drurry lane

Benjamin Hallet A Child not five years old who under the Tuition of Mr Oswald, Performed on the Flute at Drurry Lane Theatre Ano. 1748, for 50 Nights with extraordinary Skill & Applause, and in the following Year was able to Play his part in any Concert on the Violincello", 

 "Thos. Jenkins pinxt. / Js. McArdell Fecit"

Mezzotint portrait as a child standing whole-length to right playing cello, looking to left at music on stand, dressed as a girl, his hair curled. 1748


Went into this musical knowing very little about it and walked out amazed! I’m so happy I was able to go and see this show with my best friend before she goes back to school in a few days. 

The cast was amazing, the set was AMAZING the songs were INCREDIBLE everything about it was fantastic. It was the best way to honestly end one of the best days ever.