Sometimes I wish I didn’t hold my booze so well. My sir is fast asleep, having shouted ‘boom’ because of lobster in his sleep. I tried to get him to explain but he mumbled some words not understandable and passed out once more.

One friend is puking,  which he should be ready to sleep now, and the former roommate is wide awake waiting for the other to sober up so he can sleep in a more comfortable location.

Meanwhile,  I’m pondering why messages aren’t being answered and what time I should set my alarm clock for in the morn. Meh…  I wanted to be drunk to the point of zombieness. It would have fit nicely with the walking dead Drunkopoly but that ended in a tie with me and the other sober-ish former roommate.

I’m comfortably tired?  Which is kinda normal for this time of night since the internship put me on a ‘normal people schedule’.

Let's be honest

If you’re still playing college drinking games and you’re not in college or never been to, then when is it right to act your age and go back to being a regular drinker?

There are still better drinking games out there that isn’t beer pong, which I think is stupid after years of playing it.

Kings cup, drinkopoly not drunkopoly, rage cage (which is way better than beer pong), I never, or the usual t.v. show drinking games.

Those are totally acceptable. And I could do a whole report on bull shit but it would be labeled and I would be forced to titled it, bull shit.

This isn’t up for discussion it’s just been an interesting phenomenon that I’ve had in my head for awhile.