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I was thinking, with the whole Moffat saying we missed something. Sherlock was crying. We all saw the tear fall. That is something out of character, for me at least, then he says "It's what people do, don't they? Leave a note?" And BAM, to me that was Sherlock again. His voice was normal. Crying isn't very Sherlock to me. Maybe that's it? Then he threw the phone and had the look of determination on his face. Plus the shirt was purple, but when he jumped it was white.

Yeah, I don’t know, I’m tending to kind of personally exclude anything that happened during the rooftop scene because he’s lying through his teeth anyway, not to mention at points possibly thinking he was going to die and then having to convince his friend he has was going to die, so it’s all going to be rather effected (but on the contrary, I rather beleive the tears were very real~). Plus, if we get involved in theories on the roof scene you have to start looking at factors such as just how much did Sherlock know or predict and as a result how much had he planned. Was he ever actually afraid he was going to die or was it all a front?  It all becomes very relative (which is probably Moffat’s perfect territory, painfully enough).

I’m thinking it’s going to be something that happens before that, conceivably something that happens before the entire roof-top scene which, for me, excludes the theories involving Sherlock tossing his phone, the tears and the call itself as the the ‘clue’.

Plus the shirt was purple, but when he jumped it was white’ AKJS;ALKS THIS WAS NOT A THING I WAS ABE TO SEE THROUGH MY TEARS! In a conversation with sherlockscheekbones, we decided the white shirt was most probably an undershirt.

drwhogeek10: Ohhh yeah, that’s true. And in an average band size I’m a D. Thanks, I appreciate someone noticing and validating. Today involved a lot of lifting and running around, and now even when I lay down it hurts :/

Also, you get all the awards for putting so much quality Marvel stuff on my dash :) I’m so glad I’m following you, I need my marvel fix ;)

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Author of Breath of Life here! Just wanting to let you lovely readers know that chapter 12 should be up soon, and I believe there are only a couple chapters left, and the story will be done. I thank everyone who has kept up with Loki and Laila! Believe me when I say they are my favorite couple that I have ever written.

Thanks for the update, love. There’s no rush to get your installments up. Your readers will be here when you are ready to post.

For those who haven’t read Breath of Life, you can find all the chapters HERE.

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I just wanna give props to all the authors who can update like every day or every other day! I'm terrible at that, and since I'm rewriting the majority of Breath of Life, it will still be a while! And thank you to the admis for making everything work out as well! Such a lovely done blog.

I envy the authors that can produce things so quickly. It’s amazing to me that writers can sometimes be so driven by ideas, that the pen or keyboard just flows. Good luck with your rewrites! I’m sure the effort and the time spent will be well worth it.

And you are more than welcome. We thrive because of our authors and readers, like you!

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