OKAY i just want to say thank you so much for getting me to 11k! I haven’t been super active from having more school work and now working a lot. BUT you guys still keep following me sticking by my blog which is amazing. So yeah you guys are amazing! i LOVE you guys so much if i forgot anyone I’m sorry :)

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I was tagged for the 20 beautiful women tag by drunkmichaels and lukesslut thanks sm for tagging me and you both looked so pretty in your pics!!!

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This is not ok.

The blog ashtonbandanairwin has been stealing our posts. Yes, we are not happy about it. I tried to message that blog but of course i can’t because it has enabled the ask box. Then i noticed that it’s posting gifs from a lot of people and getting a lot of notes.

If you’ve ever worked on something you’ll understand how upsetting it is that people steal it.

Please, if you are following that blog, don’t. It’s not fair for anyone.
(i’ll tag some blogs that person has stole from)


th3quxxn polaroidhemmoh and peachymuke tagged me in the 20 beautiful women thing, thank u so much!! yall are so beautiful it hurts. harrywithluke hickeymuke stagevocals calum5sos frickyeahlucas jackhemmingz shybabyluke gweetar fricknlucas drunkmichaels newreject ashfuckwin bananacal rejectclifford steakpanties 5sosjapan ohemmoh specialcal lsotboy calumstrophywife i’m expecting selfies soon

I love each and every one of you so much, and if I forgot to include you on this list it is because I am a huge dumbass. :)

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and these are old photos but I LOOK GOOD OKAY 

I was tagged for the 20 beautiful women challenge by xsocial-casualtyx 


And i tag…..

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20 beautiful women 😊❤️

I was tagged by fuckbxyluke 

 Feeling kinda good about this 😋 but i mean whatever….

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