012.

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perfectchekov  asked:

yo yo yo!! cotton candy, mango, mocha, and blackberry!!

Hey Reb <3 

Cotton Candy:  three places you want to travel to?

Budapest, Istanbul, and Prague! (I’ve only been to London and Amsterdam in Europe and really want to visit again) 

Mango:  when and why did you start your blog?

Hahaha so this isn’t a really Profound Story… I’ve wanted to make an HP blog for a long time but never really had the motivation to do so, until one day in February (2017) I was really bored during rehearsal, so I clicked The Button, and here we are ;)

Mocha: ideal weather conditions?

Dry, sunny, but cold and windy :) I love walking, and this kind of weather is the most pleasant for me to be outside and walk around. I live in Chicago and it’s basically winter for six months there, so I’m pretty good with cold & windy conditions. 

Blackberry: have you ever laughed so hard you cried?

Oh my goodness, yes! I can’t list a lot of examples off the top of my head but yesterday I was hanging out with my cousins and their 2 year old, and my nephew decided to climb into his dad’s lap like it’s a daunting mountain … all the while my cousin was trying to get his super huge, super heavy, professional camera out of the way. I was really close to crying from laughing. 

send me ice cream asks ♡

Imagine if the world’s weather was dependent on the god’s state of mind/ personality.
*Etihw’s world is generally really sunny where people live/ are most likely to see, however there are some other areas that are constantly gloomy and dark, most of them having to deal with the war- Wastelands, the grave yard, and Ending Lake. Showing how they put on a happy façade in front of people, but are actually very depressed.
*Siralos’ heaven is covered in stars- he’s always showing off his skill and power. However, his Hell is dark and glowing red, showing how merciless he his to those he discards.
*Fumus’ heaven is shown to be a seemingly pleasant place- but under the clouds and in the Pitch Black (because there is no in between- anymore) its dark, stormy and overall not a good place to be. Suggesting that he’s nice to those how meet him, but once you get to know him- well…
*Elux’s world is told to be constantly stormy- suggesting that they are a very chaotic, relentless and impulsive person.
*Liliya’s world is not really talked about, but he seems like he’s obsessed with beauty; sunrises and sun sets are longer, light rains that always lead to rainbows and stars are so much clearer.
*Justim is once again not talked about enough, but they seem like a very balanced person- no one part of their world is too dry or too windy or too anything- everything is just right. Good times are followed by bad and nothing is set in stone.

aprilneverdies  asked:

1, 10, 12

1. Smell of pumpkin guts or rotting leaves?
I haven’t carved a real pumpkin since I was a kid (I know, what blasphemy!), so I’m going to go with rotting leaves. That smell is just undeniably fall :’)

10. Still, silent nights or rainy, wind blown ones?
I actually like dry, cool, windy nights the best. I guess I’ll have to go with still, silent nights.

12. Witches or ghosts?
Witches! A witch is my go-to Halloween costume :)

Thank you so much!

what if dumb ereri neighbors au

like eren hangs his clothes out to dry and one windy day his underwear ends up on levi’s balcony.

or eren has a really fat cat and it accidentally drops down to levi’s balcony, who lives below him. and the cat’s yowling wakes up levi.

or someone’s water heater breaks… in the middle of winter and “uh, hey, so this is a really weird thing to ask… but can i borrow your shower for a few days.”

maybe one day one of them coughCOUGH ‘accidentally’ locks himself out of his apartment and hey could i use your balcony to climb up to my balcony. just as an excuse to talk to the other.

Hiking today in Lake Arrowhead. I did this quick watercolor at the top of the mountain. It was so dry and windy the paint kept drying too fast.

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