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the broken ones (m) | preview

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goblin inspired.

muses: corporate heir!jungkook. ceo!yoongi. ceo startup!reader.
genre: fluff, angst, smut.

Warning: “Darling, I love the broken ones.”

There was nothing more you hate than having to stand two straight hours in a 6 inch heels, holding a glass of Chateu Margaux that you’ll never finish, drowning in the slow rhythm no one danced to whilst trying to retain the smallest crumb of self-control as to not make a beeline for the inviting double doors where the valets await to return your Audi in front of the doorsteps. But ah, you’d arrived here with Jungkook as he’d hinted a few times too many that you came together. Just to feed the press something to chew on for next few days.

Your eyes wandered through the dress adored figures and suited bodies in search for said boy who you found in less than a heartbeat. When you’re the corporate heir of J&J Group, there’s nothing that can hide your from the spotlight of swooning heiress and a couple lonely corporate wives. And if it wasn’t the forming crowd of the female species that drew you, it would be the uncontained giggle of drunken lovers with painted features in hopes to attract the eye of the gala. 

Lovers. Jungkook had a lot of those, far too many than both fingers combined and no further than a phone call away. They’d come running without him having to say the words of courting nor profess his undying love with flowers in their doorsteps.

Love. It was another thing that the young heir was full of too. There was never a spot too small or unfitting in his heart. If the opposite sex needed it, then he would, without a moment’s hesitation, gather her in his arms and show her what it meant to be treated as the queen she is. He would cherish her, worship her, kiss every inch over her skin and whisper her perfection. But it would only be for tonight. As Jeon Jungkook had many lovers and he loved them all.

“But baby, you’re my favorite.” He would murmur against the sensitive flesh of your neck, arms banded around your waist as he trailed butterflies down your shoulders. He never failed to tell you each night you spent together in his king bed, glistening with sweat and lust and greed and love.

we were in a dimly lit motel room,
the swimming pool out in the back, dipping, pill popping, just gazing at your hands, darling
Do i really have a halo like you say? amethyst dangling, they all greet with a hello, and he tastes just like i thought he would
As he told me with a sleepy kiss,
‘If you wanna smoke, go outside, if you wanna smoke remember the cold air, baby, just make sure you don’t choke’

table 12 [bucky x reader]

a/n: this may turn into a series

warnings; none! romance!

words; a lot

prompt;  Hi I was wondering if I could bother you with  a Bucky imagine… anything really.. I just love Bucky a lot fandomlover2001 )


A busy night. The diner’s door didn’t seem to shut as one couple walked in right after another with their heels clicking on the cool marble floor and their voices ringing all the way to the kitchen, which was behind a meek door behind a counter and where you currently found yourself frantically searching for more napkins. Your yellow uniform was now layered with dust at its edges and a spec of salsa sauce on the side, but you couldn’t really see it. At least you hoped. The stench of oil and the crisp sound of frying started to hurt your head and your eyes watered, a sigh of relief escaping your lips as your fingers finally grabbed a hold of two packs of clean white napkins. You hopped on your feet – with a free hand you hurriedly dusted off the dirt and redness from your knees, then fixing a few strands of loose hair behind your ear – and with a smile directed at another friendly waitress you pushed the kitchen’s door open and found yourself standing behind the counter.

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Diabolik Lovers Vampire Juice
Listen to Diabolik Lovers Vampire Juice by Aixa Almada #np on #SoundCloud

[TRANSLATION] - is not mine but from the awesome kinokotottekoi


ヴァンパイア★ジュース ~届けられたお歳暮~

Vampire Juice ★ Year-end gift

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Masterlist: Part Two


Kuroo Tetsurou:

Kenma Kozume:

Lev Haiba:


Bokuto Koutaro:

Akaashi Keji:

Angery Hotel Russian

Please don’t hate me 4 this. I used google translate and kinda rushed it but also I think it’s very cute and like 3000 words. Shoutout 2 @nightwalker6200​ for the idea!

