drunken transfer

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Prompt: Person A of your OTP is a very caring person and always helps everyone. One day, there is a party and person A gets very drunk. Turns out that they get very emotional and cry about how they always take care of everyone but no one cares about their problems. So person B, who is still sober, gives them a big hug, comforts them and says “I’m sorry I didn’t know about this. I’ll take care of you from now on.”

Set season 4.


The last of the party guests slowly trickle out the front door until Kate realizes she’s the last person left in Castle’s loft. His mother had left the party early, claiming to have another to attend elsewhere, and Alexis had gone to a concert with a friend before the festivities had even began, apologizing profusely for missing the celebration even as Castle had ushered her out the door with reassurances and a kiss to her forehead. 

Though, Kate has a feeling the unfortunate absence of his family at his birthday party is the reason behind why he allowed Ryan and Esposito to get him so drunk. 

“Castle?” she calls after her scan of the living room comes up empty. She should probably head home herself, change out of the dress she had purchased for the party and cleanse the makeup from her face, crawl into bed and find rest, but the idea of leaving him here alone on his birthday has her nerves awakening in the pit of her stomach, empathy knotting her intestines. 

Beckett ventures towards his office and sighs in quiet relief when she finds him at his desk, his tux rumpled and his tie undone, his lips in a pout and his eyes focused on the glass in his hand.

“Hey, there you are,” she murmurs, stepping into the study, but awaiting his attention before she makes her approach. She’s never seen Castle truly intoxicated, only tipsy after one too many beers with the boys at the Old Haunt, but he had never struck her as a brooding drunk. “Castle, what’s wrong?”

He glances up at her once she’s standing in front of him, the frown still on his lips, but a flicker of clarity lightening the deep blues of his irises once they land on her. 

“Kate, you stayed?”

It’s her turn to frown as she drifts in closer, taking a seat on the edge of his desk while he angles his chair towards her, struggling not to spin too far in the opposite direction.

“Of course, Castle. Wasn’t going to leave you drunk and lonely, especially not on your birthday.”

A dopey smile spreads across his lips and he sets the tumbler of scotch down, much to her approval. It’s not that she minds seeing him drink, but witnessing him drunk on liquor and sorrow was all wrong, didn’t fit the Castle she knew at all.

“That’s so nice, Beckett,” he sighs, his eyes so clouded and hazy, but adoring as they fight to remain on her. “Really nice of you to stick around, take care of me. M’not used to that.”

Kate cocks her head in curiosity, leans in a little closer to the man gazing up at her with too much spilling from his eyes, his defenses down and drawing hers along with them. “What do you mean?”

Castle reclines back in his chair, gripping the armrests when it wobbles with his weight, and she purses her lips to avoid laughing at his momentary distress. He may be drunk, but he was still coherent enough to speak, to say how he feels without restriction, something she’s beginning to realize he doesn’t do nearly enough.

“It just gets overwhelming sometimes, to try to take care of everyone. S’my job to take care of Alexis, Mother, and I want to take care of you too, our friends, in any way I can. But sometimes, I just want - want someone to take care of me too,” he muses, his brow falling into a troubled crease and his lips beginning to pucker into that little boy frown again. “Shouldn’t complain, it’d just be nice. Like it is now. Am I making sense, Beckett?”

It takes her a moment to find her voice through the onslaught of her guilt. He had only done as she’d asked and revealed what had been bothering him, but the answer had drenched her in regrets. And the worst part about it was that he was right, when it came to her at least. 

Castle was the one who brought her coffee every morning, the one who made sure she was smiling and eating properly, the one who stayed with her when she worked late to ensure she went home by a decent hour and texted him once she got there so he knew she was safe. Castle is the one who takes care of her, who loves her, and she’s done so little in return. She hadn’t even been able to notice the dilemma until he drunkenly spilled it out to her. 

Some partner she makes.


“Yes,” she assures him, offering her hand to help him up from the desk chair. “You’re making complete sense, Castle.” She may have allowed this partnership to become grossly unbalanced, but it isn’t too late to begin remedying her mistakes. “And I’ll do a better job of taking care of you from now on, I promise.” 

“You will?” Castle inquires in a pleasant form of surprise that has her heart collapsing like a house of flimsy cards. He accepts her hand and sways to his feet when she pull him up and into her embrace. Even in his state of intoxication, though, Castle stiffens within the envelope of her arms, his hands hovering uncertainly at her waist. 

“Kate,” he sighs out, his breath like cinnamon and whiskey against her cheek, and dropping his forehead to rest against hers. “You don’t have to. I like taking care of the people I love.”

He doesn’t know what he’s saying, that he’s spilling secrets she isn’t supposed to know about, and even as her heart stutters, she doesn’t let him go, tightening the loop of her arms around his neck instead.

“So do I,” she whispers, pressing her cheek to his like a coward, too afraid to witness the beautiful look of wonder in his eyes at her simple admission. He deserves so much more from her, deserves to hear these things when he’s sober. “Let’s get you to bed, Rick.”

Castle hums in approval and she carefully disentangles from the loose hold of his arms around her, securing her arm around his waist and turning them towards the entry to his bedroom.

She’s had years of practice handling her drunken father, transferring him to his bed after hours of drinking, but walking Castle through his bedroom doesn’t carry the same weight, doesn’t drench her in despair. 

“Did I tell you how pretty you looked tonight, Beckett?”

She chuckles while she eases him down to the mattress. “Yeah, first thing you said when I walked through the door.”

“Oh, I remember,” he hums, and Kate reaches forward to steady him by the shoulders when he begins to tilt sideways, keeping him in an upright position on the edge of the bed. “I’d been watching the door and Mother was laughing at me for it, but then you were on the other side and I was speechless.”

Even drunk, he still knew how to deliver quite the story, short as it was, and Kate sighs, leans into him when he touches her hips with tentative hands, sucks in a breath at the intimate pressure of his head resting against her stomach.

He loved her. And in moments like these, she wanted so badly to tell him how she loved him back.

But when the flutter of his breath penetrating the fabric of her dress begins to even out, she’s reminded why it would be all wrong. He needs to sleep off the alcohol and she… she needs to go home, focus on being more, on tearing down walls for him.

“C’mon, Castle, let’s get you to sleep,” she mumbles before he can drift into dreamland propped against her, squeezing his shoulders when he blinks up at her in the darkness, that pleased glimmer sparkling through his eyes once more. 

Kate shakes her head and helps him pull back the covers, all but tucks him in once he’s lying horizontal, and tries so hard not to think about how badly she wants to smooth back the hair from his forehead. She concentrates instead on dragging a small trash bin she notices in the en suite to the side of the bed, just in case, and filling a glass of water to place on his nightstand. 

“Best birthday,” he mumbles once she’s standing near his bedside once more, his eyelids already slipping shut but fighting to hold onto her. “Until tomorrow?”

Tomorrow is her day off and she hadn’t had any plans of seeing Castle, but she nods her head, promises, “Tomorrow.”

His eyes slide shut and Kate glances towards the door, prepared to abandon him for the night and grab her coat from the closet, lock up with the extra key he had given her, but before she can even take a step forward-

“Love you, Kate.”

Her heart seizes, it’s the first time she’s heard those words since… since she was dying and had questioned if they were even true. And oh, she really shouldn’t say anything back, but it felt wrong to leave them unanswered for a second time. 

Beckett dips towards him to smear a kiss to his forehead, to stain his skin with the whisper of her words. “Love you too.”