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Oh, speaking of the Dead Ladies Club, I know that term is generally reserved for the mothers of the main actors in current ASOIAF (and a few other Robert’s Rebellion-era female characters). But I’d like to honorarily include one more – Dyanna Dayne, mother of Aegon V Targaryen and Master Aemon and others, wife of Maekar Targaryen. Wrong generation, for sure, but Aegon is one of the main characters in the Dunk and Egg stories (and his brothers are important in the stories and very probably his sisters eventually), Aemon is a major character in ASOIAF, and this is all we know about their mother:

“You’re going to Ashford, aren’t you? Take me with you, ser.”
The innkeep had warned him of this. “And what might your mother say to that?”
“My mother?” The boy wrinkled up his face. “My mother’s dead, she wouldn’t say anything.”
He was surprised. Wasn’t the innkeep his mother? Perhaps he was only ’prenticed to her.

–The Hedge Knight

And again, we only found out her name in 2014, in the Targaryen family tree in The World of Ice and Fire. Dyanna of House Dayne of Dorne, married Prince Maekar of House Targaryen in ???, had four sons and two daughters, and died ??? some time before 209 AC, many years before Maekar became king in 221 AC. That’s it, we know nothing else.

Was Dyanna close to Queen Mariah Martell, her mother-in-law? What about her sister-in-law, Jena Dondarrion, considering Dondarrions are traditional enemies of Dorne? While she might have been pleased to marry a prince, what did she think about marrying a fourth son? What did she think of the First Blackfyre Rebellion, considering Daemon’s supporters were so against the supposed Dornish influence on the royal court? Did she know about her son Daeron’s dreams and her son Aerion’s madness, what did she think of them? How did she die? What did her sons and daughters think of her? Did they ever think of her, so many years later, when Aegon the Unlikely had become king of Westeros, when Aemon became a maester and then joined the Night’s Watch, when her daughters married and had children of their own? We just don’t know.

That's My Girl - Cheryl Blossom x Female Reader

Warnings:Swearing, alcohol mentions, unwanted advances.
A/N;sorry this is so short & terrible, i’ve been trying not to die all day feeling like crap, hope you enough this anyway!

‘You should smile more, little lady,’ the drunken boy slurred at you. You forced a little grin, hoping against all hope that he would leave you alone. As if you hadn’t been uncomfortable enough, sitting in a loud bar while you waited on your girl to return with your drink, god had decided to send a fuckboy your way. Too polite - and, admittedly, a little too scared - to push him away, you endured the cheesy pick-up lines, the overwhelming smell of lager on his breath as he slowly leaned in closer to you.

Just then, a saviour appeared in the form of a short, slender girl with fiery red curls that bounced with every movement. A pale hand slammed itself down in front of you, Cheryl Blossom angling her body so the creep couldn’t see you anymore. She flashed her trademark sinister smile, lips the colour of blood, startling against her pale skin.

‘Hi! I’m Cheryl. (Y/N)’s girlfriend.’ The last word is emphasised, sharp as a spear and spoken dangerously soft. The boy smirks; 'So, a little bit of girl-on-girl action, huh? I’m into it.’

Cheryl closed her eyes and took a breath, flicking her curls over her shoulder. The action caused a wave of air to pass by you, the scent of of her flowery perfume tickling your nose. You smiled at the familiarity of the scent.

'Well, unfortunately for you, we-’ she motioned between you both with a wave of her hand - 'are not interested in smelly hobos who cannot take no for an answer. Now, be a good little boy, and run away.’ She bared her teeth in another dangerous smile. Taken aback by the ferocity of her words, the boy stumbled back, a little alarmed. Muttering something indecipherable, he finally left. Cheryl rolled her eyes, turning to you and leaning down to capture your lips in a possessive kiss. You smiled into it, the sweet taste of Maple Red lingering on your tongue as she pulled away, tangling her hands in your hair. 'People should know not to touch, or even look at, what’s mine,’ she whispered, eyes darkening. You leaned in again, happy to just have your girl by your side, no fuckboys in sight.