“NO!” Yuri shouted and slammed his fist down on the table. “I refuse to share a room with these two disgusting blubber lovers! They will keep me up all night with their ‘hahaha-ing,’ and their stupid secret jokes! Not to mention the fat one snores!”

“I’m sorry sir but there just aren’t any other rooms available, the entire hotel is booked,” the girl at the front desk explained.

Yuri leaned forward so he was face to face with the lady, elbows propped on the desk and fists clenched. They were going to be staying there for a whole week and he was not about to put up with this. He was the ice tiger of Russia and he deserved his own god damn room.

“Listen up…” Yuri looked down at her name tag, then continued, “…Julia. I don’t know if you know who I am, but-“

“Okay!” Yuuri interrupted while pulling Yuri back by his shoulders.  “Looks like somebody is a little jet lagged.” He laughed nervously, still trying to pull him away from poor Julia.

“Get your hands off of me!” Yuri pulled out of his grasp and took a few steps away from the desk.

“Yurio…if she says they don’t have any more rooms then there aren’t any more rooms. Let’s just try and make the best of this, you can even have your own bed! I’ll sleep on the pullout couch,” Yuuri said, trying to diffuse the situation.

“It’s true! We really are booked for the next month.” Julia said. She turned her computer screen around so they could see the schedule.

He stared at the schedule for a minute. It was a big excel spreadsheet that he couldn’t make head nor tails of but he pretended to look it over. He glared at her, then at Yuuri. He didn’t like it but it looked like there was no other option.

“Fine. But if I miss even a MINUTE of sleep because of you two then I’m kicking you out on the couches in the lobby.” He huffed and pulled his hood up over his head, popped the handle up on his suitcase, and stormed off towards the elevator.

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The Righteous Raoul; The poisonous illusionist from a band of traveling performers. Raoul prefers the term illusionist compared to a magician- he never had that familiar top hat or albino rabbit for that matter. During the mid-1920′s his band of unique individuals set their destination towards New York’s Manhattan. Where Raoul met the gullible lawyer, George Cohen, who at the time had a steady income. Becoming a target to add to George’s list of affairs. Raoul played on this advantage while this man’s previous lover remained absent, Raoul became that replacement. Claiming every cent he could muster from the lawyer; moaning his group was his family and how they struggled day to day, that he wanted to stay in New York with George and perform. Which was an absolute lie. Despising everyone within the city, but they were wealthier than he. George was one of the few that held on. 

    While he was a massive manipulator he never once showed his true side to the Cohen, often seeming kind, pathetic, and gentle- coaxing George into saying what he wanted. His aggression was usually shown behind closed doors to those he worked with. To add to that matter he limited his showings only so the crowds would pay more to see nothing that astounding- swindling many. He carried on with his fake accent seducing the few he needed to, as the elder Cohen even fancied. Though Raoul knew absolutely nothing in the language, besides the basic few words, he always had to avoid that subject all together. 

    When George refused Raoul constant seeking for money, Raoul became undoubtedly enraged spewing harmful words.  How he would just let his family parish without anything to eat and that he’d have to leave New York. Of course that was all around startling from his false lover. Attempting to make George feel terrible for doing so. But George managed to see the lies past the illusion, all because of Louie’s career causing him to leave him. He felt weak. He was vulnerable in choosing Raoul- mislead by his heart to see how much the illusionist took from him and how he felt nothing even during their intimate settings the man was cold. Afterwards he never seen the man whose name was shouted out by several upon the streets, The Righteous Raoul, ever again. 

Taiwanese Drama List

*List under construction*

I love mah TDramas~


So I have decided to make a list of them based on various categories :) [Under the “keep reading”] The categories are in alphabetical order (as are the dramas listed under them). Enjoy~ 

Feel free to reblog and make suggestions to the list~ Meowrr~

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anonymous asked:

for the 400 followers prompts, hybrid fahc weird animal shenanigans? (i love ur writing!!)

