drunken lovers

Imagine you’re a bastard daughter of a king of a far off realm, the product of his drunken loneliness at battle. His guilt of cheating on his wife drove him to send you to live on Midgard, but due to the fact that his other children (and his wife) adore you, you’re often invited to visit.

The time comes for Thor and Loki to find their brides and they come to your home realm to invite your sister, who is only a couple months younger than you, to come to the castle with other princesses from other realms to help them decide. One of the younger of your siblings blurts out and asks if you are coming as well. Odin finds out from a very guilty sounding king that you are his bastard daughter, and Frigga invites you as well, much to your dismay.

You know almost nothing about the court life, and living at the castle is difficult. However, you seem to be the only woman there that doesn’t repulse Loki with constant attention, and the two of you spend hours in the library talking about the two different worlds you come from. Soon he is falling in love, and when the time comes for the princes to choose their brides, he immediately chooses you and confesses his undying love to you.