drunken texting

ok so i really wanna play older fcs so gimme the newly divorced couple who still run w the same ~crowd~ so they have to see each other a lot? and they deal with new bfs/gfs, thinking they might still love each other, trying to Fake it Til they Make It, drunken texts @ 2am, maybe they have kids together and have 2 deal with that, maybe they?? kiss again im just Shook someone please

even more fucking text memes!
  • symbols:
  • send ☀ for a good fucking morning text
  • send ✉ for a un fucking sent text
  • send ❤ for an i fucking love you text
  • send ☾ for a good fucking night text
  • send ✔ for yes of course you fucking can text
  • send ✕ for of course fucking not text
  • send ✂ for a fucking lying text
  • send ❝❞ for a long fucking winded text
  • send ♋ for a fucking sext
  • send ► for a fucking wrong person text
  • send ☢ for a fucking drunken text
  • actual texts:
  • txt - "where the fucking hell are you ?"
  • txt - "i'm going to fucking kill you."
  • txt - "you looked so fucking hot today."
  • txt - "why the fuck did you say that?"
  • txt - "you're a fucking asshole."
  • txt - "did you fuck him/her?"
  • txt - "fuck, i did a bad thing."
  • txt - "you fucking infuriate me."
  • txt - "seriously, what the actual fuck?"
  • txt - "did you actually fucking do that?"
  • txt - "are you fucking drunk right now?"
  • txt - "i want to fuck you."
  • txt - "fuck right off."
  • txt - "i'm fucking sorry."
  • txt - "i won't fucking apologise."
  • txt - "this is your fucking fault."
  • txt - "you're fucking beautiful."
  • txt - "you're fucking ugly."
  • txt - "i can't actually believe you fucking did that."
  • txt - "i fucking despise you."
  • txt - "fuck."
  • txt - "i'm in the fucking hospital."
  • txt - "why the fuck did you do that?"
  • txt - "i've been fucking arrested."
  • txt - "i've broken my fucking arm."
  • txt - "just fucking shut up already."
  • txt - "lets have fucking shower sex."
  • txt - "send me fucking pictures."
  • txt - "n0 of cours im nt fvbking drunk!!"
  • txt - "i want you fucking naked."
  • txt - "fuck, that wasnt meant for you."
Kissing anyone at midnight? - Liam Dunbar

[bold texts are Liam’s, italics are yours]
[spelling mistakes and lowercase typing in the texts are intentional]

New Years had never been your favorite holiday. Sure, it feels good to say the past year goodbye, but who is to say the next year will be any better?

It definitely isn’t off to a good start, as you’re home alone. Your family all went out to celebrate, whether it be at a party or just spending it with friends. It would have been nice if you went out as well, and you told your parents you would, because they wouldn’t leave if they knew you were all by yourself. But parties aren’t really your thing, and all your friends went clubbing, so there weren’t many options left.

Now you’re in the company of all your favorite shows on Netflix, which is fine too. Still, you can’t help but feel a little bit pathetic.

Your phone vibrates beside you, and you frown. Probably a drunken text from your friends. You roll your eyes as you unlock your phone. To your surprise, it’s from Liam Dunbar.

Any plans for tonight?

Kissing anyone at midnight?

Nope to both, u?

Third wheeling mason n corey

Ah fun

Yeah so what are you up to?

Nm, just watching Netflix

What show?

Documentary :) the new obama one


Yeah very, lol

Is it good?

It’s quite interesting, about how he dealt with not fitting in

Does anyone tho?

Fit in? idk

I sure don’t

Yeah me neither

Easy enough to pretend tho


We all do

But youve found your place, iright?

With the pack? sure

Everyone else? Not so much

Yeah I feel the same

Where are you guys?

uhh a gay club, i think


im serious

I know, that’s what makes it better

your laughing at my pain

thanks a lot

Np :)

So, any new years resolutions?

Don’t really do those


No, but going out more should probably be on top of the list

If I had one

i think its cool you’re staying in

It really isn’t

at least you don

t feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing

Having fun?

Yeah so glad im different, lol

Netflix is fun

If youre watching the right thing

Want any recs?

Sure, why not

Ive heard stuck in love is a good one

Idk tho

Oh please you’ve seen that before

Don’t pretend you haven’t Dunbar

Ok, yah I have

Anything else?