((so uh. remember how I said that my prompt fills would be around 1000 words? and no more than 2000? Well this ended up at nearly 3400…. To be fair the reason for that is because this is essentially 6 minifics in one. Also made this OT7 for @somuchspoopyness (i hope u dont mind if i count this as your prompt fill too? if not tell me and i’ll do something separate for yours)))

Geoff (And Ryan):

Geoff grumbles under his breath, crumbling the papers into a ball. Nothing was working. Nothing was fitting together. There were too many holes in the plans, too many things not being timed at the right times. People falling through, plans falling through. Nothing was working.

Geoff was frustrated. Geoff was really fucking frustrated.

And so was Ryan. Forced to help Geoff, he was getting more and more agitated both from the planning and from Geoff’s own frustration.

Geoff tries to pace the room, tries to get rid of the frustrated energy but it wasn’t working. If anything, it was making it worse and he needed a release and he needed it now.

And then Geoff turns to Ryan and Ryan gulps because there’s that look in his eye and Ryan knows exactly where this is going to go.

Geoff lowers his head, points his horns right at Ryan, and surges forward.

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kiss me,
kiss me endlessly
kiss me till my lips have the scent of your lips
and my tongue forgets where it belongs
kiss me
with the moon’s gentle light
as your kiss upon my oceans
kiss me
till all our words melt into sighs
and our hearts
sink in like drunken lovers
kiss me
with your lips of holy water
washing my body into the shores of heaven

oh my love,
kiss me,
kiss me endlessly
my lips
and your lips
know nothing else
but the sacred taste
of heavens.

—  M,Y. / kiss me.
Drunken Lovers

Here’s another fic children. Damn Aimee back at it again with the bechloe smut. Frickle frackle ahead loves!

Don’t be afraid to send me prompts btw I am a v bored person so I love to write them!

Drunken lovers
Summary: Beca Mitchell/Chloe Beale
Rating: M (oooooo)
Summary: Beca gets a little drunken surprise one night.


Beca sighed, breath tumbling past her dry lips as she bit the bottom one, rolling it between her teeth. She reached over and picked up the small tube of Chapstick, applying some aimlessly before placing it back down and tapping her mouse pad a few times while punctuating the actions with annoyed whines. The buffering sign continued to spin before her screen went black and bright white writing came up, random codes displayed across the screen. Unfortunately it was the third time her laptop had done this but she didn’t have the money to fix it at the minute.

It had been a few months since they all graduated and Beca was currently living in a single bedroom apartment that she could only describe as liveable. It contained the bare minimum, a small living room, kitchen area, toilet and a bedroom that could just about fit a bed in it. Beca was currently sat at the grubby desk, looking at her reflection in the screen and letting out a large huff, the front of her hair flying upwards at the gust of air. She had put her own flare on the rooms, posters here and pictures there. The girls all got to keep a few trophies each and as captain Beca got the championship ones which were dotted around the rooms.

The girls were still close in a way. They met up every other Friday at the local pizza place, and it was rare one of them didn’t show. Apart from that some of them done their own thing with each other or they would Skype and call and there was a massive group chat that Beca had on ‘do not disturb’ because fuck that shit bleeping in the middle of the night.

Amy had moved in with Bumper into a nice small bungalow she called her 'shag shack’. Cynthia was obviously planning her wedding and was looking to move to Maine soon. Jessica and Ashley got together but were taking it slow, Emily was the new captain of the new Bella team and Flo had got deported a few times but always managed to get back in. Stacie was in med school, Aubrey was still doing the control freak thing and Lilly sort of appeared every other Friday then disappeared after.

Chloe was with Tom again. Beca swallowed the bile in her throat as she shook her head, tracing the logo on her laptop. They were getting an apartment together, they were one of those couples everyone just envied. Matching trainers, matching pyjamas and Instagram posts captioned #relationshipgoals. It was brilliant to see and honestly that was part of the reason Beca had distanced herself from her best friend a little.

