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So an ExR Beauty and the Beast AU, right? Enjolras is the beautiful revolutionary who comes into the life of the beastly Grantaire and shows him light.


Grantaire as the beauty and Enjolras as the beast.

Enjolras as a grotesque monster who longs more than anything to change the world. To see the day when all men are free. But he’s bound to his home. His curse imprisons him to his cold castle where he can’t start revolution, he can’t change the world. And he can’t find someone to stop his loneliness.

And then in walks Grantaire.

Grantaire, ugly, cynical, drunken Grantaire, stumbles into his castle and all Enjolras can think is “there is no way he can be the one. He’s not beautiful, he’s not kind. He’s not a woman.” But Grantaire begins to prove him wrong. Somehow he can see the light in this beast. He is willing to spend hours in the library reading dozens of books and to play in the snow and to listen to him go on and on about injustice. He believes in him. Then the cynic begins to become something…more. Enjolras knows that he’s not handsome, but when he smiles, when he looks into his eyes, something happens. He doesn’t want to tempt fate, he doesn’t want to be betrayed by hope, but he starts to wonder, is this what it feels like to love? Is this what will break the spell? Grantaire drinks and spends his days wandering around empty halls and letting his heart speed up when he thinks about the man who shares this life with him. He sees the grace of Apollo buried under the ugliness of Hephaestus. 

Enjolras is going to die. He is wasting away and Grantaire lies beside him on the castle cobblestone as Enjolras takes his hand.

When Grantaire utters those words “I love you” and a golden-haired beauty stands before him, he sees no difference.

He sees what he has always seen.

On Our Own
Thefinaldeathlyhallow & Li-prouvaire

ReMis: On Our Own

The night before that fateful day at the barricades, two people suffering the same hopeless love look back on their lives with regret: Eponine, the streetwise waif, and Grantaire, the drunken cynic.

Eponine: @thefinaldeathlyhallow

Grantaire: @li-prouvaire


And now I’m all alone again, nowhere to turn, no one to go to

Without a home, without a friend, without a face to say hello to

But now the night is near

And I can make believe he’s here

Sometimes I walk alone at night

When everybody else is sleeping

I think of him and then I’m happy

With the company I’m keeping

The city goes to bed,

And I can live inside my head


On my own

Pretending he’s beside me

All alone,

I walk with him ‘til morning


Without him,

I feel his arms around me

And when I lose my way I close my eyes

And he has found me


In the rain, the pavement shines like silver

All the lights are misty in the river

In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight

And all I see is him and me forever and forever


And I know it’s only in my mind


That I’m talking to myself and not to him


And although I know that he is blind

Still I say–


–there’s a way for us

I love him

But when the night is over

He is gone,

The river’s just a river


Without him,

The world around me changes

The trees are bare and everywhere

The streets are full of strangers…


I love him

But every day I’m learning

All my life,

I’ve only been pretending


Without me,

His world will go on turning

A world that’s full of happiness

That I have never known


I love him…


I love him…


I love him…


But only on my own…

drunken-cynic  asked:

((Aphrodisiac)) "You have no idea how much I want to." Grantaire whispered licking his lips as he held Enjolras at arms length. "Really no idea. But I can't take advantage of you like that. It's not right."

Enjolras’ eyes were blown wide, and he whined, a completely undignified sound that he would never be caught making when he was fully in control. The blond reached for Grantaire, trying to pull him in. “Why not?” He asked.