Stranger things, not a movie but its good

Idk.. scary stuff aren’t really my thing

Its not scary

Sure ..

Really’s not!

Mind if I come over?

we could watch together

uhm, yea sure

but my room is a mess

so be warned


Kay, then yeah, have my address?

I know where you live ;)

That’s not creepy at all

ive been to your house before

with mason, couple years ago

right! That was ages ago

I’ll be over in like half an hour, okay?

Yeah, no hurry :)

About twenty minutes later, the doorbell rings, and you make your way downstairs. You open the door for Liam, who is looking quite handsome, dressed in all black. “Hi.”

“Hey, come in.” You smile.

“Thanks by the way,” Liam says as he follows you in. “That club wasn’t exactly much fun.”

“Oh I’m sure it was a huge ego boost.” You chuckle.

“Surprisingly enough, no guy hit on me.” Liam frowns.

“Because of that sour look.” You point out.

Once upstairs, you grab a bag of chips and get comfortable on your bed. Liam sits awkwardly at first, but once you get into the series, you both grow more comfortable with each other’s presence, and eventually you find yourself cuddling up to him.

You pause the episode then the fireworks get louder. Checking the time, it is indeed midnight. Liam smiles down at you. “I was thinking, maybe we could be each other’s midnight kiss? It’s supposed to bring good luck.”

You blush. “Well, we wouldn’t want to mess with faith, right?”

“So I can kiss you?” Liam looks a bit surprised, but smiles nonetheless.

You nod, placing your hand on his chin and pulling him closer. Your lips connect perfectly, his touch warm as he pulls you closer. “Happy new year.” You whisper against his lips.

“I’m rethinking this whole resolutions thing.” Liam says. “Might need to put you on top of my list.” He smiles and you kiss again, this time more passionate. Now you can’t say anything for the rest of the year, but so far it’s pretty good.

She’s not mine anymore.
I don’t get her sleepy voice or her big grin and I don’t get to fall asleep to the sound of her breathing or
Listen to her laugh too hard over a joke she made while I shake my head but can’t help but to crack a smile at her because
I’m looking at the whole world,
A beautiful world where few get to inhabit and I am seeing the purest form of it.
I am seeing the unfiltered and hidden corners of it with the darkest pieces and the late sleepless nights;
I got the reckless mistakes and the drunken text messages and most of all I got
A beautiful soul cased inside an equally as beautiful vessel and she was so colorful and lively that I
Could paint the most vibrant of sunsets with the colors that poured out of her.

I always loved the sky and her soul embodied the most breathtaking sunset and
As she cracked her ribs to let me see inside her the most beautiful and vibrant watercolor painting was encased inside and
It spilled out like rushing water covering everything that I am and everything that I own in vibrant shades of
Pinks and yellows.

She’s not mine anymore and whoever she is with now has the entire world in front of them;
I can only hope they won’t be as careless as humans are known to be with a fragile gift such as an entire planet in their palms because
She is artwork and she is priceless and the most beautiful things are easily broken.

—  she’s not mine anymore
Drunken Texts/Calls {Sentence Starters}
  • text: dont no wut your talking bout not drukn
  • text: love u soooooooooooooooo much <3
  • text: lets go buy like 10 chickens k?
  • text: do u wanna eat cheese with me
  • text: walmart dont like me
  • text: i want a puppy. a big puppy.
  • text: i like your face. u have a nice face
  • text: m drunk. help me drinking this
  • text: i want baby like half dozen of babys
  • text: i loooobe u swetiee
  • text: i got like 5 pizza. i like pizza
  • text: u kno where my pants went? lol pants
  • text: thnk u 4 being hot
  • text: i wanna bite my nose. it keps moving away!
  • text: do u like fidh? fish? omg fish r prtty!
  • "Where are you, babyyyyy? I wanna hug you!"
  • "Why are you single? You are soooo great."
  • "My friends want you to bring us alcohols!"
  • "Need a ... ride home. Have to pee."
  • "You are my best friend! Like, my BEST friend!"
  • "Where's the pizza? Are you a pizza person?"
  • "You look like a penguin. Penguins are soooo cute!"
  • "How many pineapples do YOU eat before you sleep?"
  • "Hehehehe! Buttons make silly noises when I touch them!"
  • "I have another bottle of the happy water. It's yummy."
  • "Come heeeeere! I wanna kiss you!"
  • "Come help me find my shirt. I think it flew away."
  • "Somebody stole my house! I cant find it today."
  • "I drew a kitty on the wall! Its so cuuuute."
  • "Do you have flowers? Cause I wanna go get some flowers!"

lovedreamsselfesteem  asked:

for your dialogue prompt: 43 or 69 for dexnursey!

