drusilla of mauretania

The continuation of the last post…

After Cleopatra and Mark Antony, we have only Cleopatra Selene’s descendents. Selene marries Juba II, and have at last 5 children, but only 2 survive the childhood: Ptolemy and Drusilla.

About Drusilla, we only know that she was raised in Rome after the death of her parents, and married with, Gaius Cassios, a man 40 years older than she.

Ptolemy of Mauretania, the heir, became king, marries Julia Urania, an emesene princess and they have a daughter, also called Drusilla.

This Drusilla also was raised in Rome after the death of her father by Caligula. She married twice, first with Antonius Felix, the governor of Judea, but the married was over soon, and divorced, she married with Gaius Julius Sohaemus, the king of Emesa (the kingdom of her mother), and bore him at last 2 children, Gaius Julius Alexios, and a girl, called Iotape. By her line, we can see great names of history as Zenobia of Palmyra, Julia Maesa and Julia Mamaea, and the roman emperors Caracalla and Hellioglabus… And who knows who else may come from this line, a little bit obscure ;)