The secret [to success] is… are you capable of understanding what went wrong and why it went wrong. That’s the real key.
—  Some drunk asshole youtuber called Markiplier
Don’t Thank Me (Bad Boy!Calum blurb)

Bad boy!Calum who always hangs out at the local pub and gets kicked out for fighting all the time, and truthfully the only reason he hasn’t been banned is because his uncle owns the place. He challenges people to a game a pool and hustles them out of their money, and then he uses that money to pay for drinks for the hottest girl he can find that night. Every girl drools over him, and no matter who he goes up to they are always eager to go home with him, wanting to test out the validity of his reputation in bed. One night, he’s in the middle of a game and he glances up to the door when he hears a cute giggle sound through the bar and he locks eyes with you and he loses concentration on the game at hand, and sweat collects against his palms. One of the friends you have with you lean over and whisper to you and point at him, and you raise an eyebrow, tilting your head slightly as you rake your eyes over his body and he shakes the thoughts out of his head to get back to the game because he simply cannot lose if you’re watching him. You sit at the bar, eating and drinking with your friends, and Calum keeps an eye on you for the whole night but he never could gather the courage to go up to you.

It takes Calum seeing you there two more times for him to realize that you and the same two friends come there every Friday night, so he works it into his schedule that he’s always there on Friday nights too, just to be able to watch you from afar because he still hasn’t spoken a word to you. One Friday night, a gross old guy in his mid-50’s sends a drink for you to the table that you and your friends had been sitting at, and you politely declined but the man didn’t like that so he decided to deliver it a second time himself. He tapped your shoulder, and you turned and grimaced when you saw the face that the waitress has just pointed out to you as the man that had ordered you the margarita, and he asked if you wanted to join him at his table. You declined, turning to look at your friends again when he grabbed your shoulder and turned your body to look at him again. It was record time that Calum crossed the room and laid the man flat on his ass with a strike across his jaw spitting out at the gross drunken man, “the lady said no, leave her the fuck alone you prick.” Calum stood and watched as the man was taken out by security, and then he turned to walk out the back door onto the smoking patio that was out there, and he didn’t notice that you had gotten up and followed after him until you touched his arm just as he brought them to rest up on the railing of the patio. He turned his head, and his heart leaped into his throat when he saw that it was you.

“Hi,” you muttered, smiling at him.

“Hey,” he blinked heavily, looking down at where your hand was still resting on his arm and you quickly retracted it.

“Um, thank you, for that,” you were looking at your shoes, kicking away a small rock that lay on the floor.

“Don’t thank me,” he said bluntly, regretting the way it came out immediately as your eyes shot back up to catch his, widened slightly. “Just, you shouldn’t have to thank me. You shouldn’t have to fucking experience shit like that. That’s fucking bullshit.”

“I’m Y/N,” you stated with a smile, reaching your hand out waiting for him to put his in yours so you could shake it.

“Calum,” he smiled, a light blush dancing across his brown skin.

“Would you like to go grab some food, and get to know each other outside of what we see as we stare at each other secretly from across a dingy pub every Friday night?,” you joke, laughing at yourself and smiling bigger when you hear him laughing too.

“I would love that, actually,” he agreed, turning and extending an arm for you to loop yours through.

Walking past your friends was comical, their mouths hanging open in shock as you strutted past them and dropped a wink in their direction. They, along with every other person who was staring at you, felt a small ache in their chest for you because it would only be a one night stand. It would only ever be a one night stand when it came to Calum.

And that may have been true in the past, but not anymore. Not with you.

So we Meet Again (Remus x reader)

Summary: You’re a year younger than Remus, and you just graduated from Hogwarts. One day Remus walk into the bar you work at and develops a crush on you.

