30 Days of Luke Evans

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Day 1: Favorite line of Luke’s in any movie
Day 2: Favorite personal quote
Day 3: Favorite photoshoot
Day 4: First film you saw Luke in
Day 5: Favorite movie so far
Day 6: Favorite body part
Day 7: Favorite facial expression
Day 8: What would you do if you spent the whole day with Luke?
Day 9: What character you would like to see Luke play?
Day 10: Favorite photo of Luke in character
Day 11: Favorite red carpet look
Day 12: Five things you love about Luke
Day 13: Favorite female co-star
Day 14: Favorite male co-star
Day 15: Fuck/Marry/Get drunk with: Andy Cobb, Owen Shaw, Aramis
Day 16: What movie of Luke’s have you watched the most?
Day 17: Post a picture of something that reminds you of Luke
Day 18: Post a gif showing your reaction if you actually met Luke
Day 19: What song makes you think of Luke?
Day 20: With or without the mustache?
Day 21: FREE DAY
Day 22: The gif that you can stare at for hours
Day 23: Post a link to your favorite interview
Day 24: What made you become a fan of Luke?
Day 25: Post or describe a scene with Luke that makes you happy
Day 26: Post or describe a scene with Luke that makes you sad
Day 27: Which upcoming movie are you most excited to see?
Day 28: If you could ask Luke one question what would it be?
Day 29: Last movie with Luke in it that you watched
Day 30: What actor would you love to see Luke work with in the future?