Dex/Nursey #69 from this prompt list

Also on AO3.

Dex knows something’s wrong when he gets a full week into summer break without hearing from Derek Nurse even once. Not a drunken text, not a stray emoji in the group chat, nothing.

It shouldn’t bother him. He doesn’t care. Except that it’s unusual for Nursey not to go out of his way to keep up with his teammates, not to go out of his way to poke at Dex in particular, and so Dex is…

Well, “worried” is too strong of a word. It’s only been a week. Nursey is probably just off gallivanting around Europe with all of his rich Andover friends and hasn’t had a sober moment to spare a single thought to the SMH or to his fellow d-man.

Which is fine. Whatever. Dex doesn’t care. 

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Drunken Texts from Lucifer

@thelegendarydarcylewis continued from HERE

[Text LuciBear]: You are not getting a dog

[Text: LuciBear]:  Dogs require a lot of car

[Text: LuciBear]: They’re furry offspring.  If you can’t handle children, you can’t handle a dog

[Text Darcy]: If it’s a little dog it doesn’t need a big car. 

[Text Darcy]: What does a car have to do with Stalks by Night, anyway?

I keep telling myself I don’t love you, it’s gotten to the point where I can lie and I almost believe it but then I see you and my heart starts pounding and all of a sudden I can’t remember why I don’t want to love you, stupid right? I think so because then I remember why I can’t love you. You’ll break my heart, you’ll make me feel loved, happy, and everything else but just when I start thinking you love me too, you’ll leave. You’ll leave and forget all about the late night calls, the good morning texts, & drunken kisses. You’ll leave me and then I’ll be left to pick up all the pieces. You’ll break me so until it’s true, I’ll keep lying.
—  12:48 AM thoughts
What Can I Do?

A Seungri/Lee Seunghyun Fanfiction

Summary: He’s known as one of the most eligible bachelors in kpop, with a reputation that’s known all over South Korea. But when he sets his sights on you, determined to make you one of his conquests, you think that maybe its time for this ‘sexy boy’ to learn his lesson…

Chapter Summary: Boat rides, Needy texts and drunken seductions…

Chapter Type: Fluffy, funny, and slight angst towards the end before more fluff ;)

Author’s Note: Its always so ridiculously easy and fun to write this story :D I hope you enjoy!!

Recommended Listening: WINNER - Sentimental + Lauren Aquilina - 1975 - Sex (cover)

Chapter 8 (Coming Soon)

Chapter 7

‘A Yatch.’

You stare at the giant boat bobbing up and down in the harbour before you, your eyes glancing between it and Seungri stood next to you, grinning like a child at Christmas as he holds tightly to your hand.

'A Yacht.’ he confirms, beginning to pull you towards the stairs to get on and you shake your head in disbelief as you follow him, laughing as he waits till you’re on board, before pulling you over to the captain.

'Good Morning, Junhwae- hyung! How are you? …this is Y/N, I thought i’d bring her along today to show her the beauty of the yacht.’ Seungri says, gesturing towards a middle aged looking man who was stood in a small room at the front of the cabin, bowing when he turns to smile and greet you politely- widening his eyes slightly when he realises you obviously weren’t Korean.

'Ah, Hell-o,’ he says in rusty english, making you chuckle quietly as you quickly reassure him that you could speak Korean.

'Oh! Well then, welcome aboard!’ he says, chuckling and smiling at you, before Seungri pulls you away, telling Junhwae to go 'the usual route’.

'Whats the usual route?’ you inquire curiously, clinging to his arm as he pulls you through to the open deck of the Yatch, your mouth dropping open when you see the huge, plush seating area, the jacuzzi tub just behind it and the long bar area that ran the length of the cabin wall.

'Nice, Right?’ he asks, smiling smugly as he looks out over the area before turning to wink at you, slyly ignoring your question.


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