skype with Laura

consists of:

  • her with playing with a blowup doll (thankfully not in a sexual way) 
  • her walking around showing me her barracks 
  • me getting motion sickness because she is running around with her computer
  • and this (her drinking out of a ben and jerrys pint):

drunkenmonkeyy replied to your post: 8,13,19

you had me at chicken parmesan jdcjwhefbvcrw i love itttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh rightttttttt? id invite you over when my dad makes bc my dad is a gr8 chef butttttt it is chicken parmesan :]

nerissalorayna replied to your post: nerissalorayna replied to your post: 1 6 11 16  …

I’m not mad, lol. I thought they made you look artsy. But yeah I get ya with the unprofessional part.

lol yea looking artsy is cool but idk im like revamping everything i dont wanna be the annoying guy who trys to make it painfully obvious hes a musician i kinda like those friends who know me for a while then i tell them i have a concert or soemthing and theyre like woah youre a musiciannnnn lol

idk its the whole thou shalt not booast thing lol

i know its not a commandment but it is to me keep work and life seperate if what youre doing is respectable you have no need to showboat