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You sigh, the scent of alcohol not leaving your nostrils. Just another shift, Y/N you can do this. You hated your job. I mean who wouldn’t? Being around horny drunk guys all time couldn’t make anyone happy. But you needed the money. After you graduated from Hogwarts your mind was set on being an Auror. Little did you know that the Ministry training cost a fortune. So every night, you wound up in the loud bar serving drinks. You checked your appearance in the mirror. Always look good, your boss once told you. Your blouse was unbuttoned at the top, showing a tiny bit of your chest. Your tight black skirt was hugging your hips and stopped in the middle of your thighs. Your hair was in cute dutch braids today and you had no makeup on except for some red lipstick to add a little flair.

You stepped out into the bar area, saying hi to your friend who was wiping glasses.

“Watch out for those two guys in the flannels, they’re pretty wasted.” She whispered to you as she walked out.

“Thanks Y/F/N.”

You tucked a loose strand of hair back and got to work. People came and left, it was a typical night. Until someone came in that made the color rise to your cheeks. Remus Lupin. You had a crush on him in school, but since he was a year older than you, you two never really officially met. Suddenly you felt the heat go up in the room. He was still really really cute, some of the schoolboy charm still there. But he also looked more mature, his muscles a little more toned and you swear he must have gotten taller. You two locked eyes for a brisk moment. Shit. You didn’t want to embarrass yourself.

“Hi how can I help you?” you asked him as he took a seat right in front of you.

“Hi there. Can I have a scotch and water with a twist please?”

“Ah it’s so refreshing having a guy with manners come in here.” You said, grabbing a glass.

He chuckled and you two made small conversation as you prepared his drink. During this whole time, his eyes never left your face.

“So what’s your name?” he asks you some time later.

“Y/N.” you smile, praying to god he doesn’t recognize you from Hogwarts. Sadly he does.

“Oh my god Y/N? I remember you, you were the cutest girl in your year.”

At this, you blush heavily and bit your lip to stop yourself from smiling too widely.

“Still are the cutest girl in your year” he adds.

“Thank you.” You stare into his eyes. Then, some douche of course decides to break your moment.

“OI pretty lady?” a drunken guy in a flannel screams.

“How can I help you?” you answer, hiding your disgust.

“I’m done for the night.” He slurs.

“Alright. Counting all the drink you had, that’ll be 47 galleons.” You say counting all the empty glasses in front of him.

“How much do you cost for the night?” he cackles.

“It’s 47 galleons for the drinks sir.” You say more firmly.

“Oi come on… I can get you out of here and we can have some fun.” He carries on.

“Hey leave her alone! She said 47 for the drinks that’s all. Treat a woman with respect will you?” Remus shouts. The guy in the flannel eyes him angrily but raises his shoulders and puts the money on the counter, as well as twenty silver coins.

“How dare he say that to you.” Remus huffs, still a little angry.

“Eh you get used to it. Plus the horny drunk ones tip a lot.” You smirk, slipping the silver coins in your pocket.

“’M guessing plenty of guys hit on you?” he questions.

“Well yeah I think I get the worst out of all the bartenders.” you say, wiping the counter clean. It was late and Remus was the only person left.

“Makes sense, you’re the most beautiful.”

“Stop it, you didn’t even see the other bartenders!” you chuckle.

“I don’t need to.” He looks into your eyes. “Hey why don’t you have a drink, it’s on me.”

“Oh alright.”

You two spend the whole night talking and laughing and when the morning comes, your boss wakes up to you asleep on the couch in Remus’ arms. He looks around and the whole place is spotless and clean. He smiles to himself and walks to his office. Y/N was a keeper alright, he thought. And so thought Remus.

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Allrighty guys thanks for reading! I really likes this plot so send in requests if u want a PART 2? feedback’s always appreciated! xxx

Bleach characters at a Renaissance Fair

Author’s choice list. :)

This is what might happen if Bleach characters attended a Renaissance Fair! 

1. Ishida: Makes elaborate period costumes for himself and all of his friends

Ishida: Please note my awesome cape.

Ishida: My bag is full of spares.