Jesse and her had finished pretty quickly. Beca had officially broke down with the stress of having feelings for her best friend and Jesse thought it would be best. He had an amazing girlfriend who returned his cheesy smiles and didn’t just have sex with him, they made love. Once again Beca swallowed but this time the gross taste in her mouth, she was so happy for him but he treated her like a guy pal and told her all the details of his bedroom life. Not only did Beca feel disgusted by it but she envied it slightly considering the fact her bedroom life was more like a bedroom death.

She had skipped pizza with the Bellas tonight. They were going to a club after and Beca had made up she was sick and thought she had eaten something bad. She didn’t tell them about the fact that Tom was going for some reason would kill her insides and she would probably do something she would totally regret. The Bellas had argued but eventually relented and the last thing Beca heard over the group phone call was a soft and gentle “m'sorry Beca.’ She knew exactly who it came from and she knew they weren’t sorry she was feeling sick.

Beca lifted herself up and walked a few steps to the sofa, sitting down and finding the remote in between the cushions. The sofa groaned at the weight but still held like every time and Beca turned the tv on, waiting for it to load. Money was tight and she couldn’t use it on things like this, food and 'living stuff’ was more important.

The tv connected onto some reality show and Beca picked up the packet of Doritos by the sofa, hanging her feet over the back and beginning to munch on the Doritos, occasionally licking the tips of her fingers to get the dust off.

The internship was going okay but nothing had really progressed. He had actually bothered to learn her name but apart from that she still had to do all the same jobs. It didn’t pay well though and she was currently looking for a night shift somewhere to cover the extra costs.

She had been on the odd date. Mainly with women which was a bit of a surprise but considering she was head over heels for a woman it was not so shocking anymore. God she missed Chloe. Missed the teasing touches, the long gazes, the comfort of being with her. Every touch from Chloe held a promise and if only Beca had realised that she wanted her before then she wouldn’t be here. She would be with Chloe and Chloe felt like home. She should have gone to the club tonight because her and Chloe were falling apart and maybe tonight she could have spoke to her even if she was drunk.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if they hadn’t of kissed. And it wasn’t just any kiss, it was one that drove Beca crazy and it still did. It was after one of the treble parties, they were both drunk and giggling like idiots as they stumped through the dark. Beca had been about to make her way back to her room when Chloe had caught her wrist and brought her in close to whisper in her ear.

"How about you stay with me tonight Becs?” Beca had nodded of course and gone into Chloe’s room, soon getting into bed with her. They were laying next to each other and one minute Beca felt teasing fingers against her thigh and the next Chloe was straddling her, kissing her deeply and the taste of vodka flooding into her mouth. They had stopped before it went anywhere, planning on talking about it but Beca snuck out, not one to talk about feelings. They never really did speak about it and seeing Chloe’s expression fall every time Beca refused killed her.

Then one day Chloe walked through the door with Tom. Hands linked, cheesy smiles and gooey eyes, practically joined at the hip. Beca had almost threw up, her stomach churning and head pounding like she had a hangover. And maybe she did because being with Chloe made her feel drunk and seeing this was like the after effects.

Beca shut her eyes tight and groaned, the thought torturing her like it usually did. She returned her attention to the tv when she heard hushed giggling and a muted 'shut up!’ from outside her door. She muted the tv and sat up, placing the Doritos on the floor when she heard three uneven knocks on her door. She hoped it was some seller or something because she wasn’t exactly dressed for a robbery or anything. It was getting to the early hours of the morning anyway, so who could it be? She looked down at her leggings and tank top, grabbing her hoodie and pulling it on before going up to the door. There was another knock and Beca reached out, opening up the door.

What she didn’t expect was an armful of Chloe Beale.

The redhead had launched herself into Becas arms, hands wound round Becas neck and giggling like an idiot. Beca just stared wide eyes when Amy and Stacie leaned forward, pulling Chloe back into them as she staggered backwards, wrapping her arms round both of them while pouting

“Hey! I want Beca!” She slurred, poking Amy on the side of her boob accusingly which she got an eye roll in return. Standing behind Amy, Stacie and Chloe were Aubrey and Cynthia, one looking stern and the other rather amused.

