druss the legend

And what is a man? He is someone who rises when life has knocked him down. He is someone who raises his fist to heaven when a storm has ruined his crop–and then plants again. And Again. A man remains unbroken by the savage twists of fate. That man may never win. But when he sees himself reflected, he can be proud of what he sees. For low he may be in the scheme of things: peasant, serf, or dispossessed. But he is unconquerable.
—  Druss The Legend 
Life, he knew, breaks many men. Some as strong as oaks wither as their wives die, or leave them, as their children suffer or starve. Other strong men break if they lose a limb; or worse, the use of their legs or eyesight. Each man has a breaking point, no matter how strong his spirit. Somewhere deep inside him, there is a flaw that only the fickle cruelty of fate can find. A man’s strength is ultimately born of his own weakness, Druss knew.
—  Druss - David Gemmell