Orihime: Look at how pretty the dress Ishida made for you is, Rukia! I think he still has a thing for you!

Rukia: But seriously how does he know my size?

Ichigo: I think my costume looks a little weird.

Ishida: Kurosaki, WHY are you wearing your sword on your HEAD?

Ichigo: I assumed that’s how you wanted it to be.

Ishida: TAKE IT OFF!

2. Rukia: Gets really into faux-archaic speech

Rukia: Dost thou wish to eateth some hot dogs, fair Inoue?

Orihime: I doth!

Ichigo: I am so walking 15 steps behind you guys so nobody knows I know you.

3. Kenpachi: Misunderstands the nature of the swordplay demonstrations

Kenpachi: The fuck is this?

Kenpachi: You people aren’t even drawing blood.

Kenpachi: Worst fight ever.

4. Ikkaku: Carries around a real sword

Renji: Real swords really aren’t allowed in the human world, dude.

Ikkaku: What are you talking about! There are swords EVERYWHERE around here!

5. Unohana: Is disappointed in the food offerings

Unohana: This so-called turkey leg is dry and uninspiring.

Unohana: I could cook much, much better meat.

6. Riruka: Spends all her time shopping for trinkets

Riruka: Blown glass can be super adorable.

Riruka: Good to know. 

7. Kyoraku: Makes friends with all the drunken, big-bosomed ladies

Kyoraku: Best event EVER!

Nanao: The ONE time he takes me with him…

8. Matsumoto: Rents a costume

Kira: You look great, Rangiku. Where’s Hisagi?

Matsumoto: Considering the corset I’m wearing, I assume he’s still passed out!

9. Aizen: Wears fairy wings

Aizen: BUTTERFLY wings

Gin: That won’t make anybody snigger less, Aizen-sama.

10. James: Spends his entire time at the joust


Mask de Masculine: I’m beginning to feel hurt

11. Jackie: Keeps accidentally activating her fullbring

Jackie: Is it my fault that there is mud EVERYWHERE?

12. Byakuya: Watches the puppet shows

Renji: You’re imagining Admiral Seawed in a Renaissance puppet show now, aren’t you, Captain?

Byakuya: Yes.

13. Nelliel: Has the best centaur-cosplay anyone has ever seen

Nelliel: Think I’ll win the costume contest?

Ichigo: I’m pretty sure that’s cheating!

14. Nnoitra: Spends the whole day at the axe-throwing booth


15. Grimmjow: Ends up in the stocks

Grimmjow: I’m sorry, but if you call yourself “king” you gotta EXPECT a challenge!


Grimmjow: Could somebody let me out now?

Master List- 2nd Edition

A/N: I redid my Master List because when I changed my url it messed it up so here you go! Let me know if one of them doesn’t work and I’ll try to fix it.

5 Seconds of Summer



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He yells at your child for something he/she did wrong 5/5

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Song Writing

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Headcanon Claire Temple, Sara Lance, Natasha Romanoff, Kendra, and Elektra on a drunken ladies night out


Elektra becoming the most irresponsible big sister mentor to Thea ever; lots of fun to go on patrols with but probably shamelessly encouraging the bloodlust. (Laurel is, understandably, pissed; she enlists Nyssa to throw down with Elektra.)

Claire and Caitlin meeting for coffee and immediately starting a “Doctors and Nurses Against Superheroes Doing Dumb Shit” club. They call each other on a weekly basis to complain about their idiots in red. (“He’s picking a fight with the entire Japanese mob.” “Mine ran himself into an alternate dimension.” “Jesus Christ. You start.”)

Nat and Sara probably do shots and then have a knife throwing competition because that’s just kind of who they are as people. They get kicked out of the bar and go prowl the streets, raining swift retribution on anyone stupid enough to catcall them.

Mari and Jemma get in a good-natured argument about magic with both of them refusing to budge an inch, while Daisy just swoons over how cool Mari’s power are.

Wanda and Kendra do the kiss  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