“Um,” Beca cleared her throat and scratched the back of her neck, “hi? What are you guys doing here?” Chloe was grinning at her like an idiot, and Beca returned a nervous smile.

“Ginger here got wasted and we were bringing her home. She refused to move until we took her to you, she’s like a bloody child,” Amy whined, holding Chloe up as the redhead swayed to the side slightly.

“Where’s Tom? Why isn’t he with her?” Beca could resist, curiosity rising when the Bellas looked guiltily between them. Chloe seemed to perk up though.

“I don’t want Tom,” she shook her head childishly, “I want you!” She stumbled forward again and nuzzles her face into Becas neck. Beca lifted her arms and gingerly placed her hands on Becas biceps, rubbing a little as the redhead hummed in delight.

“Hey, I thought you were sick?” Stacie raised an eyebrow and Beca coughed a few times, wiping her forehead. Her fingers were replaced with Chloe’s hands as the ginger rubbed her forehead and cooed.

“Yeah I think I caught a bug or something,” Beca mumbled and Amy rolled her eyes, as Chloe tugged a piece of Becas hair and poked her tongue out, licking Becas neck.

“You said it was something you ate,” Amy pointed out and Beca just shrugged, pushing Chloe’s forehead away from her neck to stop her from licking her.

“Anyway, can we go now Chlo? You’ve seen her.” Chloe stood up and stamped her foot, crossing her arms across the black blouse she was wearing. Becas eyes darted downwards to see the short tight skirt accentuating Chloe’s legs and she gulped, bring her eyes hastily upwards.

“You guys can go. I want to stay here with Beca,” she grinned and poked Becas cheek. The girls were looking at her expectingly and Beca sighed, leaning against the door frame.

“I’ll keep her here for the night and get her home tomorrow.” The girls nodded and all said their goodbyes with a stern 'water, lots of it, and Advil’ from Aubrey. With that Chloe wandered inside and Beca shut the door, suddenly stuck for what to do. She decided on getting Chloe into bed as much as she could, noticing the redhead walking round the apartment and running her finger along the frames of photos.

“I like your apartment,” Chloe half smiled and returned her gaze. Of course Chloe Beale would see something in the shabby apartment just like she strangely saw something in Beca.

“So what happened between you and Tom?” The words stumbled out of Becas mouth and she bit her lip after, regretting what she said. She was so desperate and urged herself to shut up in her head.

“We had an argument is all, he went home and I came here,” Chloe shrugged, not looking at all that bothered by the fact her and her boyfriend had fought. Beca moved over to the sofa and sat down, watching Chloe as she sat down beside her, thighs touching.

Beca swallowed at the proximity and Chloe leaned against her, hooking her chin onto Becas shoulder so her breath travelled across Becas throat. The brunette whimpered and she felt a smirk against her neck. Chloe leaned forward a little more and trailed her nose up Becas neck until she reached her ear, nibbling her lobe teasingly.

“Besides, I’d much rather be here anyway,” Chloe muttered darkly, bringing a hand up to sit on Becas thigh. Mind whirling Beca pulled away, clearing her throat and standing up, putting a little distance between them both.

“Let’s get you to bed huh? I’ll get some water and the bedrooms right through there,” Beca pointed and rushed off into the kitchen, leaning against the counter and growling. She brushed her hair away from her face and grabbed a glass, placing it under the tap and filling it up half way. She rifled through the cupboard until she found a box of tablets and grabbed a few of those too, making her way to the bedroom and turning the tv off on her way.

She reached out and turned the handle, pushing the door open and almost stopping in her tracks as she gasped, holding onto the water tightly. Chloe stood there, hair released from its up do so it fell messily across her back which was completely bare, her bra laid across the floor a few feet across from her. Luckily enough for Becas breathing she still had her skirt on and Beca let out a woosh of air. Of course she had seen it all before due to the fact that Chloe did kinda barge in on her in the shower. But seeing her like this felt competently different and Chloe being Chloe the redhead turned round at the sound and made no attempt to cover up. Beca covered her eyes with a squeak and placed the glass down somewhere on the floor.

“Dude! Cover your junk!” Chloe chuckled and Beca heard fabric sliding against fabric and then gentle footsteps. Soon hands wound round her own and pulled them away from her face and Chloe stood there in just a long t shirt that she obviously just stole from Beca. Beca gulped as Chloe bit her lip and leaned in, catching Becas lips in a teasing kiss before pulling apart and padding over to the bed. Beca stood there, mouth gaping because Chloe just totally kissed her, Chloe who she was still totally in love with, Chloe was totally taken!

“Um, Chlo? What about Tom?” Beca mumbled, walking over to the wardrobe and changing her leggings for shorts and keeping her tank on. Chloe still sat there, eyes now focused more intently on Beca as she half smiled, looking somewhat adorable and dangerous all at the same time. Chloe’s expression changed, brow furrowing slightly as she tried to think of an answer before picking at one of her nails while looking down.

“I don’t want to think about Tom. I want to just,” she paused, biting her lip and eyes watering a little,“ I want to just be with you.” Becas heart lurched as Chloe took a big gulp, picking at a bit of string on the shirt she was wearing. Beca shifted awkwardly before she picked up the glass of water and extended her arm to Chloe. Noticing the movement the redhead looked up before smiling gently and standing, taking the glass as her fingers brushed against Becas.

“Thanks Becs,” she spoke softly. Beca returned the smile and looked round nervously, trying to figure out what to do. Chloe took several long gulps of the water before placing it downwards and standing up.

“Can I use your bathroom?” Beca nodded and Chloe smiled, walking out of the bedroom and after a few moments Beca heard the door click. Just as it clicked she brought her fist up to her mouth and bit down hard, screeching breathlessly and beginning to pace.

“Do not have sex with Chloe Beale,” she muttered, pulling at the roots of her hair. She tensed her thighs together as she pinched the skin of her leg. “Do not have sex with her,” she growled, breathing heavily. Having sex with a very intoxicated Chloe Beale would not end well. Having sex with her at all would not work out. Becas feelings were way too strong to risk the idea of being intimate with her. Even though being left on the line after being so close to having the one thing she craved was driving her absolutely crazy. Being near Chloe was driving her crazy.

She heard the click once more and soon the door was opened, allowing a small slither of light to enter the room before disappearing. Beca watched as Chloe’s figure stumbled then tripped, and she shot her arms out and grabbed onto Chloe’s arms. The redhead hiccuped then giggled, snuggling into Becas neck.

“My hero,” she practically purred and wrapped her fingers round Becas wrists to bring her in, pressing the length of her body against hers. Beca swallowed roughly, head spinning as Chloe went from calm and subdued to teasing again, heart thumping loudly in her chest.

“How could I ever repay you?” Chloe whispered, nose tracing the line of Becas jaw as she leaned in to place a soft bite against it, soothing it with the tip of her tongue. Beca fisted her hands to stop from doing anything stupid, laughing a little awkwardly.

“Let’s get you to bed huh?” Chloe winked as Beca nudged her towards the bed, pulling the covers back and standing away as Chloe got underneath, sitting up with the covers draped over her waist. Beca picked up a pillow from the end of her bed and went to leave before she was stopped.

“Hey, where are you going?” Beca turned and watched as Chloe stuck her bottom lip out and softened her eyes, pouting. Beca opened her mouth but no words came out, as she pointed with her thumb behind her shoulder.

“Um, the couch?” Chloe shook her head, folding her arms across her chest. “I just want you to be comfy, don’t worry, I’ll see you in the morning. Sleep well, Chlo.” Beca didn’t wait for a reply, instead closing the door and walking out, breathing deeply and padding over to the couch. She placed the pillow at one end and took the blanket off the back, laying down and bringing it down and covering herself, before finally sighing.

Knowing Chloe was in the other room made Becas heart race as she once again pushed her thighs together, trying to calm herself down. She knew Chloe wouldn’t stay in the room for long as she ran through ideas in her head to send her back if she did come in.

Beca glanced up as she heard gentle footsteps and the door creaking open slightly. Her chest swooped as she sat up, looking over at her. Chloe stood in the door way, hip leaning against the side, legs crossed over one another at the ankles. Her head head dropped side ways as she leaned it softly on the side of the door. She brought her hand up, then crooked her finger with a smirk, beckoning Beca towards her, hair falling messily on her shoulders and blue eyes still glistening somehow in the dark.

Beca gulped for what felt like the thousandth time tonight, not being able to move her gaze as Chloe leaned off the wall and walked over towards Beca slowly, hips swinging slightly as she half smiled. She reached the front of the sofa, and Beca trailed her eyes up her toned legs, past her chest until she reached her face. The blanket almost felt too thick as her pulse raced uncomfortably.

“I can’t sleep,” she whispered, letting her hand trail up the outline of Becas body over the blanket but Beca still shivered at the sensation. She cocked her head to one side and bit her lip, looking at Beca in that… Looking way.

“Oh,” Beca spoke lamely. God she was so awkward. She should just be telling Chloe to go back to her bed-

Chloe dropped down onto the sofa so she was straddling Beca, sitting up. The tee she was hearing rose up her legs a little as she placed them either side of Beca, hands on her thighs. Beca gasped as she felt Chloe grind down over the blanket, a small circle with her hips.

“Chlo,” Beca whimpered, gripping onto Chloe’s thighs and digging her nails in, squeezing her eyes tight before re opening them. Chloe smirked once again, eyes hooding slightly as she ground down once again, lifting her hips then dropping them.

“I love it when you say my name,”
Chloe breathed, trailing her hands upwards over the blanket. Beca could feel the fabric getting trapped as Chloe raised herself right up and hooked her fingers round the edge of the blanket and dragging it downwards behind her. She passed it through her legs before bringing the top half of her body down so it was pressed against Becas then drew the blanket back up, so it was draped over the both of them. She leaned forward and brushed her lips across Becas.

“How can I sleep when I want you so bad Beca?” Beca waited for her to connect their lips but instead Chloe trailed her lips downwards to Becas neck and began nipping slightly, soothing the bites with her tongue. She brought one hand up to tangle in Becas hair while the other cupped the side of her neck. With a short rough tug she pulled Becas neck to the side, humming roughly when she did. Beca squirmed and breathed harshly, as Chloe chuckled against her skin.

“When you’re in here instead of with me,” Chloe spoke as though she was scolding the brunette, bringing her face up as she bit down on Becas bottom lip and dragged it out slightly before releasing it, poking the tip of her tongue out and tracing it after. Her fingertips on Becas neck began trailing down her side until she reached her thigh where she hitched her leg up so it was bent at the knee, Becas leg now snug around Chloe’s side as their bodies were brought closer together.

“How could I sleep or do anything, when all I can think about is you? Everything about you drives me crazy and you expect me to just sleep.” She tutted quietly before smiling dirtily and connecting their lips roughly. She coaxed Becas mouth open, dipping her tongue in instantly, mimicking her actions all those months ago. Beca instantly ignited, body shivering at the sensation as Chloe kept her leg hitched around the redheads waist and used her fingers on her head to pull her closer. Beca brought her hands up to Chloe’s sides, gripping the fabric tightly as she squirmed.

Chloe broke away, nudging her nose against hers softly before once again kissing her harshly, tugging at Beca hair that was wound between her fingers. Beca wanted to press her legs tightly but was restricted by the body in between them as she swallowed heavily, feeling Chloe’s tongue trail along her bottom lip filthily. It was desperate, as though they had both waited so long to do this and in Becas case she had definitely dreamed of this moment for so long.

“God Beca,” Chloe groaned, once again taking the skin of Becas neck in her mouth, teeth biting down. She brought a hand down and hooked her finger in the strap of Becas tank and dragged it down so it hung limply by Becas bicep. She advanced on the new skin of Becas shoulder, leaving a love bite near the junction where her shoulder met her neck.

“Please Chlo,” Beca whimpered, pulling at Chloe’s tee to bring her closer. Chloe sat up and brought her finger up into Becas mouth, dragging her bottom lip downwards before trailing it down her neck.

“I like it when you beg. Especially for me,” she purred, voice rough. “Do it again,” she giggled, eyes sparkling. And God Beca wouldn’t beg for anyone, not even for a rise in her internship, not even when she was with Jesse but for Chloe Beale? Beca would get on her knees anywhere and beg until her throat went dry.

“Please Chlo, please. I want you so much, please,” she whined highly, grinding her hips upwards. Chloe brought her hands towards herself then to the bottom of the tee, fingers hooking under the fabric.

“You want this?” Beca nodded rapidly and Chloe couldn’t help but grin a shit eating grin, before dragging the fabric over her body.

“Holy shit.”


Part 2 anyone? (;


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Chappy aka the he’s in heaven couple:

The Signs as Lyrics from Songs I Wrote

Aries: “Turn down the lights (Oh!), let’s have some fun! We ain’t going home ‘till we get done.” // What we do

Taurus: “And you move me, got ‘em like groovey! Old style, 70′s. Who needs plastic when it’s fantastic, satisfaction guaranteed.” // Labeled

Gemini: “Close your eyes and go to sleep, hoping that you don’t have to wake.” // Confident

Cancer: “And the sky falls down, when you’re not around. And I’m losing my mind for you.” // Losing my mind

Leo: “Break down the door and kill all the lights, we’re gonna have a party tonight. We’re different from what you heard, let’s give it up for the nerds!” // Nerds

Virgo: “ Ms. Independent! How you doing, how you doing all alone? Ms. Independent! Is it better, better away from your home?” // Miss Independent

Libra: “Hottest summers. Drunken lovers. We know how this story goes. Broken pieces. Endless sleeping. Sometimes we should let that go.” // All my life

Scorpio: “And as the clock ticks on, you’re oblivious. To all the things that’s wrong when the lights are off.” // Shadows

Capricorn: “He said ‘Come with me if you want to stay alive. Let me in, I can make it feel alright.’” // What you want

Sagittarius: “Sometimes the world can’t see it, that an innocent girl has feelings!” // Dancing in the street

Aquarius: “I don’t have anything to say, except the same lines I said last night. If you believe that they are true, you will escape with me tonight.” // To Bad

Pisces: “A speck of hate and it grew. and ‘we’ isn’t spelled with ‘u’.” // Our Kingdom


Cute Newmann for boredbyreality

They asked for non-angsty Newmann with comfortable sofas. I also added Christmas sweaters. I feel like I delivered.

Below is a short accompanying fic by me! Boredbyreality apparently likes science/math jargon and so they’ll get some.

Warning. Fanfics aren’t my strong point, it’s not been beta:ed, it’s only slightly NSFW and I’m making a lot of science stuff up here so… be nice when you correct me!

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catullus two (pentilyet)

Rating: G
Word Count: 1256
Pairing: Cassandra Pentaghast/Josephine Montilyet

A commission for the lovely @sweettasteofbitter, who requested a pentilyet first kiss (with a healthy dose of pining mixed in); if you’d like to commission me, all the information you need is here. <3

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The end of the world is a bacchanalia.

At least, Cassandra can find no better word to describe it; warm bodies filling the hall with their misty breath, milling and mingling, the masks adorning many a narrow face askew and gleaming in the light of a thin, wispy moon. The patches of night sky visible through the windows are tinged a faint green, and have been for days; some fading scar, already half-scabbed, an afterimage of calamity. Wine and ale flow in streams, bards pluck half-drunkenly at lutes, warbling slushy waltzes, and the breathless thrill of victory supersedes old borders, at least for this handful of heartbeats; Orlesians and Fereldans rub shoulders with only a modicum of grumbling, a tentative not-quite-camaraderie, and the night, for once, belongs to them.

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